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Starter – Memory test of the Samba instruments

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1 Starter – Memory test of the Samba instruments

2 Agogo Surdo Timbales Ganza Repinique Caixa Apito Reco-reco 2

3 Samba performance To get the flavour of Samba….

4 Practice the Samba rhythms
‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5….ba-na-na’ ‘Low, Hi, Low, A-go-go’ ‘Have you seen a dog, a great, big dog?’ ‘Rhyth-m bo-nan-za’ x2

5 Writing your own lyrics for a Worldcup football song
With the world cup here at last many songs are being written to support this exciting event You have been asked to write the lyrics for this year’s world cup event. The lyrics for the chorus should be catchy, simple and enjoyable to sing/chant The Lyrics for the verse should be about hope, the desire to win, the players, the team, support from the country etc.

6 Samba facts Q. What country is Samba music from? 6

7 Samba facts Q. What 2 continents are involved in creating Samba music?

8 Samba facts Q. At which time of the year is Samba usually performed at carnivals and street parties? 8

9 Samba facts Q. What word beginning with ‘P’ means ‘lots of different rhythms playing altogether’? 9

10 Samba facts A. ‘Polyrhythms’ 10

11 Samba facts Q. What term, which is also used in African music, describes the act of one person performing and other people performing afterwards? 11

12 Samba facts A. Call and response 12

13 Samba facts Q. What key term beginning with ‘O’ means a repeating pattern or rhythm? A O s _ _ _ _ t o 13

14 Other facts Conductor – whistle and/or hand gestures
Rhythmic ‘togetherness’ and teamwork – key ingredients! 14

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