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WELCOME TO OUR PRESCHOOL PLC APRIL 21, 2014 A Professional Learning Community Using Research and Best Practice to Improve Instruction, Assessment and Student.

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1 WELCOME TO OUR PRESCHOOL PLC APRIL 21, 2014 A Professional Learning Community Using Research and Best Practice to Improve Instruction, Assessment and Student Outcomes!

2 GET READY Good morning, good morning Let’s get ready the brain smart way Good morning, good morning Get ready to start the day Get your hands ready – shake, shake Get your arms ready – stretch, stretch Get your brain ready- cross, cross Get your focus ready – breath, breath (Repeat Chorus Repeat Verse, Chorus) Connect with a friend – shake, shake Connect with a friend- clap, clap Connect with a friend – hip, hip Connect with a friend – hug, hug Good morning, good morning Get ready to start the day! By Jack Hartmann & Dr. Becky Bailey

3 GREETINGS  Using Conscious Discipline  Greetings with intention!  Requires being organized and ready for the day when children arrive.  You are offering choices through out the day starting with greetings.  Children feel welcomed and valued.

4 CONSCIOUS DISCIPLINE – NOTICING It takes deliberate thought and careful phrasing for “Noticing” to be most effective. It needs to become second nature, but that takes practice. Here is Dr. Bailey's video for Noticing. It is a great reminder of the language we should be using throughout the day. “Awareness is a better agent of change than consequences. Helping children become aware of their actions by using the skill of noticing will strengthen their frontal lobes, bring their awareness to their actions and facilitate lasting change." -Dr. Becky Bailey


6 WAGNER'S RIDE OF THE VALKYRIE Curio #281 | Can you feel the beat? A daily curious fact from Justin Kitch, Curious CEO We all know music can influence our behavior, but there is ample evidence music can literally make us "lost in time." A bar playing slower- tempo music causes patrons to linger and buy more drinks. A call center with subdued hold music has fewer hang ups. Shoppers spend longer in a stores when background music is slower. When your brain is distracted by a steady pace of music, you are less likely to notice how much time has passed. Fast music has the opposite effect. In a 2004 study, Wagner's Ride of the Valkyrie was found to be the most dangerous music to play in the car--the frenzied tempo warped subjects' normal sense of speed. Neurologically, music causes our sensory cortex to go into hyper drive while our prefrontal cortex--focused on introspection and reflection--shuts down. The rhythm has such a powerful impact that scientists believe the beat changes the discrete unit our brain uses to measure time. We not only feel the beat, we live to it. Rock on! TRANSITION:

7 FUNGA ALAFIA – WEST AFRICAN GREETING SONG  Funga Alafia - Western African Greeting Song  Funga alafia, ah-shay ah-shay. Funga alafia, ah-shay ah-shay. Ah-shay ah-shay. Ah-shay, ah-shay. With my heart I welcome you. Ah-shay ah-shay. With my mind I welcome you. Ah-shay ah-shay. With my voice I welcome you. Ah-shay ah-shay. Nothing up my sleeves, you see. (meaning I come in Peace) Ah-shay ah-shay. Funga alafia, ah-shay ah-shay. Funga alafia, ah-shay ah-shay. Ah-shay ah-shay. Ah-shay, ah-shay. Funga Alafia Share Video with class and invite them to sing and dance GOLD Social Studies Objective 32 (Maps) GOLD The Arts Objective 34 (Musical concepts- rhythm), 35 (dance) PQA – Multicultural!

