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Presenters: Sean Burns Principal Corbin Stoltzfus Assistant Principal Faculty Members.

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1 Presenters: Sean Burns Principal Corbin Stoltzfus Assistant Principal Faculty Members

2 P romoting a caring environment R esponsible for our learning I nteracting collaboratively D evoted to challenging our minds E xcellence in all that we do

3 Emerging adolescent students learn best when belonging to an intact team. Teams Provide… Personalized learning environment Focus on the whole child Integration of curriculum Coordination of activities

4 Language Arts Literature Links Social Studies Science Mathematics 6 periods/cycle 3, 6, or 9 periods/cycle 6 periods/cycle

5 Grade 7 Health and Physical Education 1 Marking Period(MP) of PE, 2 MP of swimming, and 1 MP of Health and Fitness Exploring Technology Family and Consumer Sciences Grade 8 Health and Physical Education 1 Marking period(MP) of fitness, 1 MP of health, and 2 MP of PE Applied Technology Art **One music elective must be scheduled in either 7 th or 8 th grade.

6 Year Long Band Chorus Orchestra World Language Semester Fine Studio Arts Craft Studio Arts PE Elective Drama Music Through the Ages Media Studies

7 Mr. Dede & Mrs. Markofski Full-Year Courses – 3 days/cycle Band, Chorus, & Orchestra Semester Courses – 3 days/cycle Media StudiesDrama Fine Arts StudioCraft Studio Arts Physical Education (seasonal) Music Through the Ages** **One music elective must be scheduled in either 7 th or 8 th grade.

8 Mrs. Chaville-Fuller French I – Part I German I – Part I Latin I – Part I Spanish I – Part I Two year commitment Classes meet every day Additional entry points in 8 th grade & HS

9 Mrs. Frank Language Arts Thematic units: Family, Acceptance, Choices & Consequences, and Heroes Writing in 4 modes: Narrative, Argument, Explanatory, and Research Literature Links Development of vocabulary Continue thematic units Analytical writing about literature Focus on Analyzing and Interpreting Non-fiction texts

10 Mr. Bilodeau Grade 7 Algebra  Algebra 1A  Direct Instruction  Grade 8 Geometry Algebra 1B Direct Instruction or Algebra 1A

11 Student placement will be determined by the following criteria and data points: Orleans-Hanna Algebra Prognosis Test Current Course Average PSSA Scores – Grades 4 & 5 Everyday Mathematics Mid-Year Test Teacher Recommendation

12 The Pennsylvania Department of Education has implemented new and stronger requirements for High School graduation. Current requirements include proficiency in: Algebra I Biology Literature Keystone Examinations replace PSSA in Grade 11

13 Ti-30XIIS or Ti - 82,83,84, 89, N-Spire (2-line scientific) (graphing) best for HS and SAT’s

14 Mrs. Hinkley Life Science Topics: Cells, Genetics, Biodiversity, Ecology and Environment Honors Life Science Independent research project Prerequisites: test average of 92% or higher in 6 th grade science, teacher recommendation, and mastery of specific mathematical skills.

15 Mr. Creswell World Cultures and Geography Four major units of study – Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, China & East Asia, and Ancient Greece & Rome Focus on culture, geography, history, religions, economics, and government Incorporate technology to conduct independent and group research and problem based learning

16 Mrs. LeVan Gifted Support – Seminar Reading and Mathematics Support Classes Learning Support students may be scheduled for additional periods of support within the 6 day cycle. Guidance Counseling & Student Support


18 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 P1MathMathMathMathMathMath P2ScienceScienceScienceScienceScienceScience P3FCSH/PEFCSH/PEFCSH/PE P4A (30) LunchLunchLunchLunchLunchLunch P4B (30) TeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeam P5SSSSSSSSSSSS P6LatinLatinLatinLatinLatinLatin P7LALALALALALA P8LitLinkBandChorusLitLinkBandChorusLitLink Band Chorus

19 Clubs (1x) Art Clubs Fly Fishing TV Studio Ultimate Frisbee Basketball Hockey Walk and Talk Board Games Community Meeting (1x) Olweus Build Connections Mentors Special Guests Internet Safety Tolerance Acceptance

20 Band/Chorus/Orchestra Drama & Musical Productions Art Clubs (multiple) National Junior Honor Society (8 th Grade) Spelling Bee Odyssey of the Mind Lego Robotics Yearbook Student Council Builders Club & Leo Club Fly Fishing

21 Middle School Sports Baseball Basketball Cheerleading Cross Country Field Hockey Football Lacrosse (Girls) Soccer (Boys and Girls) Softball Track & Field Wrestling Intramurals Tennis Fitness Basketball

22 Parent Meeting - tonight 6 th grade teachers meet with MS team – February 18th Guidance counselor and Administrator meet with students to explain MS electives (2/23/15 – 2/27/15) ElectivesElectives Students will learn how to login and select electives. 6 th grade teachers share recommendations and answer questions at parent conferences (March 4 th and 5 th ) Course selection will close on March 11, 2015 Math & Literature Links placements determined by student data – Spring Teachers review course recommendations in May 6th Grade visits the MS on May 28th Course verification email in late May/early June to check courses on Skyward. Student schedules available in late August prior to visitation days. MS Visit and Explore – August 20 th and 24 th (10:00 – 12:00)

23 Thank you for coming this evening! We look forward to working as a TEAM to provide the support our students need to be successful at OJRMS.

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