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The Respiratory System

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1 The Respiratory System

2 The system of the body that deals with breathing The body takes in the oxygen that it needs and removes the carbon dioxide that it doesn’t

3 The Oxygen Delivery System Main function - to supply the blood with oxygen Does this through breathing

4 Breathing and Respiration are NOT the same thing!

5 Breathing Moving air in and out of the lungs

6 Respiration Chemical reaction that releases energy

7 Inhalation Breathing in Body gets oxygen from the air Rib muscles contract to pull ribs up and out Diaphragm muscle contracts to pull down the lungs Tissue expands to force (pull) in air.

8 Exhalation Breathing out Get rid of carbon dioxide Rib muscles relax Diaphragm muscle relaxes Tissue returns to resting position and forces (pushes) air out

9 Parts of the System Mouth Nose Trachea –splits into bronchi –bronchioles Lungs –Bronchioles –Alveoli Diaphragm




13 Lungs Bronchial tubes Many smaller tubes Alveoli (alveolus) – surrounded by capillaries Average adult's lungs contain about 600 million of these air-filled sacs


15 Pathway of Oxygen Body breathes in the air which is pulled through the nose or mouth and down through the trachea


17 Pathway of Oxygen The trachea is a pipe shaped by rings of cartilage. It divides into two tubes called bronchi. Bronchi carry air into each lung.

18 Pathway of Oxygen Inside the lung, the tubes divide into smaller and smaller tubes called bronchioles. At the end of each of these tubes are small air sacs called alveoli. Capillaries, which are small blood vessels with thin walls, are wrapped around these alveoli.


20 Pathway of Oxygen Capillary walls are so thin and close to each other that the air easily diffuses through.


22 Pathway of Oxygen Oxygen diffuses through the capillaries into the bloodstream. Carbon dioxide in the bloodstream, diffuses through into the alveoli, and is then removed from the body when we breathe out.

23 Alveoli Tiny, thin-walled, grapelike clusters at the end of each bronchiole Surrounded by capillaries Where carbon dioxide and oxygen exchange take place Singular - alveolus





28 The Diaphragm The muscle that controls the breathing process.

29 The Diaphragm The diaphragm flattens to cause the chest to expand and air is pulled into the lungs.

30 The Diaphragm When the diaphragm relaxes, the chest collapses and the air in the lungs is forced out.


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