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Community Helpers Marie Pitsenbarger ED 417. Community Helpers Grade: 2 nd Objective: Children will be able to identify the following community helpers.

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1 Community Helpers Marie Pitsenbarger ED 417

2 Community Helpers Grade: 2 nd Objective: Children will be able to identify the following community helpers and the roles they play through the services they offer. * Fire Fighters* Teacher * Police Officer * Trash Collector * Nurse* Postal Worker * Doctor* Librarian * Dentist

3 Standards Economics 3. Recognize that most people work in jobs in which they produce a few special goods or services. 4. Explain why people in different parts of the world earn a living in a variety of ways. Government 2. Explain how a system of government provides order to a group such as a school or community and why government is necessary including: a. Making and enforcing laws; b. Providing leadership; c. Providing services; d. Resolving disputes. Social Studies Skills and Methods 1. Obtain information from oral, visual and print sources.

4 What is a Community? A community is made up of different groups of people who live and work together. The community has a specific location (it is in one place), it has rules and laws that people must follow and the people work together to solve their problems.

5 Activity 1: Newspaper Search/ Collage Materials: -newspapers/ magazines -scissors -glue -markers l

6 Activity 1: Newspaper Search/ Collage Procedure: * Community workers have been in the news recently. Have students look through the newspaper or magazines for words and pictures of community workers. * Have students use the words and pictures they found to create a collage * Students should share collages and compile a list of all the community workers they found as a class.

7 Activity 2: “I am…” Materials: * Clothing and uniforms of community helpers * Hats and other accessories worn by certain community workers * Tools and props of community workers

8 Activity 2: “I am…” Procedure: * Provide clothing, hats, and props for the various community workers. * Allow children to role play different jobs and consider how the service they offer impacts others by completing the sentence: “I am…” * Discuss with the students what it would be like if one member (community helper) was not there. What kind of effect would this have on the community at large?

9 Activity 3: Tour Time Materials: -notebooks -pencils -list of interview questions

10 Activity 3: Tour Time Procedure: *Visit a local post office, fire station, or other community helper’s work. *Take a tour *Discuss with children the role of given community helper *Have students interview community worker with previous established questions and record the answers.

11 Activity 4: Writing Assessment Materials: -Paper -Pencil -Organizational Chart (Four Square Writing) -Writing Checklist

12 Activity 4: Procedure: *Children will select three of the community workers from those discussed throughout the week *Using the organizational chart, the child will write three ways that each worker helps the community *The students will use the organizational chart to write about their selected community helpers. *Students will edit their own work using the provided writing checklist.

13 Activity 5: Community Helper Bingo Materials: -empty bingo cards -writing utensil -bingo markers -job description cards for teacher

14 Activity 5: Procedure: *Students will fill in their empty cards with the names of community workers *When completed the teacher will begin by using the job descriptions to tell of a service provided by a community worker. *Students will identify the worker by the service or job description provided.

15 Unit Books On the Town: A Community Adventure by Judith Caseley Community Helpers from A to Z by Bobbie Kalman People Who Keep You Safe by Cathy French My Dentist by Harlow Rockwell

16 Community Helper Song Chorus: Community Helper That’s what I am. I’m in the neighborhood doing what I can. Verse 1: I am a doctor. I am here to help you … If you get a cold or the flu… Come see me I’ll tell you what to do You might take a pill, you might get a shot Let me feel your head. Whoah, that's hot! Repeat Chorus Verse 2: I am a fireman. I am here to help you.. If you see fire or a cat in a tree, D ial 911 that’s how you get me.. Your shirts on fire, stop drop and roll I don’t care if you’re 90 years old. Repeat Chorus Verse 3: I am the policeman. I am here to help you If you get lost don’t know what to do Just talk to me and I’ll show you I help good people take the bad ones to jail Put the handcuffs on, and we throw ’em in a cell. Repeat Chorus Verse 4: I am the mail carrier. I am here to help you I bring you the mail, and I pick it up too. I’m postal, that what I do Raining, hot, cold or snow Nothing stops the mail from going I can’t see your address when I’m in the fog. Repeat Chorus

17 More Songs I'm a Police Officer Sung to: "I'm a little Teapot" I'm a police officer With my star, I help people Near and far. If you have a problem, Call on me, And I will be there One, two, three! I'm a Firefighter Sung to: "I'm a little teapot" I'm a firefighter Dressed in red, With my fire hat On my head. I can drive the fire truck, Fight fires, too, And help to make things Safe for truck

18 Websites Fire Station Virtual Tours re/tour.html Our Community Helpers (additional resources for lessons) hemes/community/helpers.htm Community Helper Resource Page age.html

19 More Websites Printable Community Helper Word Searches and other Games finds/community-helpers.html finds/community-helpers.html Your Neighborhood (online tool for kids in learning about their community) 2/neighborhood/index.html 2/neighborhood/index.html


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