8 More Large Group Ideas for active learning and children as leaders…  #8 We’re Running, Running, Running - Physical Movement  #9 Down by the Bay - Phonological Awareness  #15 Do Wah Diddy Diddy - Phonological Awareness – Manipulating Initial Phonemes  Jim Gill’s Soup Opera – create class movie of themselves performing (Ruth)  Integrating Technology into learning – MDE ECSQ PreK Standard  4. Early Learning Expectation: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making. Children can explain some ways that technology can be used to solve problems.  GOLD Objective 28: Uses tools and other technology to perform tasks LARGE GROUP

9 GOALS FOR PRESCHOOL  Increase outcomes in  Math  Phonological Awareness  Conflict resolution  Participation by Parents in the Preschool Advisory Committees  List with table partners (groups of 3-4) what you have found to support successful outcomes – brainstorm more ideas that you want to try  5 minutes to read and discuss the goals  5 minutes to share your good ideas and write it down – Choose a facilitator, a recorder and a reporter  5 minutes to share Great Ideas!  No repeats please

10 TRANSITION ACTIVITY  Transitions between activities  Help children focus and regroup  Less down time- more productivity – learning opportunities for skills like colors, shapes, social skills  Transition from one activity to another – sing and rhymes

11 PROJECTS Projects you’ve tried – Just wanted to share this clip from Jenna’s room in Reed City. They did a study on transportation but the kids particularly took to airplanes. The clip is from their end of unit celebration where they took a trip as a classroom on the plane J (you can see there were mixed decisions as where to go, Jamaica or look for gold). There is even an engine under the hood of the plane that they created out of milk jugs, the propeller was water bottles, and the children created their own seatbelts out of fabric they ripped apart. They drew the windows of the plane themselves and the teachers just cut them out for them. It was quite the process and took a lot of time for them to complete it. Just an example of a teacher who took a training and ran with it. Her studies are amazing, I take a lot of pictures in her class!



14 TRANSITION ACTIVITY  BREAK  Move your things to the floor while we reset, please

15 WORLD CAFÉ World café - tables to discuss what you want at each table – Bring a LEGO Duplo block with your name on it to the World Café you will join- build a collaborative structure (integrating collaboration and team building- cooperation and taking turns) Talk about how you built it. LEGO collaborative building activity aligns with Social Studies & Social Emotional objectives. CHOOSE a group to sit with and discuss the topic question and list Success and Challenges in your classroom related to implementing and supporting student growth in these areas. At each group you will need a 1. Facilitator 2. Recorder 3. Reporter 10-15 minutes Dialogic Reading  Projects you’ve tried or are planning  Large Group Time  Planning and Recall  Mathematics  Conscious Discipline

16 LARGE GROUP  Large and Small Group Music and Movement at a Higher Level – PQA Level 5  more child choice, more peer and adults following child’s lead  What does that look like?  Examples:  Explore and Learn Cards –  #7 Two Places to Pat We’ve found a wayIt’s large-group time To keep the beat.We’ve all gathered ‘round. We see the faces It’s large-group time ‘Cause this is where we meet!Let’s all sit down.

17 ASSESSMENTS (MATRIX)  Review the revised Preschool Assessment Matrix  Brief History of the Document and revisions  Developed by a group of EC leaders in WMISD area  Notes for Editing before Early Childhood Leadership Team in May

18  Please Read the document  Please write comments or thoughts on it to share  Share as a whole group  Notes for revision and editing before ECLT reviews and accepts in May 2014

19 SHARE YOUR BEST PRACTICE LESSONS FOR SOCIAL STUDIES  Share your lesson  Tell how this work with the children  How did you know they learned the objective?  What kind of evidence did you collect?

20 FOCUS ON GOLD ASSESSMENT  GOLD – Reporting in GOLD that is really accurate to reflect their level of learning/ development  Inter-Rater Reliability – GOLD Practice Activity  Please complete on your own before the next checkpoint  Honest Assessments in GOLD  Transition Documentation – Summary Rubric + Child Profile if many 1s and 2s on the summary.

21 PD PLANS FOR 2014-15  What Professional Development are you interested in?  Generate a list – brainstorm at your tables  Write down your suggestions and requests  Let us know if there is a trainer that you would like to hear.


23 MAKE AND TAKE OPTIONS  Please pick one project to create for a small group (8 or less- as supplies last)  Ribbons on a stick  Ribbons on shower curtain rings  Greeting plates

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