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First you make your fingers click Then you stamp your feet Both hands slap your knees And clap on the beat.

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1 First you make your fingers click Then you stamp your feet Both hands slap your knees And clap on the beat Chord FAC BODY PERCUSSION The body is also a very versatile instrument. We can use it to make several sounds. (JOKE! Participants laugh!) Here are some examples of sounds we can make using our bodies-(demonstrate by clapping, stamping, rubbing etc) Can we think of any others? (click, mouth sounds, clapping in different ways) Song with body percussion Now I’m going to sing a song for you which includes some body percussion which means making sounds using our bodies (from Flying around A&C Black) (Sing the song with actions for group) (Show overhead displaying words of the song) (Teach the song by rote line by line with actions) (Lead them through entire song with actions as many times as appropriate) (Ostinato is a repeated melodic or rhythmic pattern used as an accompaniment, but do not use the word ‘ostinato’ ) Divide group in two, Group A starts by doing the following ostinato Slap Clap Rest Rest When group A has firmly established the ostinato Group B enters on cue (from trainer), performing the song and repeating a few times. In this activity we have explored different ways of making sounds using our bodies –body percussion. Start note:E Strand: Listening and Responding Strand Unit: Exploring Sounds

2 Body percussion Clap Click Slap Stamp

3 Rocky Mountain Rocky mountain rocky mountain rocky mountain high,
When you’re on that rocky mountain hang your head and cry. Chorus Do do do do do remember me, Do do do do do remember me. Sunny valley sunny valley sunny valley low, When you’re in that sunny valley sing it soft and low. Stormy Ocean stormy ocean stormy ocean wide, When you’re on that deep blue sea there’s no place you can hide. Start on D

4 Canoe Song My paddle’s keen and bright Flashing with silver
Follow the wild goose flight Dip dip and swing Dip dip and swing her back Flashing with silver Follow the wild goose Flight Dip dip and swing’

5 Drunken Sailor Dm Dm What shall we do with the drunken sailor C C C Dm
Early in the morning Dm Dm Hey ho and up she rises C C Dm Dm C Dm Chord Dm: D F A Chord C: C E G Start note: A

6 Tony Chestnut C C C C Tony Chestnut knows I love him G G C C
Tony knows, Tony knows. C C C C Tony Chestnut knows I love him. G G C That’s what Tony knows. C Maj = CEG G Maj = GBD Starting note G Get children to tap their: Toe Knee Chest Nut (head) Nose Eye Love (heart) him (point)

7 Tony Chestnut G A G E G A G E D E F E F G G A G E G A G E D F E D C

8 Water Come a Me Eye Every time I remember Liza Water come a me eye When I think about my gal Liza Water come a me eye Come back Liza come back girl Water come a me eye Come back Liza come back girl Water come a me eye I’m so sad since you went away girl Water come a me eye When you coming back home to stay girl? Water come a me eye Come back Liza…..

9 The Human drum kit Are you ready? Click click
‘Cause you’re in for a treat, With your fingers and feet, Can you feel the beat? We are the human drum kit! Stamp, stamp! goes the big bass drum, Now listen to the hi-hat, ch ch, ch ch, Snares go clap clap, clap clap, Followed by a crash on the cymbals SH! Ref: Banana Splits page: 45

10 The Mountaineer’s Song
Now first you gaze…….. And then you climb, climb ……. And then you walk walk walk walk …… And then you run run run run run run run run………… And then you wave wave wave wave… And then you shake, hands …. And then you dream……….. (Singing Sherlock 1)

11 The Lakes of Sligo Fair Sligo thee, I now must leave, to part it’s beauty I do grieve But not forever I believe I’ll call again to Sligo. To Holy Well I bid adieu to Hazlewood and Cairns too And Tobernault that splendid view which adorns the lakes of Sligo Fair Lough Gill with its isles so grand where we often wandered hand in hand On a Summer’s evening by the strand along the lakes of Sligo. On that lake we often spent many’s the hour in sweet content And from our boat sweet music went along the lakes of Sligo. And then I think of Knocknarea with it’s honeyed cliffs hanging o’er the sea It still reminds me of the day I left my home in Sligo

