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The Dramatic Structure of “Oedipus the King”

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1 The Dramatic Structure of “Oedipus the King”

2 The Greek Tragedy Believed that dramatic structure of Greek tragedy influenced the eventual division of a play into acts and scenes. Greek tragedy divided into five sections.

3 1. The Prologue (Prologos)
Opening portion of the play Sets the scene and contains the exposition

4 2. The Parados Entrance song of the Chorus
Named after the broad isles on either side of the theatron (theatre), where the Chorus entered and exited from.

5 3. The Episodes (Scenes) Scene in the action (plot) of the drama.
Scenes (episodes) are performed by the actors (distinguished from stasimons—performed by the Chorus). Episodes alternate with the stasimons.

6 4. Stasimons (Odes) A choral passage (performed by the Chorus)
Alternates with the episodes Type of lyric poem. Chorus performed through song and dance accompanied by instruments.

7 5. Exodos Concluding section of the tragedy.
Ends with the chorus singing their final lines as they exit.

8 How Oedipus relates to Plot Structure:
Exposition—Prologue, Parados Rising Action—Scene 1, Ode 1 through Scene 3,Ode 3 Climax—Scene 4 Falling Action—Ode 4, Exodos Resolution--Exodos

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