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1 Thorax

2 Arthrology Typical Rib Head (two facets) Neck Tubercle (facet) Angle
Proximal end – costal cartilage

3 Typical Rib

4 Anterior articulations of ribs
Rib 1 to sternum (manubrium) Fibrous joint No movement Ribs 2 – 7 true ribs Synovial (gliding) joints Radiate sternocostal ligaments Ribs 8-10 = false, articulate with 7 11-12 = floating

5 Sternum

6 Rib Articulations

7 Rib Articulations (Posterior)

8 Posterior Joints Superior costal facet with inferior articular facet of T vertebrae above Inferior costal facet with superior facet of rib with same number Facet on tubercle with transverse process of T vertebrae of same number Radiate ligaments (head) Costotransverse ligaments (tubercle with transverse process)

9 Posterior Joints

10 Posterior Joints

11 CostoVertebral Joints

12 CostoVertebral Joints

13 CostoVertebral Joints

14 Muscles associate with the ribs
Intercostals External Internal Innermost Transversus thoracicis Levatores costarum

15 Muscles

16 Muscles

17 Innervation/Blood Supply

18 Innervation/Blood Supply

19 Muscles/Nerves

20 Levatores Costarum

21 Muscles

22 Diaphragm Origin Insertion Nerve Supply (Phrenic C3, C4 bilaterally)

23 Diaphragm

24 Diaphragm

25 Diaphragm

26 Diaphragm

27 Phrenic Nerve

28 Combined actions of mm of respiration
Inspiration Diaphragm External intercostals Levatores costorum Accessory – SCM, Scalenes Expiration Mostly passive Abdominals Internal intercostals

29 MM of Respiration

30 Abdominal Muscles Anterior Abdominal Wall Skin/Subcutaneous fascia-fat
Rectus Sheath Rectus abdominus External obliques Inguinal ligament Inguinal canal – contents -hernia

31 Fascia

32 Fascia

33 Rectus Sheath/Fascia

34 Rectus Sheath/Fascia

35 Muscles

36 Muscles

37 Muscles

38 Muscles

39 Inguinal Ligament

40 Inguinal Ligament/Canal

41 Inguinal Ligament/Canal

42 Inguinal Ligament/Canal

43 Inguinal Canal/Femoral Sheath

44 Spermatic Cord

45 Spermatic Cord

46 Femoral Nerve, Artery and Vein

47 Dermatomes

48 Abdominals Anterior wall continued Internal obliques
Transversus abdominus

49 Internal Oblique

50 Transversus Abdominus

51 Posterior Abdominal Wall
Quadratus Lumborum Psoas Minor Psoas Major Iliacus

52 Posterior Abdominal Wall

53 Posterior Abdominal Wall

54 Quadratus Lumborum O: Iliac Crest – Laterally
I: 12th rib, transverse process of lumbar vertebrae A: Side bending of trunk; Reverse = elevation of pelvis, AKA hip hiking N: Anterior rami of lumbar nerves

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