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The tragedy and the Epic

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1 The tragedy and the Epic
Antigone/Beowulf The tragedy and the Epic

2 Antigone

3 AnTigone Greek Tragedy- Shows the downfall of a good person through a fatal error or misjugdement Elements of Tragedy Plot Characters Theme Use of metaphors Chorus Spectacle (eye catching, public, dramatic, ex. Fight in the hallway)

4 Tragic hero The Tragic Hero will be admirable and good
The hero’s demise will come from a personal error or bad decision Anagorsis- when the tragic hero suddenly understands that his/her actions caused their own death or heartache Hamartia- the mistake the hero made Nemesis- the punishment itself

5 Character analysis Chorus – Cautious, indecisive, discreet
Guard – More courage and less wisdom Ismene – Passive and obedient Haemon – Importance of Reasoning Antigone – Uncompromising Realist Creon – Petty and intolerant

6 Themes Sympathy for Antigone and Haemon
Woman with audacity to challenge a male dominated world Vindictiveness of the King Right of a human being to dispute an unjust law Broader political allegory of Sophocles

7 Antigone EQ’s Is it more important to be right than to be happy?
Is it our responsibility to rebel again and break an unjust law? What price should a person be willing to pay if they break an unjust law? Can a leader show uncertainty and maintain leadership?

8 Beowulf

9 Beowulf Anglo-Saxon Epic
Epic- Long narrative poem, centered on a heroic or ‘god like’ figure whose actions determine the fate of a nation, tribe, or race. Develop from oral traditions Setting will cover great geographical distances. Including heaven, hell, future, past.

10 Epic Hero Is significant and glorified Is on a quest
Has superior or superhuman strength, intelligence, and or courage Is ethical Risks death for glory or for the greater good of society Performs brave deeds Is a strong and responsible leader Reflects the ideals of a particular society

11 Character Analysis Aeschere- dear friend of King Hrothgar
Beowulf- Strong and courageous prince of Geats Grendel, Grendel’s Mother, dragon- monsters Hygelac- King of the Geats, Beowulf’s uncle Hrothgar- King of the Danes Unferth- Dane who is jealous of Beowulf and doubts he can do what he says he can do Wiglaf- warrior who aids Beowulf

12 Theme Good vs. Evil Identity Strength and skill Courage
Tradition and Customs

13 Beowulf EQ’s What qualities are essential in an Anglo-Saxon hero?
2. On what criteria does Beowulf base his decision? Why does he do what he does? 3. What might monsters symbolize to Anglo-Saxons, to our culture? 4. What is the purpose of telling the story of Beowulf? How do the monsters reflect the dark side of the warrior’s life and values?

14 Which is better?

15 Evaluation To what degree will you go to preserve self-interest versus action on behalf of the common good?

16 Written assignment Position Paper
Imagine that you are the leader of a nation. Illegal immigration has divided your nation to the point of civil war. You have two daughters. One is married to an illegal immigrant; the other is married to the general in your army.

17 Your Choices Option A: close the borders, post armed guards, and repatriate all illegal immigrants. You do this is order to retain honor and tradition for your country. Your daughter must repatriate with her husband, if not she will be put to death. Option B: maintain an open border policy and suffer the consequences of the country’s majority populace deposing and killing you and your family. Your second daughter’s husband will lead the army against you.

18 Your most state the following
The moral issues behind each option. How will your choice effect others. Provide logical, ethical, and emotional justification for the decision Propose a compromise for the opposing side. State your position clearly.

19 Additional Requirements
Papers should be at least 5 paragraphs and be one page long (front) Written in blue/ black ink or typed 3 point deduction for every 5 spelling or grammar errors Due in three days ( 5 points off for each day late) 40 points total

20 Start Writing

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