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An Unsustainable Paradigm part 2 Michael R. Edelstein, Ph.D.

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1 An Unsustainable Paradigm part 2 Michael R. Edelstein, Ph.D.

2 Tractor Models Circa 1920

3 James Steinbeck-Grapes of Wrath “The tractors came over the roads and into the fields, great crawlers moving like insects, having the incredible strength of insects. They crawled over the ground, laying the track and rolling on it and picking it up. Diesel tractors, puttering while they stood idle; they thundered when they moved, and then settled down to a droaning roar. Snub-nosed monsters, raising the dust and sticking their snout into it, straight down the country, across the country, through fences, through dooryards, in and out of gullies in straight lines. They did not run on the ground, but on their own roadbeds. They ignored hills and gulches, water courses, fences, houses….

4 James Steinbeck-Grapes of Wrath “The man sitting in the iron seat did not look like a man; gloved, goggled, rubber dust mask over nose and mouth, he was part of the monster, a robot in the seat. The thunder of the cylinders sounded through the country, became one with the air and the earth, so that earth and air muttered in sympathetic vibration. The driver could not control it---straight across country it went, cutting through a dozen farms and straight back. A twitch at the controls could swerve the car, but the driver’s hands could not twitch because the monster that built the tractor, the monster that sent the tractor out, had somehow got into the driver’s hands, into his brain and muscle, had goggled him and muzzled him---goggled his mind, muzzled his speech, goggled his perception, muzzled his protest….

5 James Steinbeck-Grapes of Wrath “He could not see the land as it was, he could not smell the land as it smelled; his feet did not stomp the clods or feel the warmth and power of the earth. He sat in an iron seat and stepped on iron petals. He could not cheer or beat or curse or encourage the extension of his power, and because of this he could not cheer or whip or curse or encourage himself. He did not know or own or trust or beseech the land. If a seed dropped did nto germinate, it was nothing. If the young thrusting plant withered in drought or drowned in a flood of rain, it was no more to the driver than to the tractor....

6 James Steinbeck-Grapes of Wrath “He loved the land no more than the bank loved the land. He could admire the tractor…he did not own or love, proud of the power he could not control. And when that crop grew, and was harvested, no man had crumbled a hot clod between his fingers and let the earth sift past his fingertips. No man had touched the seed, or lusted for the growth. Mean ate what they had not raised, had no connection with the bread. The land bore under iron, and under iron gradually died; for it was not loved or hated, it had no prayers or curses.” 49

7 The Dust Bowl The 1930s brought the Great Depression and with it the end of Laissez Faire. Beginning April 14, 1934 black bowl of dust covered M.W. Eventually the dust covered Washington D.C. and blew onto ships in the Atlantic h/dustbowl/resources.html&usg=__uav4d4U3kIr8T2xr4c gTQQn8Yv8=&h=393&w=580&sz=63&hl=en&start=2&si g2=hO9BiGlL4XPyFhauqb2YzA&itbs=1&tbnid=PpVxil- w3APNrM:&tbnh=91&tbnw=134&prev=/images%3Fq%3 Ddust%2Bbowl%2Btimeline%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG %26tbs%3Disch:1&ei=DqrPS8O_CpPUtQOloejqBg

8 Areas of Extreme Drought

9 Images of Dust Bowl

10 Presage the dust bowls of today Asian Dust (also yellow dust, yellow sand, yellow wind or China dust storms) is a seasonal meteorological phenomenon which affects much of East Asia sporadically during the springtime months. The dust originates in the deserts of Mongolia, northern China and Kazakhstan where high-speed surface winds and intense dust storms kick up dense clouds of fine, dry soil particles. These clouds are then carried eastward by prevailing winds and pass over China, North and South Korea, and Japan, as well as parts of the Russian Far East. Sometimes, the airborne particulates are carried much further, in significant concentrations which affect air quality as far east as the United States. I

11 Yellow Dust China: adust.html pacific/8577806.stm

12 Australian Drought: Circa 2007 Source:google images

13 Russian Drought and Fires 2010 AOL NEWS: Russian Drought Spurs Worldwide Food Price Hikes Sep 1, 2010 – 2:35 PM

14 Aral Sea Disaster 2009 with dust blowing

15 Overshoot---Catton Load Carrying Capacity PoPulatioNX DEMANDPoPulatioNX DEMAND

16 Renewability frame Herman Daly’s (Daly and Cobb, 1992.)three common sense guidelines for a sustainable society: Are we employing renewable resources to the maximum amount allowed by their rate of renewal? Are nonrenewable resources used only when absolutely necessary, and then in the most limited and efficient way possible? Are we producing pollution beyond the assimilative capacity of the environment?

17 Entropy/laws of thermodynamics frame Do we cycle materials maximally? Do we achieve maximum efficiencies? Do we produce minimum disorder? How fast do we create it? What types of disorder do we create?

18 Equity Frame Environmental Justice Cross Generational Lester Brown— A sustainable society is one that satisfies its needs without jeopardizing the prospects of future generations. Biocentric Equality

19 Balancing Realms

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