12 The Sally Gardens Verse 1
Down by the sally gardens my love and I did meet She passed the sally gardens with little snow white feet. She bid me to take life easy as the leaves grow on the trees. But I was young and foolish with her did not agree. Verse 2 In a field down by the river my love and I did stand and on my leaning shoulder she laid her snow white hand. She bid me to take life easy as the grass grows on the weirs But I was young and foolish and now I am full of tears

13 She moved through the fair
My young love said to me My mother won’t mind And my father won’t slight you For your lack of kind Then she stepped away from me And this she did say It will not be long love Til our wedding day. She stepped away from me And she moved through the fair. And so fondly I watched her Move here and move there And then she went homeward With one star awake As the swan in the evening moves over the lake. Last night she came to me She came softly in, So softly she came that Her feet made no din, She laid her hand on me And this she did say It will not be long love Til our wedding day.

14 The Parting Glass Of all the money that ere I had,
I spent it in good company. And of all the harm that ere I've done, Alas was done to none but me. And all I've done for want of wit, to memory now I cannot recall. So fill me to the parting glass. Goodnight and joy be with you all. Oh, if I had money enough to spend and leisure time to sit awhile  There is a fair maid in this town Who sorely has my heart beguiled  Her rosy cheeks and ruby lips, I own she has my heart enthralled Of all the comrades that ere I’ve had, They are sorry for my going away,  And of all the sweethearts that ere I’ve had They would wish me one more day to stay, But since it falls unto my lot That I should rise while you should not,  I will gently rise and I'll softly call, "Goodnight and joy be with you all!"

15 Star of the County Down Near Banbridge Town in the County Down
One morning last July, From a boreen green came a sweet colleen And she smiled as she passed me by. She looked so sweet from her two bare feet To the sheen of her nut brown hair. Such a coaxing elf, sure I shook myself For to see I was really there. Chorus: From Bantry Bay up to Derry Quay and From Galway to Dublin Town, No maid I've seen like the sweet colleen That I met in the County Down. As she onward sped, sure I scratched my head, And I looked with a feelin' rare, And I say's, say's I, to a passer-by, Who’s the maid with the nut brown hair? He smiled at me and he says, say's he, That's the gem of Ireland's crown. It's Rosie McCann from the banks of the Bann, She’s the star of the County Down.

16 Will you go Lasie go? Oh the summer time is coming
And the leaves are sweetly blooming And the wild mountain thyme Grows around the blooming heather Will you go Lassie go Chorus: And we’ll all go together To pluck wild mountain thyme All around the blooming heather Will you go Lassie go? I will build my love a tower Near yon pure crystal fountain And on it I will grow All the flowers of the mountain Will you go Lassie go? Chorus: If my true love he were gone I would surely find another Where the wild mountain thyme Grows around the blooming heather

17 Do you love an apple? Chorus: Do you love an apple Do you love a pear
Do you love a laddie With curly brown hair Oh still I love him I can’t deny him I’ll go with him wherever he goes. He stood at the corner A fag in his mouth Two hands in his pockets He whistled me out. I’ll go with him wherever he goes He gave me a hankie Its colour was blue Before I could use it He tore it in two Oh still I love him I can’t deny him I’ll go with him wherever he goes. Chorus: There’s tea in the teapot And bread on the shelf If you want any more You can sing it yourself Still I love him

18 The Magical Band Come away for a year and a day
In a boat on a rainbow stream Where little folk meet with the stars at their feet On a dazzling light moonbeam. Chorus: Oh hand in hand with the magical band Away to fairyland dreaming And dancing away from the world today Go the little ones when they’re sleeping Together they come where the songbirds hum And the wind is playing a tune Bluebells ring a lullaby sing By the light of the silver moon. Chorus: The early bird brings on golden wings The sparkling drops of dew All through the night making morning light And sprinkling the raindrops too.

