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The Middle School Experience

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1 The Middle School Experience
Joy Chanin Simpson Middle School Counselor

2 The goal of this presentation is to answer many of the questions that elementary age students and families may have about middle school.

3 Our topics will be: Middle School Pods Middle School Day
Middle School Classes Middle School Grades Middle School Activities Middle School Safety Middle School “Other Stuff” including information about lockers, dress code, lunch, school supplies and homework

4 Middle School PODS

5 Pod Information Class sizes average approximately 31 students.
A middle school pod teacher teaches students each day. Each middle school grade is divided into pods. A pod consists of several subject area teachers who teach the same group of students. The make-up of each pod includes students of all ability levels.

6 Middle School DAY

7 The middle school classes begin at 9:15 and end at 4:15.
Students start the day by attending homeroom. Students will travel to different classrooms throughout the day. Sixth grade academic subjects consist of Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts and RICA (reading in the content area). The connections classes may include classes such as Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Health, Business, P.E., Art and Music.

8 Connections Classes (formerly known as Exploratory Classes)
There are 2 Connection periods 6th grade is the beginning year for Band/Orchestra or Chorus. Band, Orchestra and Chorus meet each day. Students will be required to rent, borrow or purchase an instrument. (A very limited number of large instruments are available in each school.) Health is required for one quarter for all students. Students are randomly assigned to Connection classes.

9 Sorry, there is no RECESS in Middle School.

10 Middle School CLASSES

11 Students currently enrolled (and in good standing) in an elementary Target program will be placed in an appropriate middle school Advanced Content program that will meet each day. Students in Special Education classes will be placed according to their current IEP. Math placement is based on test scores and student ability. Check with your middle school counselor if you have any questions.

12 Middle School GRADES

13 Grading Scale A B C D 69-below F

14 A progress report is issued each 4 1/2 weeks
A progress report is issued each 4 1/2 weeks. However, parents are encouraged to check daily progress through I-Parent & to call Homework Hotline. Each nine-week report is considered the end-of-quarter report card. The nine-week reports will determine honor rolls, promotions and retentions. Concerns about grades should be directed to your child’s teacher or counselor.

15 Middle School ACTIVITIES

16 Academic competition teams Intramural (organized sports activities)
Most Middle Schools offer supplemental activities. These may include clubs or activities such as: Yearbook staff Academic competition teams Intramural (organized sports activities) Recycling Performing (chorus, musical…) Social awareness (Builder’s club) Art Chess Club Encourage your student to listen to announcements and join a club or activity early in the school year!

17 Guidance counselors also offer various guidance groups that meet during school hours.
Group topics may include: Making and keeping friends Children coping with divorce Middle school issues Dealing with grief and loss

18 Middle School SAFETY

19 Important Safety Issues
Teachers are scheduled to arrive at 8:45. All visitors must sign in at the front office. All Cobb County schools have adopted a “Zero Tolerance” policy which prohibits the use or presence of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and/or weapons on any school property. All Cobb County schools adhere to a strict policy prohibiting harassment and/or bullying. Students are expected to follow an established behavior management plan.

20 “OTHER STUFF” about Middle School

21 Lockers Students will be assigned a locker in their pod and in their PE class. These lockers have a built-in combination lock which should be kept confidential. Additional locks are not permitted. Before 6th grade, it is a good idea to practice working a combination lock.

22 Dress Code All students are expected to dress in a manner which demonstrates respect of the learning environment. Each school will enforce a dress code policy.

23 Lunch Middle School lunch costs more than elementary lunch.
Many additional items are available for purchase (a la carte). Students will eat under the supervision of a teacher. Parents may establish a lunch account for their child (and can pay on-line).

24 Supplies Basic school supplies include pencils, blue and black pens, 3-ring binders, pocket folders with brads and white loose-leaf paper. In addition to general school supplies, each teacher or pod may have individual requirements.

25 There may be additional (optional) expenses throughout the year.
These may include school dances, vocabulary workshop books, year books and a limited number of donation programs.

26 Buses Bus service is provided for students living beyond 1/2 mile from the school. Bus routes are posted about a week before school begins. Students need to know their bus number by the end of the first day of school.. Have your child ride the bus the first day and week so he/she will know the bus number and procedures.

27 Homework Each teacher has a Homework Hotline phone number to call if a student is absent or needs to verify assignments. A sixth grade student can expect to average an hour of homework each night. Homework grades are included in the student’s academic average!

28 Each student is issued a student planner to record all assignments.
Teachers may use this planner to communicate to parents. Most classes do not allow class time to complete homework assignments.

29 Organization One key to middle school success is being ORGANIZED. Follow the teachers’ guidelines or check with the counselor for suggestions.

30 Responsibility It is the student’s responsibility to
know what their assignments are complete all of their assignments turn all the completed assignments in to their teachers be responsible for any missing assignments

31 Adolescents undergo many emotional, physical and social changes throughout the middle school years.
The faculty and staff at your new middle school are sensitive to adolescent changes. New friends, big kids, and changing classes can be overwhelming. We are here to share in the responsibility of making this a smooth transition for you and your child.

32 Remember: Additional immunizations are required to enter 6th grade! The Simpson registration card your child will bring home is TWO sided- please complete both sides (distributed spring conference week)! Volunteering is accepted and welcomed in middle school. Please volunteer! Look for the Simpson 6th grade handbook during spring conference week. If you did not receive one, contact your elementary counselor.

33 Suggested general School Supplies for 6th grade may include, but may not be limited to:
Blue, black and red ball point pens Scissors Glue stick Colored markers 11”x 9” spiral notebooks 12” ruler with metrics Pencil pouch Notebook paper Colored pencils 2 inch plastic binder for Agenda Yellow highlighter Package of #2 pencils Crayons (8)

34 Some Adult Volunteer Opportunities:
Front Office Assistant Media Center Assistant Pod Pal Environmental Committee Parent School Dances PTSA Committees PTSA Officers Hospitality School Council Assistant Club Sponsor And many more…..

35 The End The Simpson web-site is:


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