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Yale & The Cloud as SaaS/PaaS at Yale University.

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1 Yale & The Cloud as SaaS/PaaS at Yale University

2 1.Introduction - 1.Trends in Higher Ed Innovations 2.Higher Ed expectations 3.The Salesforce Platform 2.Specific related SaaS/PaaS footprints at Yale How are we using Salesforce/ SaaS/PaaS today? What’s in the immediate pipeline? 3.I think there is an opportunity to use for my project, how do I engage? 4.Questions

3 Higher Ed Technology Expectations Higher Ed Technology Expectations The technology revolution is already driving higher expectations as our constituents interact with state-of-the-art consumer technology side-by-side with applications developed and supported by Yale.  Consumerized  Functions and feels like systems found on the consumer web  Personalized  Understands who I am in the context of what I am doing  Democratic  Allows the consumer to have a say in device, form and function  Social  Includes a useful, integrated social component  Mobile  Functions effectively on smart phones and tablets

4 Software as a Service Platform as a Service Infrastructure as a Service MOOCs Bring Your Own Build Your Own Convergence of Social and Work Constituent Centricity Higher Ed Technology Trends Yale is exploring a multitude of new opportunities, most somehow connected to the evolving cloud landscape.

5 + Platform  Feature-rich, flexible, configurable, customizable  Built-in access controls, roles management and workflow engine  Extensive reporting and dashboard capabilities  Interesting community and group features  Smartphone and tablet enabled  Highly secure and auditable, approved for PHI at Yale  World-class enterprise product, continually improving  True cloud solution  Faster to implement, cheaper to support We have identified as a platform that can meet many of our needs and accelerate our ability to deliver a compelling solutions.

6 Why it’s a compelling platform… General Electric CEO - Use of Chatter General Electric CEO - Use of Chatter (start time 8:46) The Salesforce Platform Service Cloud Example (start time 11:40)

7 Apps that need these…… can be built efficiently with Mobile Support Workflow A B D C Security & Sharing Reporting & Analytics Audit & Compliance ClicksCode Java /.NET 80%20% 80% Database Why it’s a compelling platform for Yale…

8 Where is this being used at Yale… Office of International Affairs

9 Platform Already In Use… ClientITS roleUse/PurposeLaunch status Office of International AffairsITS ImplementationCRMLaunched Yale Shared ServicesITS ImplementationService Cloud w/ContactualLaunched SustainabilityITS Implementationwith CloudApps from AppExchange Launched HR ServiceITS ImplementationService Cloud w/ContactualLaunched AYA – Reunions/EventsITS custom appLaunch expected Fall 2012 ITS – RM GroupITS ImplementationCRMLaunched/Retired Marketing & Trademark Licensing ITS RecommendationCRM & document management Launched in Use at Yale

10 Platform Already In Use (cont.)… ClientITS roleUse/PurposeLaunch status Yale China Assn.NoneCRMLaunched Yale Univ. Press – China Project NoneCRMLaunched Yale Univ. Press (2)NoneCRMLaunched Yale Aortic Aneurysm Institute BrokerTrack patients/research subjects Launched Office of New Haven & State Affairs BrokerTrack students/research subjects Launched Entrepreneurial InstituteBrokerCRMLaunched SOM – CIO CouncilNoneCRMLaunched SOM – Free Chatter for Career Services BrokerCommunicate with students re: career planning Launched in Use at Yale (cont.)

11 What’s in the pipeline… Employee Service Center –Roadmap & Enhancements Yale Shared Services – Enhancements Yale College Reunions, and potentially other AYA events Student Technology Experience

12 How do I know if is a good fit? Is there an opportunity to try the solution? Limited free trial of CRM - Limited free developer edition trial –

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