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13 de Abril, 2012.  Go over the vocabulary in Week 13– Quiz Next Week.

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1 13 de Abril, 2012

2  Go over the vocabulary in Week 13– Quiz Next Week

3 1. añadir---to add 2. calendar---to heat up 3. cortar---to cut 4. mezclar---to mix 5. la cuchara---spoon 6. el cuchillo---knife 7. desear---to want, to wish for, to desire 8. el plato---dish, plate 9. poder---to be able to, can 10. el postre---dessert 11. Quisiera---I would like 12. la servilleta---napkin 13. el tenedor---fork 14. tomar---to drink, to take 15. traer--- to bring 16. el vaso---glass

4  Complete the Review Package (If you get stuck use the Red book)  *Chapter 1 has the ANSWERS  *pay attention to the boxes that say "Vocabulario" and "Expresate“

5  Activity 2—number 5 anything before noon will be morning. “buenos dias” or en la mañana”  Activity 4 think of all the ways you can say ** see you later or ** good bye EX. Hasta luego and adios.  Activity 6 find another way of saying the same thing in Spanish. EX. Number 2—Soy Alejandra = Me llamo Alejandra = Mi nombre es Alejandra  Activity 19 Page 7– the addition and equal signs did not come out. Just pick any of the two numbers and write it on the line in Spanish  Activity 21– the expression is in Spanish your answer should be in numbers. FIND THE INFORMATION ON TIME PAGE 20 IN THE RED BOOK

6  Activity 24 dates in Spanish are number—de—month—del—year  From page 10 and on you will review the verb “SER” the BOX at top of PAGE 10 will help your remember. REMEMBER YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE VERB SO IT MATCHES THE PERSON YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT  Activity 30 create sentences using box 1 plus box 2 REMMEBER TO CHANGE THE VERB and finally finish the sentence with box 3  Activities 31 and 32 are ADVANCED try them out. CHALLENGE YOURSELF!!!!

7  Non Natives use the vocabulary as we always do  *10 times  *Sentences  *Spelling  *Drawing  ****FIND THE DOCUMENT IN THE WEBSITE FOLDER "Documentos" THE NAME OF THE DOCUMENT IS "TAREA Spanish"

8  Natives follow the instructions in the LAST PAGE of the PACKAGE


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