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CURRICULUM NIGHT Welcome to the IMS Choral Program! Ms. Karen Lee.

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2 CURRICULUM NIGHT Welcome to the IMS Choral Program! Ms. Karen Lee

3 CONCERTS Fall Concert Thurs. Oct. 23 Winter Concert Tues. Dec. 9 Spring Concert Tues. March 3 End-of-the-Year Concert Thurs. June 4 Concerts begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Commons - Students report to the Chorus room at 6:00 p.m. The 6 th Grade Chorus will wear white tops, black bottoms, and black shoes. The 7 th /8 th Grade Chorus will wear robes over light-weight clothing, and black shoes. In the spring, the 7 th /8 th Grade Chorus will wear IMS Music polo shirts, black pants, and black shoes.

4 MUSIC STYLES & MUSIC THEORY Students will learn songs from a variety of music genres – including jazz, folk, spirituals, multi-cultural (including other languages), blues, seasonal songs, classical, and pop (with examples from various decades). Students will learn music theory (vocabulary, music symbols, solfege, and sight-reading) in the context of the music we’re learning for concerts. There will be occasional music theory quizzes.






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11 is OK WATER As are coupon treats

12 WEEKLY EFFORT GRADES 1 check = A for the week (95%) 2 checks = B for the week (85%) 3 checks = C for the week (75%) 4 checks = D for the week (65%) and an infraction 5 checks = F for the week (55%) and BLC Two Citizenship Grades will be given per trimester (one at mid-tri and one at the end of tri) - 20 points possible for each 0 checks = A for the week (100%), chance to earn positive phone call

13 FESTIVALS and EVENTS Choir Bash Tuesday, January 27 – after school at IHS Eastshore Solo/Ensemble Saturday, March 7 (optional for 6,7,8) Hosted by Pacific Cascade Middle School 5 th Grade Visit Tuesday, March 24 – A.M. Assembly 5 th Grade Curriculum Night – Crystal Voices sings The National Anthem at 6:30 p.m. Eastshore Choral Festival Tuesday, April 21 (for 7/8) Hosted by Beaver Lake Middle School Mostly Americana Concert Saturday, May 2 (for 7/8) Hosted by Issaquah High

14 SOLO OPPORTUNITIES AND CRYSTAL VOICES (7/8) Students never have to sing by themselves, but if they wish, they can try out for solos throughout the year (and 7 th /8 th graders can audition for Crystal Voices).

15 VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Robe fitting (for 7/8) Concert help (robes) Field Trip Chaperones especially Eastshore Choral Festival

16 Contact Information: (425) 837-6827,, and IMS Website – Staff Websites, Karen Lee


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