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Ramsey Public Schools Mr. Kenneth Veit, Supervisor “2 nd Cup of Coffee” January 27 th, 2009.

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1 Ramsey Public Schools Mr. Kenneth Veit, Supervisor “2 nd Cup of Coffee” January 27 th, 2009

2 3 Areas of Arts Education Music Visual Art Theater

3 Each student receives between 30-45 minutes of instruction in both areas every week. Taught by subject area specialists Dedicated music and art rooms at each school

4 Art @ Tisdale & Hubbard Discipline Based Art Education (D.B.A.E) Art History Art Criticism Art Making Aesthetic Appreciation All students develop technical skills in projects based on specific historical styles and artists Develop proper vocabulary, learn elements of art and principles of design Emphasis on critique

5 Art @ Tisdale and Hubbard - cont. Program develops fine motor skills and higher order thinking Study many different artists, including Kandinsky, Pollock, Matisse, Monet, Van Gogh, O’Keefe Multicultural Art in 3 rd Grade Egypt, Japan, China, African Masks, Mexico “Artist of the Month” Student gets artwork framed, showcased, and gift of art supplies

6 Music at Tisdale and Hubbard Emphasis on experiential learning with a wide variety of music styles Artful – Beautiful – Tuneful Incremental skill instruction Vocal Skills High/low, soft/loud, chanting, rounds and partner songs Listening Skills Identify different instruments, musical phrases, tone color Movement Skills Marching, hopping, clapping, dancing

7 Music at Tisdale/Hubbard – cont. Music theory and appreciation Form: Verse/Refrain, AB, Rounds Instrument Families Notation and Vocabulary gradually introduced through 3 rd grade, prepares students for more advanced curriculum in Dater School Textbook series enriches curriculum

8 Special K-3 Opportunities Class Plays / Musicals in 1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd Grades Involve all sections in each grade Music teachers work collaboratively w/ classroom teachers Often tied into classroom component (i.e. Poetry) Involve aspects of musical performance, staging, dancing, and some acting Highlights each year are Hubbard 3 rd Grade Cultural Music Program and Tisdale 3 rd Grade Grandfriends Tea School-wide events like Holiday Sing



11 Dater School Visual Art 45 Minutes of Art/week Continue with D.B.A.E. instruction Explore more media, including clay sculpture Artist-in-Residence Gretchen Dater Art Week

12 General Music at Dater Stronger emphasis on reading music Recorder in 4 th Grade Recorder Ensemble Songs have more challenging harmony Learn accompanying dances Music History explored

13 Instrumental Music at Dater Students may begin to study a band instrument in Grade 5 Selection takes place end 4 th Summer Program Weekly lessons Cluster Rehearsals begin in January Culminating Concert in May

14 Theater at Dater New opportunity to participate in a true theatrical production at Dater – builds upon experiences at Tisdale /Hubbard Extra-curricular activity Performances for student body and parents

15 Visual Art Instrumental Music General Music Choral Music Theater Program

16 Smith School Cycle Program Visual Art General Music Instruction in all grades, 6-8 D.B.A.E. based 6 th Grade Elements of Art, Pinch Pot, Printmaking 7 th Grade Principles of Design, Linear Perspective, Surrealism 8 th Grade Impressionism, Picasso, other modern styles 6 th Grade – caps K-6 general music program Notation and elements of music Music History and Composers Musical genres Choral, symphonic, opera, musical theater

17 Smith School Band Program Two bands – Gold and Blue – w/ 200+ students Each band meets 2-3 times per week + weekly small group lessons Jazz Band also offered before school by audition only Instruction focuses on improving instrumental technique while expanding knowledge of music overall Eligible to audition for All-County and All-Region

18 Choral Music at Smith Shift from general singing experience to true Chorus Two main chorus’s – 6 th Grade and 7 th /8 th Grade Each meet 2x week during school Students CAN do both band and chorus Strong instruction in vocal technique, ensemble skills, music theory Songs in 2, 3, and 4-part harmony Particular attention to changing boys voice Select Chorus and Honor Choirs available

19 Theater at Smith Part of extracurricular program One full-scale production each year – students involved in all facets Collaboration among Smith School faculty w/ strong involvement of music and art departments Additional staff from HS productions involved in Smith show

20 Chorus Band Visual Arts Theater

21 Chorus at Ramsey High School Class meets daily for 40 minutes Ranges between 60-100 students split into multiple sections Evening opportunities for interested students Perform at concerts plus civic events Bi-yearly trip Students regularly accepted to honor ensembles

22 Band at Ramsey High School Comprehensive Band Program Develop several music majors each year Sense of “Family” Band meet daily in school Win numerous awards each year Wonderful travel opportunities

23 Visual Arts at Ramsey High School Large and active faculty Main art track – Visual Arts I, II, II + Ceramics and Sculpture Wide range of electives – Jewelry, Computer Graphics, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Drawing, Commercial Art Critique and History continue to be significant part of instruction

24 Theater at Ramsey High School Curricular offerings 3 course sequence: Speech and Drama, Acting, Drama Workshop Student-centered 3 Full-scale extra-curricular productions each year Fall and Spring Plays Award-winning Winter Musical

25 Demonstration & Questions

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