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Yokogawa Corporation of America Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Corporation Digital Sensor Technology.

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1 Yokogawa Corporation of America Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Corporation Digital Sensor Technology

2 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric DPharp DIGITAL FAMILY™ Draft Range and Differential Pressure Low Flow w/ Integral Orifice Differential and Gauge Pressure w/Remote Diaphragm Seals Liquid Level w//Flush and/or Extended Diaphragm Seals Absolute and Gauge Pressure High Static and Gauge Pressure

3 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Variable Capacitance Pressure Sensor Pressure Port with Fill Fluid Electrodes to Sensor Hermetic Glass Seal Metallic Capacitance Sensor

4 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Piezoresistance Sensor

5 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Vacuum Digital Sensor Design

6 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Compression Bridge Tension Bridge  2. Pressure is applied to silicon substrate  1. Two ‘H’ shaped bridges resonating @ 90 kHz are located in a silicon substrate  3. Due to their position and exact depth on the substrate one bridge goes into tension and the other into compression  4. As pressure is applied changes from 90-110 kHz and the compression bridge from frequency of the tension bridge 90-70 kHz.  5. To obtain differential output the microprocessor simply counts the change in bridge frequencies depth 110 90 70 kHz Resonant Silicon Sensor Bi-directional Operation

7 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Resonant Sensor Differential Frequency Output of a Resonant Sensor 40 KHz Pressure Pressure (inH 2 0) Freq. (kHZ) n natural resonant frequency

8 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Resonant Sensor Technology Advantages Inherently Digital Output – Frequency Signal – No A/D Conversion Errors – Pressure Transmitter Reranging Errors Eliminated Large Change in Output – Excellent Resolution – Frequency Counter Resolution > 18 Bit ( 1:262 K ) – Frequency Counter TPE < 100 ppm Silicon Resonator – Minimal Hysteresis – Minimal Temperature Coefficient

9 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Signal Output (Logarithmic scale) Turndown Sensor O/P Change Vs Turndown

10 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric

11 A/DD/A CPU 4-20 mA TRIM Analog Signal From Sensor Digital Conversion To CPU Analog Signal Out Digital Signal To Converter Improved I/O Characteristics -Eliminate ‘Trim’ Analog signal from sensor is converted to digital signal for CPU processing. CPU samples input and performs linearization and temperature/pressure characterizations. CPU output is converted to analog signal for 4-20 mA. Errors between CPU input and D/A converter output result due to poor resolution between signals. 4-20 mA ‘TRIM’ is required as a result.

12 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric DPharp Fieldbus Sensor Workstation Controller Fieldbus Interface Future Field Control System (FCS) 4-20 mA Today’s Sensor Scheme Other field devices Fieldbus eliminates the need for I/O Digital Sensor Scheme DP harp eliminates the need for A/D A/D FIELDBUS D/A Microprocessor A/D Sensor Microprocessor A/D Sensor Fieldbus Interface Microprocessor A/D Sensor Workstation Analog Sensor Scheme DCS vs. Field Control System

13 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric DP harp EJA Series Capsule Exploded View u 1-Piece Capsule Body Construction u Overpressure Diaphragm u Low-volume Insert

14 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Superior Transmitter Design Teflon Coated S.S. Gasket Overpressure Diaphragm Digital harp Sensor Universal EJA Electronics

15 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Over Pressure Effects are Eliminated  Capsule Body  Low-volume Insert  Overpressure Diaphragm  Electron Beam Weld 45 o 3 2 1 WELD AREA WELD  Convolutions

16 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Calibration Shift with 2000 PSI Over-range 0 to 200 " H2O Span -0.500 0.000 0.500 1.000 0255075100 % Input %Change Output Superior Over-pressure Performance EJA Series vs. ‘Free Floating’ Differential Capacitance Diff. Capacitance EJA Series Zero Shift upscale/down scale outputs

17 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Glass Isolator Chip Header HP Fluid Pressure LP Fluid Pressure Capsule Body Thermally Isolated Sensor Away From the Process u 1. “harp’ sensor located in neck of capsule body isolated from process Isolation Diaphragm(s) u 2. HP and LP pressures are transferred from the isolation diaphragm to the sensor via internally machined low volume fluid passages. u Process temperature isolation u Process pressure isolation P1P1 LP= P 2 HP= P 1

18 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Standard Performance Benefits of the harp Technology 0.075% Accuracy High accuracy, High resolution No overpressure effect 0.03% URL per 2300 psi Five Year Stability 0.1% URL per 5 years Fewer Calibrations 100:1 Turndown Industry Canada Approval

19 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Influences on Stability Ambient temperature Differential pressure cycles Static pressure cycles Overpressure events Hysteresis is the root cause of many drift related symptoms

20 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Competitive stability guaranty Static pressure (PSI) Temperature (deg F) Over pressure (PSI) 185 -40 2300 Limit conditions to meet their stability specification!

