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Atypical Sexual Behavior Walking, perhaps crawling, on the wild side.

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1 Atypical Sexual Behavior Walking, perhaps crawling, on the wild side

2 Paraphilias A nicer name A term used to describe uncommon types of sexual expression

3 What’s Atypical? Even though these behaviors are unusual, many of us, at some point in our lives, may recognize some tiny urge in ourselves that falls off the straight and narrow

4 Is this mostly a guy thing? Not necessarily Males are far more likely to be apprehended and prosecuted, but … Is it because we’re just so much more complex?

5 If you like … you’ll probably enjoy …. These behaviors tend to cluster, people usually can’t stop at just one Some have four or more Inhibitions lowered?

6 Noncoercive Paraphilias Many just involve I person, or another consenting adult Typically benign But certainly have the potential to pose distress for others

7 Fetishism Obtaining sexual excitement primarily or exclusively from an inanimate object or a particular part of the body Not just aroused or attracted by lingerie, legs, knee caps, etc. Only when focused, to the exclusion of all else

8 Fetishes - What? Often common objects – black mesh stockings, shoes, boots, hair, leather, silk, latex, crushed wheat thins, etc Ballooners

9 Fetishes – Why? Somehow these items get inserted into a fantasy sequence ending in orgasm Classical Conditioning – object (initially neutral) becomes a powerful conditioned stimulus after being consistently paired with the unconditioned stimulus of sex (masturbation) followed by the unconditioned response of orgasm Operant conditioning – orgasm as a reinforcer

10 Research Richman – (1966) Developed fetishes with boots, even generalized to other footwear

11 Autoerotic Asphyxia Enhancing sexual excitement and orgasm by pressure-induced oxygen deprivation Rare but life-threatening Almost exclusively male Pressure via chain, belt, rope noose Alone or in groups

12 Why ? They aren’t talking Must enhance excitement and orgasm

13 DANGER ! Elaborate techniques for escape sometimes fail FBI estimates 1,000 deaths a year?!?

14 Bizarre but true Klismaphilia – obtaining sexual pleasure through receiving enemas Corophilia – turned on by contact with feces Urophilia – excited by contact with urine

15 Coercive Some activities, by their very nature, are coercive or invasive These can easily have negative impacts on targets Often illegal Worse yet, can lead to more serious offenses

16 Exhibitionism a/k/a “indecent exposure” – baring your genitals to unwilling observers Almost always a male exposing himself to a young or mature female Often immediately followed by masturbation centering on victim’s shocked reaction Setting – anywhere offering easy escape

17 Who? Based mostly on arrests – limited sample Males from 20-30 Half married or divorced Often shy, insecure, troubles with intimacy Get along in society Unsatisfying sex lives

18 Why? Attention Affirmation of masculinity “Sexual sharing” Revenge Some are disturbed, disabled, disoriented

19 Ripples Usually that’s as far as they go, but Often lasting effect on targets Small minority assault victims Some progress to more serious offenses But imprisonment for a first time offender?

20 Frotteurism Fairly common Unwelcome “spooning” in public places Usually press genitals against woman Sometimes hands Often unnoticed Occasionally detected and upsetting

21 More Frotteurism Can lead to arousal and orgasm Usually becomes part of masturbatory fantasy Similar profile to exhibitionists 21% of college men?!?

22 Think Frotteurism is weird? Zoophilia – sexual contact with animals We assume that they are unwilling Kinsey – 8% of males!! (17% of farmboys) 4% of females!!!

23 Preferences Tastes vary – sheep, goats, donkeys, dogs, cats, ducks/geese

24 Why & What Usually just a transitory phase when human partners are unavailable TRUE Zoophiles actually prefer animals Very rare Usually a deep-seated psychological problem at the root Perhaps a distorted image of other sex

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