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Who Wants to Be Rich? Cell and Microscope Edition.

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2 Who Wants to Be Rich? Cell and Microscope Edition

3 100 Dollar Question What is the basic unit of life? A. Atom D. nucleusB. Meter C. Cell

4 200 Dollar Question What surrounds all cells and protects them? A. Cell Membrane D. Cell BoundaryB. Cytoplasm C. Cell Wall

5 300 Dollar Question What is the part of the microscope that the slide lays on? A. StageStage D. Eye pieceEye pieceB. ArmArm C. DiaphragmDiaphragm

6 500 Dollar Question What controls all cell functions A. NucleusNucleus D. LysosomeLysosomeB. Golgi BodyGolgi Body C. MitochondriaMitochondria

7 1,000 Dollar Question The knob on a the microscope that moves the stage the greatest amount is the ___?___. A. Fine Adjustment KnobFine Adjustment Knob D. Course Adjustment KnobCourse Adjustment Knob B. Objective KnobObjective Knob C. Stage KnobStage Knob

8 2,000 Dollar Question What is the “powerhouse” of a cell? A. CytoplasmCytoplasm D. DNADNAB. LysosomeLysosome C. MitochondriaMitochondria

9 4,000 Dollar Question What does a cell use to store nutrients? A. CytoplasmCytoplasm D. Cell MembraneCell MembraneB. VacuoleVacuole C. LysosomeLysosome

10 8,000 Dollar Question The Term “Cell” came from A. Robert CellRobert Cell D. Robert PerryRobert PerryB. Robert ThomasRobert Thomas C. Robert HookeRobert Hooke

11 16,000 Dollar Question Parts of a cell that have a specific function are called? A. TissuesTissues D. OrganellesOrganellesB. OrgansOrgans C. MembranesMembranes

12 32,000 Dollar Question A gelatin like substance inside the cell is called? A. JelloJello D. DNADNAB. CytoplasmCytoplasm C. HyperplasmaHyperplasma

13 64,000 Dollar Question Plant cells have ___?___ which allows them to create their own food from sunlight. A. ChloroplastsChloroplasts D. Suicide SacsSuicide SacsB. VacuolesVacuoles C. Cell WallsCell Walls

14 125,000 Dollar Question Which is NOT part of the cell theory? A. All living things are made up of one or more cellsAll living things are made up of one or more cells D. All cells come from other living cellsAll cells come from other living cells B. The cell is the basic unit of lifeThe cell is the basic unit of life C. Cells need oxygenCells need oxygen

15 250,000 Dollar Question Robert Hooke discovered cells by looking at a thin slice of A. PaperPaper D. MeatMeatB. LeafLeaf C. CorkCork

16 500,000 Dollar Question In what year did Robert Hooke invent the microscope A. 16601660 D. 18601860B. 18651865 C. 19651965

17 1,000,000 Dollar Question DNA is contained in the __?__ A. VacuoleVacuole D. Cell MembraneCell MembraneB. CytoplasmCytoplasm C. ChromosomesChromosomes

18 Correct Response $100 That was a correct Final Answer! On to the next question

19 Correct Response $200 Next Question

20 Correct Response $300 Next Question

21 Correct Response $500 Go to $1,000 dollar question

22 Correct Response $1,000 2,000 Dollar Question

23 Correct Response $2,000 4,000 Dollar Question

24 Correct Response $4,000 8,000 Dollar Question

25 Correct Response $8,000 16,000 Dollar Question

26 Correct Response $16,000 32,000 Dollar Question

27 Correct Response $32,000 64,000 Dollar Question

28 Correct Response $64,000 125,000 question

29 Correct Response $125,000 250,000 dollar question

30 Correct Response $250,000 500,000 dollar question

31 Correct Response $500,000 Million dollar Question!

32 Correct Response $1,000,000 Want to try for 2 Million? Q #16 A. IncorrectIncorrect B. IncorrectIncorrect C. IncorrectIncorrect D. CorrectCorrect

33 Incorrect Response ! Sorry, you just blew the whole million!

34 Congratulations! You’re a double millionaire!

35 Incorrect! Sorry Start over? Start over?

36 Instructions You will need to add the questions and answers to each Slide You will then need to link each response to the correct slide When playing the game you will need to keep track of your life lines on a piece of paper or on the board Questions:

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