19 “P” is for Paddy As I went out one May morning To take a pleasant walk
I sat me down near an old oak tree For to hear two lovers talk For to hear what they might say my dear To hear what they might say So that I might learn a little more about love Before I’d go away. Chorus: P it stands for Paddy I suppose And J for my love John And W stands for the false Willie- 0 But Johnny is the fairest one. Oh Johnny is the fairest one she said Johnny is the fairest one And I don’t care what anybody says Cause Johnny is the fairest one. Come sit you down on the grass he said Together on the green It’s been a long three quarters of a year or more Since together we have been. Since together we have been my love Together we have been Chorus: No I’ll not come and sit with you Nor be a lover of thine For I hear you're in love with another pretty maid And your heart’s no longer mine. Oh your heart’s no longer mine she said Your heart’s no longer mine For I hear you’re in love with another pretty maid And your heart’s no longer mine

20 Teddy O Neill But now all is so dark and so dreary
All dark and all silent, no piper, no reel Not even the sun through the casement shines cheery Since I lost my darling love, Teddy O'Neill. I remember the day when the big ship was sailing And the time it had come for my love to depart. How I cried like a child; oh goodbye to you Teddy With a tear in my cheek and a stone in my heart. He said t’was to better his fate he went roaming But what would be gold to the joy I would find If he’d only come back to me tender and loving, Yet poor but my own darling Teddy O’ Neil. I dreamt all last night Oh bad 'cess to my dreaming I'd die if I thought t'would come surely to pass I dreamt while the tears down my pillow were rolling That Teddy was courting another fair lass. And didn't I wake with a weeping and a wailing The pain in my heart was too deep to conceal My mother cried "Nora dear, what is your ailing?“ But all I could answer was Teddy O'Neill. I see the old cabin beyond the wee boreen I see the old crossroads where we used to dance I ramble the lane where he called me his stoirin And my girlish heart was so full of romance.

21 Cockles and Mussels In Dublin's fair city - where the girls are so pretty I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone As she wheeled her wheelbarrow, through the streets broad and narrow Crying cockles and mussles alive,alive-oh. Chorus: Alive,alive-oh.Alive,alive-oh. Crying cockles and mussles,alive,alive-oh. She was a fishmonger and sure 'twas no wonder For so were her father and mother before They both wheeled their barrows through streets broad and narrow Crying cockles and mussles alive,alive-oh. She died of a fever and no one could save her And that was the end of sweet Molly Malone But her ghost wheels her barrow through streets broad and narrow Crying cockles and mussles alive,alive-oh. Chorus

22 Ceol arsa an t- asal Ceol arsa an t-asal, ‘sé istigh sa ngort.
Éist le mo ghlórsa‘ Sé is binne port Hí há (x 5)

23 An Faoileán C C Dm Dm Faoileán, faoileán ar an trá,
Dm Dm C C Tá tú uaigneach, cén fáth? C C D’imigh, d’imigh, d’imigh Dm Dm Grá mo chroí. Dm Dm D’fhág sí mé liom féin C C Is d’imigh sí. C C Dm Dm Faoileán, faoileán ar an trá, Dm Dm C C Ná bí uaigneach mar atá. C C Fillfidh fillfidh fillfidh, Dm Dm Grá do chroí. Dm Dm Tuigeann sí go binn C C Gur geal leat í. Chord of C C E G Chord of Dm D F A An Bealach Rúnda – Gael Linn

24 e f g d d f e C, e g f d d f e c C

25 Óró 'sé do bheatha bhaile
Óró 'sé do bheatha bhaile (x 3) Anois ar theacht an tsamhraidh 'Sé do bheatha, a bhean ba léanmhar, do ba é ár gcreach tú bheith i ngéibheann, do dhúiche bhreá i seilbh méirleach, is tú díolta leis na Gallaibh. Tá Gráinne Mhaol ag teacht thar sáile, Óglaigh armtha léi mar gharda, Gaeil iad féin, ‘s ní Gaill ná Spáinnigh, ‘S cuirfid ruaig ar Ghaillibh. Curfá

