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APPALACHIAN TRANSITION FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM 2015 Host Community Informational Presentation.

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1 APPALACHIAN TRANSITION FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM 2015 Host Community Informational Presentation

2 Presentation Overview  Management Team Introductions  AppFellows Background & Overview  Host Definition, Roles, Responsibilities, & Selection Criteria  Application Process  AppFellows Match Funding Ideas

3 Technology Overview  Meeting chat – ask questions or make comments  Address to host or to everyone  Webinar is being recorded

4 Management Team Introductions

5 Resource Team Participants Mary Hunt Benedum Foundation Sandra Mikush Babcock Foundation Robin Gabbard Foundation for Appalachian KY Michelle Decker Rural Action Stephanie Tyree WVA Hub Farhad EbrahimiTusculum College Steve Fisher Emory College Jacki Author Three Rivers Market Marlo Long BB&T Margaret Feieraband Bristol City Council

6 Management Team  Highlander Research and Education Center  Elandria Williams  Kierra Sims  Elizabeth Wright

7 AppFellows Background & Overview

8 Background: Appalachian Transition

9 Background AppFellows

10 AppFellows Research Background  Research across Appalachia  Over 100 participants Focus groups: KY, OH, WV, VA, TN, NC 33 survey responses Face-to-face conversations  Best Practices Research  Organizations include: The Casey Foundation Children and Family Fellowship, The Center for Progressive Leadership, The CORO Fellows Program in Public Affairs

11 Research Findings  According to research participants an ideal regional fellowship would: Provide cross-sector placements Increase connectivity and capacity Support multi-generational leadership Invest in regional partnerships and organizational development

12 AppFellows Overview  Opportunity for work and learning  Targeted to 15 emerging leaders  Placement within host communities for 1 year  Involves research or implementation of a specific, practical project that helps the host organization and/or the region  Fellows and hosts connected through monthly & quarterly training events

13 Host Community Projects  2014-15 AppFellows projects include: Policy advocacy and research supporting communities’ reclamation of Abandoned Mine Lands and funds for sustainable new projects Local and regional food system development to expand access and improve health and sustainability Initiatives to expand job growth and economic vitality through worker-owned cooperatives Education, outreach, and implementation of exciting new energy efficiency projects in rural and urban Appalachia Documentation, story-gathering, and community outreach capturing Appalachian narratives of growth, resilience, and innovation


15 Host Community Definition, Benefits, Roles & Responsibilities, Selection Criteria

16 Host Community  Two or three institutions from a Central Appalachian sub-region or a network of three or more institutions  Institutions represent at least two of the five following sectors: non-profit, business, government, education, and philanthropy.  Can rotate a fellow from one organization to another for a designated time or have a fellow work with multiple organizations consistently throughout the year

17 Host Community Benefits  An immediate capacity boost  Skill building tools  Staff & organizational development  Strengthened regional collaboration & connectivity  Peer learning opportunities around emerging initiatives happening within the region

18 Host Community Roles & Responsibilities  Work collaboratively with the management team to create a preliminary work plan, vision for fellows  Draft a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to the fellowship outlining their roles and responsibilities to other hosts, their fellow, and the fellowship  Agree to attend quarterly gatherings  Allow fellows to meet their obligations to the fellowship  Secure at least half of the fellow's salary at $12,000

19 Host Community Criteria  Partnership between cross-sectoral network or 2-3 institutions  Projects rooted within the Appalachian Economic Transition Framework that support entrepreneurial opportunities within the promising sectors of renewable energy/energy efficiency, local food systems, health, and other sectors that support an economy based on human and natural assets of the region  Enthusiasm for supporting and encouraging the skills of emerging leaders  Commitment to developing sustainable and just economic development programs within Central Appalachia

20 Host Community Criteria (continued)  Works well with others on collective visions and goals  Maintains equitable and inclusive work environment  Understands their community and the issues they are committed to impacting  Can support at least half of the fellow's salary at $12,000 or ability to secure funding from an outside source

21 Application Process

22 Host Community Application & Selection Process  Prospective Host Communities will submit an interest application, via  Prospective hosts will outline their initial concept or project  Interest Application Priority Deadline: February 15, 2015  Management team will work with hosts to develop scope of work during extensive planning process for final application  Final Application Deadline: April 1, 2015

23 Fellow Application & Selection Process  Prospective Fellows will submit an application, via  Application Deadline: April 10, 2015  Three components application process: 1) Application and Resume; 2) signed Declaration of Commitment and Responsibility; and 3) 3 letters of recommendation  Interviews between Fellows and Host Communities will occur May 11-13, 2015 in Abingdon, VA  Final selection by May 30, 2015

24 Cross-Sector Funding Ideas & Recommendations

25 Funding Sources  AppFellows will provide up to $12,000 match, travel, and educational & training support  Host communities can raise additional funds by: Split fellow costs Partner with community, regional, and/or national foundations Approach larger foundations with discretionary funds Create individual fundraising campaigns (i.e. donors, crowdfunding, community funding)

26 Moderated Questions & Answers Thank you for your time!

27 Host Interest Applications Due: February 15, 2015

28 AppFellows Coming To A Town Near You!! AppFellows Management Team will host community outreach sessions to discuss fellowship project ideas, partnerships, and questions. Look for announcements for the following areas: Feb. 2, 2015 / 5 pm : Charleston, WV March 28, 2015 / 5 pm : Johnson City, TN More TBA Soon! Questions?

29 Contact Us!  Visit Us:  A recording of this webinar will be available on our website  General Information: 865-933-3443 x 229  Funding, Speaking Engagements and Program: 865-933- 3443 x 244  Email:

30 Special Thanks  Current Funding Partners:  Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation  Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation  Ford Foundation  Chorus Foundation

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