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By: Jasmine Campbell Period4. Pictures of Delaware.

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1 By: Jasmine Campbell Period4

2 Pictures of Delaware

3 Delaware’s Flag

4 State Motto: Liberty and Independence State Nickname: "The First State" Delaware is known by this nickname due to the fact that on December 7, 1787, it became the first of the 13 original states to ratify the U.S. Constitution. “The First State” became the official State nickname on May 23, 2002 following a request by Mrs. Anabelle O'Malley's First Grade Class at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School. State Motto and Nickname

5 Our Delaware Written by George B. Hynson Composed by M. S. Brown Oh the hills of dear New Castle, and the smiling vales between, When the corn is all in tassel, And the meadowlands are green; Where the cattle crop the clover, And its breath is in the air, While the sun is shining over Our beloved Delaware. chorus Where the wheat fields break and billow, In the peaceful land of Kent, Where the toiler seeks his pillow, With the blessings of content; Where the bloom that tints the peaches, Cheeks of merry maidens share, And the woodland chorus preaches A rejoicing Delaware. chorus Dear old Sussex visions linger, Of the holly and the pine, Of Henlopens Jeweled finger, Flashing out across the brine; Of the gardens and the hedges, And the welcome waiting there, For the loyal son that pledges Faith to good old Delaware. chorus From New Castle's rolling meadows, Through the fair rich fields of Kent, To the Sussex shores hear echoes, Of the pledge we now present; Liberty and Independence, We will guard with loyal care, And hold fast to freedom's presence, In our home state Delaware. State Song

6 Beaches and coastal towns are popular attractions. Other points of interest include the Winterthur Museum founded by Henry Francis du Pont. It has a collection of early American decorative art and natural gardens. The Hagley Museum, located at the site of the du Pont black powder works factory, has the original mill and machine shops. Nearby is the original du Pont family home. Home of one of America's pioneering colonial ships and Fort Delaware, a Union fortress during the Civil War, the First State offers exciting historic attractions, stimulating museums, famous monuments, legendary parks and gardens, historic estates, and masterpieces of art that honor Delaware's rich heritage and wonderfully diverse culture. Landmarks

7 Hagley Museum and Library Situated on a stunning landscape on the Brandywine River in Wilmington, Hagley Museum reveals a remarkable chapter of American history and illustrates the evolution and impact of American industry and business on society. Depicting life in a 19th-century industrial community, Hagley houses a collection of books, manuscripts, pamphlets and photographs portraying the history of American commerce and technology. This National Historic Landmark and National Recreation Trail features beautiful architecture, horticulture, interactive exhibits, machinery demonstrations, and a stunning river walk. Visitors tour the du Pont ancestral home, stroll through a French garden, participate in a mid-19th-century school day, and see period machines in action.

8 Founded in 1912, the Delaware Art Museum presents a renowned collection of 19th and 20th century American art and illustration, British Pre- Raphaelite art, works by Wilmington-native Howard Pyle and fellow American illustrators, and urban landscapes by John Sloan. The acclaimed art museum features number of major traveling exhibitions throughout the year. Walk through the magnificent outdoor Copeland Sculpture Garden, featuring nine beautiful sculptures, including the 13-foot tall bronze sculpture, Crying Giant. Delaware Art Museum

9 Their plates

10 Governor Jack Markell is focused on growing the economy, creating jobs, strengthening schools and protecting taxpayers. When he took office in 2009, he inherited a record budget shortfall, rapidly rising unemployment, and a stagnant economy. Since then, he has balanced two budgets, helped open shuttered manufacturing facilities, won President Obama's Race to the Top competition for progress in public school reform, and signed new laws to drive improvements in the economy, environment, and education. Governor Markell, 49, was born and raised in Newark, Delaware and graduated from Newark High School along with his wife, Carla. He went on to receive an undergraduate degree in economics and development studies from Brown University and an MBA from the University of Chicago. Governor Markell is a Henry Crown Fellow and a Rodel Fellow at the Aspen Institute. He resides in Wilmington, Delaware with his wife Carla Markell, and their two children, Molly (17) and Michael (15). Governor Markell brings innovative public and private sector experience to the Office of Governor. He began his career in the private sector helping lead the wireless technology revolution as the 13th employee at Nextel (a name he coined), where he served as Senior Vice President for Corporate Development. His other business experience includes a senior management position at Comcast Corporation, work as a consultant with McKinsey and Company and as a banker at First Chicago Corporation. He was elected State Treasurer in 1998, winning three consecutive terms, including his last re-election in November of 2006 with an overwhelming 70 percent of the vote. As State Treasurer, Governor Markell worked tirelessly to improve the lives of Delawareans through innovative programs aimed at cutting spending and improving fiscal responsibility. He has been recognized in Delaware and across the country as a leader in promoting policies to help all people achieve their economic potential. DELAWARE'S GOVERNOR - JACK MARKELL

11 Governor Markell has also worked to advocate on behalf of Delawareans and bring national attention to his home state through a number of leadership roles:  Chair of the Democratic Governor’s Association (DGA)  Recently nominated to serve on the National Assessment Governing Board by US Education Secretary, Arne Duncan  Chair of the Education, Early Childhood and Workforce Committee of the National Governor’s Association (NGA)  Vice Chair of the NGA Economic Development and Commerce Committee  Co-Chair of the NGA’s efforts of National Common Core Standards for education DELAWARE'S GOVERNOR - JACK MARKELL CONT.


13 The town of New Castle, a port on the Delaware River, became the colonial capital of the "Three Lower Counties" (Delaware) in 1704. Under Pennsylvania's Deputy Governor John Evans, the assemblies of the colonies of Pennsylvania and Delaware separated though legislation enacted in both assemblies still required the Pennsylvania governor's signature. In November of 1704, four representatives from each county - New Castle, Kent, and Sussex met in the town and passed the colony's first two laws. One confirmed all laws previously enacted by the joint assembly of the colonies of Pennsylvania and Delaware. The second law changed the number of representatives from each county from four to six. William Rodeney (as he spelled his name) of Kent County, grandfather of Caesar Rodney, served as the first-known speaker of the assembly. His grandson, Caesar, presided over the last colonial assembly in Delaware. The "Three Lower Counties" remained a part of Pennsylvania until 1776 when economic, cultural, and political differences fostered a permanent separation. The capital was moved from New Castle to Dover in 1777. Delaware’s Capital

14 Delaware’s Capital cont.

15 Primary industries include agriculture such as soybeans, corn, chickens and milk. Local fishing includes crabs and clams. Manufacturing industries include chemicals, synthetic rubber and plastics, food products and paper products. Mining includes sand, gravel and magnesium. Major Industries & Exports

16 UniversitiesTowns 1. University of DelawareNewark 2. Delaware State UniversityDover 3. Wilmington UniversityNew Castle 4. Wesley CollegeDover 5. Goldey-Beacom CollegeWilmington Major Universities Top 5 requested

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