26 Óró sé do bheatha ‘bhaile
Se do bheatha a bhean ba leanmhar! (Welcome Oh woman who was so afflicted) B'e ar gcreach tu bheith i ngeibhinn (It was our ruin that you were in bondage) Do dhuiche bhrea i seilbh meirleach (Our fine land in the possesion of theives) 'S tu diolta leis na Ghallaibh. (And sold to the foreigners) Chorus: Oro, se do bheatha 'bhaile! x3 (Óró! You are welcome home!) Anois ar theacht an tsamhraidh. (Now that summer is coming) Ta Grainne Mhaol ag teacht thar saile, (Grainne Mhaol is coming over the sea) Oglaigh armtha lei mar gharda (Armed warriors along with her as guard) Gaeil iad fein 's ni Gaill na Spainnigh (They are Irishmen, not English or Spanish) 'S cuirfid siad ruaig ar Ghallaibh. (And they will rout the foreigners)

27 Óró mo Bháidín Crochfaidh mé seolta is Gabhfaidh mé siar,
Óró mo churachín- ó! ‘S go hóíche Fhéil’ Eoin ní thiocfaidh mé aniar, Óró mo bháidín. Curfá: Oró mo churachín-ó, óró mo bháidín! Oró mo churachín-ó, óró mo bháidín! Nach breá é mo bháidín Ag snámh ar an gcuan, Oró mo churachín-ó! ‘S na céaslaí á dtarraingt Go láidir is go ciúin, Óró mo bháidín. Curfá:

28 Peigín Leitir Mór Curfá Is ó gairim, gairim í ‘Gus gairim í mo stór.
Míle grá le m’anam í ‘S í Peigín Leitir Móir. Éirigh suas, a Pheigín, Agus seas ar bharr an aird. Comhairigh do chuid bullán Agus feach an bhfuil siad ann Tá Bríd agam, tá Cáit agam, ‘S í Peig an bhean is fearr. Pé’r bith fear a gheobhas í Nach air a bheas an t-ádh! Curfá

29 Trasna na dtonnta Curfa Curfa]
Trasna na dtonnta, dul siar, dul siar, Slán leis an uaigneas ‘is slán leis an gcían; Geal é mo chroí, agus geal í an ghrian, Geal bheith ag filleadh go hÉirinn! Chonac mo dhóthain de Thíortha I gcéin, Ór agus airgead, saibhreas an tsaoil, Éiríonn an croí ‘nam le breacadh gach lae ‘S mé druidim le dúthaigh mo mhuintir! Curfa Muintir an Iarthair ‘siad cairde mo chroí, Fáilte is féile beidh romham ar gach taobh. Ar fhágáil an tsaoil seo,‘sé guím ar an Rí Gur leo sin a shinfear í gcill mé. Curfa

30 Beidh Aonach Amárach Beidh aonach amárach i gContae an Chláir (x 3)
Cén mhaith dom é, ní bheidh mé ann? Curfa A mháithrín, an ligfidh tú chun aonaigh mé? (X 3) A mhuirnín ó ná héiligh é. Níl tú a deich nó a haon déag fós (X 3) Nuair a bheidh tú trí déag beidh tú mór. Curfá B'fhearr liom féin mo ghréasaí bróg Ná oifigeach airm faoi lásaí óir.

31 Céard a chonaic tú? Céard a chonaic tú céard a chonaic tú, céard a chonaic tú sa spéir? (x 2) Chonaic mé na réalta, na réalta, na réalta, Chonaic mé na réalta Ag taitneamh sa spéir. Céard a chonaic tú…. Chonaic mé an ghrian, an ghrian an ghrian Chonaic mé an ghrian ag taitneamh sa spéir Ó chonaic mé an t-eitleán, an t-eitleán an t-eitleán. Chonaic mé an t-eitleán ag eitilt suas sa spéir. Céard a chonaic tú… Chonaic mé na héin, na héin, na héin Chonaic mé na héin ag eitilt suas sa spéir ag eitilt suas sa spéir,

