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Introductions Jane Ramseyer Miller Artistic Director Robin Godfrey Executive Director Sue Bell.

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2 Introductions Jane Ramseyer Miller Artistic Director Robin Godfrey Executive Director Sue Bell Member Services Director Chris Denning Integra Planner

3 Topics to be Covered this Evening: Registration Dates Registration Fees Registration Requirements Available Performance Spaces/Waiting List Chorus Information Update Performance Venue Choice Performance Collaboration Choices Additional Performance Opportunities Mentors Registration Fee Payment

4 Chorus & Ensemble Registration Dates Chorus & Ensemble Registration Opens March 16, 2015 Chorus & Ensemble Registration Closes July 1, 2015 Note:A chorus may not register more than 2 ensembles.

5 Chorus/Ensemble Fee Info Chorus Registration Fee$350 Ensemble Registration Fee$225 Choruses that have applied for coffee concerts should register for a 30 minute concert block and pay the $350 fee. If you are chosen for a coffee concert you will be invoiced for the additional cost.

6 Registration Requirements North American choruses must be members in good standing with GALA Choruses in order to register for Festival. This means all open dues payments must be cleared, including 2015 dues. If you have any question about your dues status contact us at European and Oceanic choruses are granted reciprocity and do not need GALA Choruses membership to register for Festival. The same courtesy is granted to North American choruses seeking to register for Various Voices (European festival) or Out and Loud (Oceania festival).

7 Register your chorus early! When all performance spaces are filled a waiting list will be established. There is usually 10-12% attrition and choruses from the waiting list will be added to the performance schedule as spots open. The current performance schedule can accommodate: 11430-minute chorus sets 8Coffee Concerts 3815-minute ensemble performances

8 Online festival registration will not be available if membership is not current.



11 Log-in: check for your email address(es) in Integra database.

12 Enter your last known password and click ‘Log in’ button. Click on ‘Reset’ link for first-time log-in or forgotten passwords.

13 You must be designated as an Administrator to register your chorus for Festival. This can be done by an existing chorus Administrator or by GALA Member Services.

14 Slides coming from Sue regarding how to update chorus demographic info. Administrators can (and should) update chorus information in the Integra database.


16 Administrators can also add and update chorus membership information.

17 Click on the ‘Add member’ button to add a chorus person not in the database. Click on the pencil icon to edit existing chorus person records.

18 You can update a member’s Name, Email, or Role, and designate other Administrators. Any changes you make will only take effect after you click the ‘Save’ button.

19 REGISTRATION: To initiate, click the ‘Register’ button for your chorus.

20 Designate your preferred performance venues; note any special needs or requests.

21 You can request to perform with another chorus, jointly or back-to-back in a concert block.

22 Select any/all additional performance options your chorus would be interested in.

23 Select any Mentoring options. When all options are selected, click ‘Save’ button.

24 Payment Details: Select any additional line items, review prices, and select payment method.

25 Payment: Select PayPal option to pay with credit card.

26 Payment: select Offline payment option to pay by check.

27 Payment: selecting Skip option cancels registration.

28 Registration generates an invoice in Integra.

29 Unpaid invoices are displayed on Administrator Dashboard. All payments by check must be received within 45 days of registration.

30 Small Ensemble Registration

31 Small Ensemble Venues

32 Small ensemble performance options

33 Small Ensemble Payment Details

34 Use the ‘My Account’ page to edit user preferences and to LOG OUT of Integra.

35 Questions on Chorus & Ensemble Registrations Sue Bell Member Services Director Memberservices@galachorus

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