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2012-2013 Handbook. Dear Singers and Families, Welcome to the 2012-13 Sanford Creek Elementary School Chorus! It is a privilege to work with such talented.

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1 2012-2013 Handbook

2 Dear Singers and Families, Welcome to the 2012-13 Sanford Creek Elementary School Chorus! It is a privilege to work with such talented and responsible musicians and I look forward to an exciting year of music making, learning, and fun. Thank you to families for supporting your child’s desire to participate in a performing ensemble. I am confident you will be proud of your student’s growth as a musician and performer and hope you will join us for our concerts this year. Being in chorus is a privilege and honor and chorus students are held to the highest standards of behavior. Please read this handbook carefully and familiarize yourself with the choir’s policies and procedures. Pay special attention to the section concerning absences and attendance and return the attached form indicating that you and your child have read and understand the information in the handbook. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at school 570-2100 or via email Thanks again for your support of music at Sanford Creek Elementary! Musically yours, Mrs. Mainey Music Director

3 Chorus Membership: Membership in the Sanford Creek Elementary Chorus is a privilege. Participation requires the commitment to follow all of the guidelines outlined in this handbook. Being in chorus requires time and energy. Please carefully consider this, as you make a commitment for the entire school year when you join the choir. Chorus Camp: To start off our year for Chorus we will have Chorus Camp where 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders are welcome to come and see if Chorus is for them! Students do NOT need to sign up to attend Chorus Camp; arrive at your assigned days and attend all 3 days to be part of Sanford Creek Chorus. The dates for Chorus Camp are as follows: Chorus Camp for Tracks 1 and 2 will be July 24, 25, and 26. Chorus Camp for Tracks 3 and 4 will be August 28, 29 and 30. In order to be eligible to join chorus, students must attend at least 2 Chorus Camp rehearsals. Behavior: You have been chosen to participate in chorus not only because of your musicianship, but because you have demonstrated the self control of a performer and made good behavior choices throughout the school. As a member of the choir, you will represent our school in the community and Mrs. Mainey expects you to make good choices and use your best manners on and off the stage. A student who chooses not to behave during rehearsal will be given 2 warnings. After the second warning, the student will be dismissed from Chorus. Two unexcused absences will result in dismissal from chorus for the rest of the year.

4 Responsibility: Chorus students are role models for the entire school. This means chorus members are expected to complete all school assignments in a timely manner. Please begin to manage your time now so you will be a responsible student. Also, Mrs. Mainey expects you to take home any chorus related announcements or permission slips promptly and return them on time. Failure to do so could result in an unexcused absence. Please be responsible! Rehearsals: Chorus rehearsals are held before school 8:00 am to 8:40 am EVERY Wednesday. Students are to arrive at 7:55 am at the entrance closest to the music room. The doors will close and lock at 7:58 with rehearsals beginning promptly at 8:00 am. Attendance at rehearsals is mandatory while you are tracked in. (During the time period your track is tracked out, you are not required to attend rehearsals.) Students are expected to demonstrate outstanding behavior at all times. Remember 2 unexcused absences will result in dismissal from Chorus. (Please note there are no rehearsals on the following Wednesdays: August 17, November 23, December 21, January 4, or April 4. ) Practice: Students will receive song sheets prior to concerts so they can practice their music at home. Encourage your child to share what he/she is learning in chorus. Students will perform all songs from memory so some at home practice is necessary!

5 Costumes: The formal choir costume is as follows: Black pants or skirt (below knees) White blouse/dressy white shirt Dark shoes and socks or stockings/tights Chorus T-Shirt and jeans It is the family’s responsibility to provide the choir uniform and you are encouraged to acquire the items now. If you have any difficulty doing so, please contact Mrs. Mainey at school and she will be happy to help. Chorus t-shirts will be able to be purchased by Mid-October. for those students who need to buy another shirt or haven’t one yet. Performances: There will be at least 4 performances for the chorus this year. Some of these performances will be in the evening while some will be during the school day. Mrs. Mainey will notify you of dates and times for performances in advance and will work to keep out of school commitments to a minimum. Please note that it is vital to the success of the group that all students attend performances. In rehearsal, we work on tuning, balance, and blend with the entire group and it creates problems when students rehearse with the choir but do not show up for performances. Parents are responsible for arranging transportation to and from performances and ensuring that students honor their obligation to the group. Let me know immediately if you will need help arranging transportation for your child.

6 Absences: Absences are not permitted for evening performances. These are required and missing an evening performance may result in dismissal from chorus. We are counting on you for the Chorus to succeed! Sometimes exceptional circumstances prevent a child from attending a concert. If your child must miss a concert for any reason, please notify Mrs. Mainey in writing before the performance. Mrs. Mainey may grant an excuse for an evening performance if parents notify her in writing prior to the concert. If a situation arises the evening of a performance, please notify Mrs. Mainey ASAP. Illness is an excused absence. Please send a note or email if your child misses a performance due to illness. If your child misses rehearsal due to absence from school, he/she will receive an excused absence. If your child is at school and chooses not to attend rehearsal or is removed due to poor behavior choices, he/she will receive an unexcused absence. Dismissal from chorus: Any of the following will result in dismissal from chorus for the remainder of the school year: 1) Two unexcused absences. 2) One unexcused absence from an evening performance. 3) School suspension Mrs. Mainey will have a dismissal conference with each student prior to their dismissal: do not assume just because you have missed 2 days you’re automatically out of Chorus

7 The Musician’s Pledge Dr. Timothy S. Brophy, Because I am a well behaved musician, I listen and follow directions, use self-control, respect people, instruments, and materials, and always do my best. Because I am a world class musician, I listen attentively to music of many different styles and historical periods, and respect the music of other cultures. Because I am a performing musician, I use my musical skills to the best of my ability and contribute to the group in my highest capacity.

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