32 An Poc ar Buile Ar mo ghabháil dom siar chun Droichead Uí Mhórdha,
Píce I’m dhóid is mé ag dul I meitheal. Cé chasfaí orm I gcumar ceoidh, Ach pocán crón is é ar buile. Curfá: Alliliú puilliliú, alliliú tá an poc ar buile (x 2 ) Do ritheamar trasna trí ruilleogach Is do ghluais an comhrac ar fud na muinge Is treascairt dá bhfuair sé sna turtóga Chuas in a ainneoin as a dhroim le fuinneamh. Curfá Bhí garda mór I mBaile an Róistigh Is bhailigh fórsaí chun sinn a chlipeadh Do bhuail sé rop dá adhairc sa tóin air Is dá bhríste nua do dhein sé giobail Curfá I nDaingean uí Chúis le haghaidh an tráthnóna Bhí an sagart paróiste amach ‘nar gcoinnibh, Is é dúirt gurbh é an diabhal ba dhóigh leis A ghaibh an treo ar phocán buile

33 Bríd Óg Ní Mháille Is a Bhríd Óg Ní Mháille
'S tú d'fhág mo chroí cráite 'S chuir tú arraingeacha An bháis fríd cheartlár mo chroí Tá na céadta fear i ngrá Le d'éadan ciúin náireach Is go dtug tú barr breáchtacht‘ Ar Thír Oirghiall más fíor Níl ní ar bith is áille Ná'n ghealach os cionn a' tsáile Ná bláth bán na n-airne Bíos ag fás ar an draighean Ó siúd mar bíos mo ghrá-sa Níos trilsí le breáchtacht Béilín meala na háilleacht‘ Nach ndearna riamh claon Is buachaill deas óg mé 'Tá triall chun mo phósta 'S ní buan i bhfad beo mé Mura bhfaighidh mé mo mhian A chuisle is a stóirín Déan réidh agus bí romhamsa Cionn deireanach den Domhnach Ar Bhóithrín Dhroim Sliabh Is tuirseach 's brónach A chaithimse an Domhnach Mo hata 'mo dhorn liom 'S mé ag osnaíl go trom 'S mé ag amharc ar na bóithre 'Mbíonn mo ghrá-sa ag gabhail ann 'S í ag fear eile pósta Is gan í bheith liom

34 Oh Brid Og O'Malley You have left my heart breaking You've sent the death pangs Of sorrow to pierce my heart sore A hundred men are craving For your breathtaking beauty You're the fairest of maidens In Oriel for sure No spectacle is fairer Than moonbeams on the harbour Or the sweet scented blossoms Of the sloe on the thorn But my love shines much brighter In looks and in stature That honey-lipped beauty Who never said wrong I'm a handsome young fellow Who is thinking of wedlock But my life will be shortened If I don't get my dear My love and my darling Prepare now to meet me On next Sunday evening On the road to Drum Slieve 'Tis sadly and lonely I pass the time on Sunday My head bowed in sorrow My sights heavy with woe As I gaze upon the byways That my true love walks over Now she's wed to another And left me forlorn

35 Amhrán na bhFiann Sinne Fianna Fáil a tá fé gheall ag Éirinn,
Buíon dár slua thar toinn do ráinig chugainn, Fé mhóid bheith saor sean tír ár sinsir feasta Ní fhagfar fé'n tiorán ná faoin tráill anocht a théam sa bhearna bhaoil, Le gean ar Ghaeil chun báis nó saoil le guna scréach faoi lámhach na bpiléar Seo libh canaidh Amhrán na bhFiann


37 The mad puck goat As I set out with my pike in hand
To old Dromore to join a meithil Who should I meet but a tan puc goat And he roaing mad, in ferocious fettle He chased me over bush and weeds And through the bog the run proceeded Til he caught his horns in a clump of gorse And on his back I jumped unheeded There was a big guard in Rochestown He gathered his forces to stop us Te goat he tore his trousers and made rags of them. In Dingle that evening The parish priest was out to call us to order. And he said twas the devil that was going in the direction of the old puck goat.

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