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Unit 3 Section A Wealth, Success or Love?. ILanguage Points  as well: in addition; also Jack plans to do some part-time work during the summer vacation,

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1 Unit 3 Section A Wealth, Success or Love?

2 ILanguage Points  as well: in addition; also Jack plans to do some part-time work during the summer vacation, and go over his lessons, as well.  out of: because of Susan joined them in the game out of interest.  point to: indicate the direction, draw attention to someone or something by holding out a finger towards it  fill with: make or become full The room was filled with laughter and we all had a good time.  jump in: join in a conversation suddenly, interrupting other people  It is impolite of children to jump in when their parents are talking about real business.  take someone’s advice: accept someone’s advice I’ll take your advice and get more exercise every day.

3 1.view: n. a person’s opinion, belief, idea, ect., about something Australia is an attractive place from a tourist’s point of view. n. something seen from a particular place, especially a stretch of pleasant country; a scene You may enjoy a splendid view at the top of the mountain. vt. consider; regard; think about It depends on how you view the matter. 2. somehow: adv. by some means; in some way not yet known or stated He got very angry with Mike, but they somehow became good friends again soon. adv. for some reason that is not clear He was young, but his face somehow gave off the impression of age.

4 3. recognize: vt. know again It is true that dogs recognize people by their smell. vt. accept as being legal or real, or as having value. I recognize that some of my ideas are not practical. 4. add: v. say also “You may visit some mountain villages on your way,” he added after a while. 5. extreme: adj. greatest possible; of the highest degree She has extreme ideas about how to bring up children. adv. To a great extent Office rents are extremely high in this part of London.

5 Section B Silly Mr. Smith

6 I Related Material  If attending a party in a private home and you are the guest of honor, it is appropriate to send flowers to the host's home earlier in the day.  It is always polite to offer to pay for the meal and shows good will on your part. However, it is customary for the individual who extended the invitation to cover the check.  A dark well-tailored suit for men and a black or jewel-toned knee- or tea-length dress for women would be appropriate for cocktail attire.

7 Tips of Social manners  We are invited to a dinner party. Should we take a gift to the host?  An appropriate hostess gift could be a bottle of wine, flowers or a small item for the home, such as a candle.  To which side should a gentleman seat a female?  A gentlemen at a social dinner party holds the chair and seats the female on his right.

8  What are some examples of changing gender roles in today’s society?  A. Some examples of changing gender roles are: The person who reaches a doorway first, regardless of gender, opens the door for others approaching. The person who extends an invitation for cocktails or dinner, regardless of gender, is responsible for paying the bill.  What is the proper distance to stand from someone when introducing yourself?  A. In the United States, stand at an approximate distance of one arm's length from an individual when introducing yourself

9 IILanguage Points 1. be well known: widely known; familiar or famous As a movie star, Chen Daoming is well known in China. 2. social: adj. of or spent in time or activities with friends Mr. White spends almost all of his spare time reading books, with no social life at all. adj. of human society, its organization, or quality of life. The government is now paying more attention to social services such as education and health. 3. take part in: have a share or responsibility in some activity The students are prepared to take part in the school sports meet.

10 4. make friends with: form a friendship with I like making friends with various kinds of people. 6. hostess: n. a female host The hostess did a good job in taking care of all the guests mat the party. host: n. a person who receives guests and provides food, drink, and amusement for them. At the end of the party, they thanked their host and went home. 7. dress up: put on formal clothes or one’s best clothes Mary was dressed up for her friend’s birthday party. 8. on the top of the world: extremely happy When the little boy received a Christmas present, he was feeling on the top of the world. 9. turn to: change the direction toward The little boy turned to his mother and asked her to buy the toy gun for him.

11 10.give up: stop having or doing The doctor told Jim to give up sweets in order to lose weight. 11. in spite of : taking no notice of, or not prevented by; despite He kept on working hard, in spite of his poor health. 12. obvious: easy to see and understand; clear; which must be recognized The company enjoys obvious advantages in product development. 13. cry out: shout loudly The wounded soldier cried out in pain. 14. international: concerning, taking place between, or recognized by more than one nation The company was successful in its international trade. Nowadays, people can watch international games on TV.

12 The End

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