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A division of Post Processing Cart3D CFD Analyses using Tecplot Chorus August 14 th 2014.

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1 A division of Post Processing Cart3D CFD Analyses using Tecplot Chorus August 14 th 2014

2 Agenda 2 Introductions GoCart/Cart3D Background Sample Problem 1: A320 Sweeps –Analysis Setup: Geometry & Flight Conditions –Results –Post-Processing in Chorus: Plotting sweeps Sample Problem 2: Surface Deflection –Analysis Setup –Post-Processing in Chorus: Generating Response Surface

3 Welcome! About Tecplot Inc. –Founded in 1981 in Bellevue WA (Near Seattle) –50,000 users across the world –100 Academic Site Licenses About Me –UCLA and University of Utah –Mobusho Fellow Osaka University –Post doc at University of WA –14 first author publications –100s of talks on Tecplot

4 Janet Zhen Bio 4 M.S. Mechanical Engineering –Fluid dynamics and biofluidics –Deformation of elastomeric channels Desktop Aeronautics –Product Manager for software –Applications Engineer for support NASA Ames Research Center –Small Sats for Space Biology –Send E. Coli into space Northrop Grumman –CFD analyst for Trident II underwater missile launching system

5 Introduction 5 Desktop Aeronautics –Founded in 1994 and purchased by Aerion Corporation in 2012 –Currently a 12 person company located in Palo Alto, CA –Licensed distributors of NASA’s Cart3D

6 Analysis Tool Background Cart3D is CFD analysis tool developed by NASA Ames Research Center and the Courant Institute at NYU –Cartesian Euler code that generates mesh for arbitrarily complex geometries –Scalable and can be run in batch mode GoCart is the GUI that wraps around Cart3D executables –Users can import CAD geometry, build a Cartesian volume mesh, run the flow solver, and view the results in the post processor within minutes Typical Applications: –Propulsion-Airframe Integration and Optimization –Aircraft Conceptual Design –Extended Formation Flight –Launch Vehicle Analysis –Sonic Boom Prediction –Fly-back Boosters Effects of Jet-Interaction on Pitch Control of a Launch Abort Vehicle. M. Aftosmis and S. Rogers AIAA Cart3D can be used to rapidly generate thousands of analysis cases

7 Example Problem 1: A320 Sweeps 7 Objective –Analyze Airbus A320 at different Mach and Alpha sweeps to determine drag polar –Run flow analysis for 0.5

8 Analysis Setup 8 Import A320 step file into GoCart Build computational mesh Run initial analysis to check out grid and flow solver settings Set up sweeps for varying Mach # and Alphas: Total of 80 cases

9 Results 9 GoCart calculates CD and CL for each case Tecplot solution files (cutPlanes.dat and Components.i.dat) files are generated GoCart plots contours from a single run

10 Dropping Results into Chorus 10

11 11 A320 Demo

12 Example Problem 2: Surface Deflection Study 12 Objective: Use GoCart to simulate simple takeoff and landing scenario and characterize response surface of rolling moment at various angles of attack for multiple aileron configurations at low Mach number

13 Problem Setup 13 Bring in geometry to GoCart and rotate outer aileron Run alpha sweep at different aileron angles

14 14 Flap Demo

15 15 Results Viewed in Chorus Kriging model applied to angle of attack and angle of the aileron to visualize C y

16 Questions? 16 Janet Zhen Durrell Rittenberg Thank you for joining us!

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