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Team Purple 2.009 Final Presentation December 12, 2005.

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1 Team Purple Final Presentation December 12, 2005

2 Overview 1 billion subsistence farmers Inefficient irrigation Starvation Poverty The IrriGator Pump Human-powered water pump Low cost Ergonomic Business model Economically viable Self-sustaining non-profit

3 IrriGator Demonstration

4 The IrriGator Pump Capabilities Max pump draw 7 meters Max pumping head 10 meters Max flow rate 1.25 liters/second Customer Gains 3 hour daily use, 2 acres irrigated 5x–10x increase watered land* *, -7m 10m IrriGator

5 Problem Poor irrigation methods* poverty malnutrition ¼ acre “Simple, low cost” pump** World poorest Provide food Generate income Current methods Well and bucket Hand + rope pumps Treadle Pumps *United Nations Water Committee **International Water Management Institute

6 Cost vs. Area Watered Acres Watered Cost $40 $120 $200 $80 $ Bucket Treadle Pumps Hand Pumps

7 Product Goal - High flow - Low cost, ergonomic -Pedal powered pump

8 Cost vs. Area Watered Acres Watered Cost $40 $120 $200 $80 $ Bucket Treadle Pumps Hand Pumps The IrriGator

9 Treadle Pumps 2 million used Commercially available IDE: 300,000 in India Money Maker: 45,000 in Kenya Specifications: 1.5 – 2.5 acres watered

10 Treadle Pump Analysis Treadle Pumps Stair-stepper motion Piston pumps Limited adjustment Difficult to transport Treadle Cost: $200 fsldkjf sdf

11 IrriGator Analysis IrriGator Pumps Recumbent bicycle motion Diaphragm pumps Seat adjustment Portable frame with wheels IrriGator Cost: $125 hello

12 Portable Frame Robust, lightweight frame Simple design 5 structural members Wheels and handles Corrosion resistant

13 Recumbent Seat Ergonomic seat Easily adjustable for height

14 Pedals Pedal - power Direct drive Efficient Serviceable

15 Pump Unit Diaphragm Self priming Injection molded Cheap parts

16 Quick-Connect Tubing Ahelkh d

17 Field Serviceable Replacement Parts Diaphragm - $3 Bearings - $0.50 Valves - $5.00

18 Case: An IrriGator Customer Average Income: $300 - $2000 per year IrriGator Pump: $125 Pump usage 3 hours per day 8x increase in watered land Revenue $100-$900 extra revenue per year* Salary 1.5x- 2.5x market wages* Profit Customer recoups investment 6 – 18 months *International Water Management Institute, Kickstart Organization

19 Global Market China: 7,000,000* Eastern India: 10,000,000* * International Water Management Institute ,000 11,000 7,000 3,000 1,000 Sales Forecast Year #

20 Revenue Growth - Water Partners, USAID, IMF - Manufacture in India, China - Breakeven in Year 4 - IRR: 8.3% Year 1 Year 2 Year 3Year ( ) - $250,000 Loan Manufacture Pumps Distribution Centers Sales of The IrriGator

21 Real problem, Real solution Customer Need 1 billion people lack of irrigation Starvation Poverty IrriGator Replaces current methods Inexpensive Ergonomic Generates revenue

22 Testimonial “There is no running water in my village so I've come here to check on what you are doing, to see where I could get some ideas or use your machine to pump water to my village. ” “This is easy… The cost is not bad… it's not as rigid as [the MoneyMaker prototype], you are relaxed and seated. Yours is perfect." Tinka John A rural farmer from Uganda Community Outreach Coordinator

23 Any Questions? Acknowledgements Joe Cronin Bob Gertsen Steve Haberek Bob Nuttal Dick Fenner Samir Nayfeh Doug Vincent Dave Wallace

24 The IrriGator - $125 Income/year, $100-$900* Discount rate – 15% 7 Year product life Product ROI *, International Water Management Institute User breakeven High estimate – 1.5 years Low estimate – 3 months Low ROI: 210% High ROI: 2700% Year $

25 Revenue Model

26 Financing –WaterPartners International loans money in countries including India. –Loans are US$25,000 - US$250,000 –must be paid back in 3 years; 5% interest.

27 Product Cost High Estimate = $120* Low Estimate = $40* *Professors Nayfeh, Wallace, Meeker, and Doug Vincent

28 Target Market Eastern India Uttar Pradesh, Bihar 10,000,000 potential customers

29 Non- Profit Structure Mfg & Assm Plant China Mfg & Assm Plant India Water Partners International [ $ loan ] Distribution Centers - IndiaDistribution Centers - China

30 Flow Characteristics

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