21 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Yokogawa’s stability guaranty Static pressure (PSI) Temperature (deg F) Over pressure (PSI) 185 -40 2300 Under all conditions

22 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Improved Total Probable Error Improved Total Accuracy Long Term Stability Extended to 10 Yrs.

23 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric R-Class stability guaranty ISA-S51.1 1993 plus the following 800 temperature cycles 80,000 differential pressure cycles at 400 ” WC 100,000 static pressure cycles at 1200PSI 100,000 Over Pressure Events at 2300PSI Yokogawa ’ s stability guarantee: ±0.1% of URL for 10 years!

24 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric YOKOGAWA Competitor ‘A’ Competitor ‘B’ Force Balance Pneumatic Capacitance Analog Piezoresistive Analog Silicon Resonant Digital 1960’s1970’s1980’s1990’s Analog Digital Paradigms - 80’s & 90’s Sensor History by Leading Suppliers Future

25 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric EJA110A EJA110A Differential Pressure Transmitter Accuracy: ± 0.075% Stability: ±0.1% URL 5 Years Turndown: 100:1 Capsule design virtually eliminates hysteresis Span: from 2 to 2000 inH 2 O Warranty: 3 years (2-year on-site + 1 year return to factory)

26 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric EJA115 EJA115 Low flow transmitter with integral flow orifice assembly Integral orifice assembly Low flow customizing for improved control Capsule design virtually eliminates hysteresis Span: from 4 to 830 inH 2 O (10 to 20339 scfh) Warranty: 3 years (2-year on-site + 1 year return to factory)

27 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric EJA118N, W, &Y EJA118N, W, &Y Differential pressure with remote flush, extended or combination diaphragm seals Auto level set-up eliminates elevation and suppression calculations 3 in. 150-600 lb. flush diaphragm configuration 4 in. 150-300 lb. extended diaphragm configuration Combination of flush & extended diaphragms Span: from 10 to 2000 inH 2 O Warranty: 3 years (2-year on-site + 1 year return to factory)

28 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric EJA220A EJA220A Flange mounted liquid level transmitter (extended diaphragm) Auto level set-up eliminates elevation and suppression calculations 4 in. 150-300 lb. extended diaphragm configuration Measurement ranges: from 10 to 2000 psi Warranty: 3 years (2-year on-site + 1 year return to factory)

29 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric EJA530/510A Low Cost Gauge/Absolute pressure transmitter Key Features 1/2” NPT Male or Female bottom connect Allows various seals and Tri- clamp connection Accuracy. 20% Span.075 % HAC option Competitively Priced HARP Pressure Sensor Measurement Ranges from 1.5 psi to 10,000psi

30 Yokogawa Corporation of America Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Corporation Diagnostics and Maintenance

31 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Multi-Sensing With Diagnostics ‘Event’ Memory Multi-Sensing With Diagnostics ‘Event’ Memory Transmitter health monitoring capability  Thermistor  harp sensor  Amp. Temp.  Caps. Temp.  Line Press.  Diff. Press.  ‘Event’ Buffer  Diagnostics Sensor Function Benefit Memory

32 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Bi Directional Flow Bi Directional Flow Reduced design costs  User calibrates 0 to 100” wc  12 - 20mA Forward Flow / 4 - 12 mA Reverse Flow  Eliminates the need for 2 transmitters  Simplifies setup  All custom flow functions apply 4 mA 20 mA 4-20 mA Output Linear Square Root Normal Reverse Conventional type For Normal Flow For Reverse Flow HLLH EJA HL  E30: Bi Dire Mode

33 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Electronic Re-Piping Electronic Re-Piping Start-up and maintenance costs D45: H/L SWAP  Reduces start up time by allowing the user to correct for piping mistakes in the field until it’s cost-effective to re-pipe EJA HL

34 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Flow Customizing D10: Low Cut and D11: Mode  Drop Out mode adds stability to the lower 20% flow. 50 20 0 50(%) Input Low Cut @ 20% (%) 50 20 0 50(%) Low Cut @ 20% Input Low Cut Mode “LINEAR” Low Cut Mode “ZERO”

35 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric EJA with Auto Level Eliminates physics involved with level setup Flat bench zero and span Actual height of fluid is not required for installation and calibration of tank level Zero offset does not affect span Accuracy of Instrument not affected Sliding window effect with EJA

36 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric  Local site glass adjustment to any known point  No re-calibration  No need for hand-held Smart local field adjustments Precision 0.01% digital encoder  Digital encoder with ramp function 15% sight glass

37 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Digital Sensor Technology The Future is here today ! Digital harp Sensor

38 Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Visit us on our website WWW.US.Yokogawa.COM

39 Yokogawa Corporation of America Copyright © Yokogawa Electric Corporation Thank You

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