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1 New Technology for Moving Airplanes on the Ground SAE A-5 Toronto Towbarless Towing Panel May 2, 07 Gary Ataman.

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1 1 New Technology for Moving Airplanes on the Ground SAE A-5 Toronto Towbarless Towing Panel May 2, 07 Gary Ataman

2 2 WheelTug plc SAE Presentation 2 May 2007

3 3 Who? WheelTug Plc is a member of the Borealis family of companies. – Borealis Exploration Limited, the parent company, was incorporated in 1968. Chorus Motors was incorporated in 1999. WheelTug plc was incorporated in 2005 – Borealis has had current management since 1978.

4 4 Proposition There is a problem with efficiency of ground operations at airports The solution to this problem contains neat engineering, a superb business case, and a whole lot of fun!

5 5 WheelTug Benefits Safety The use of main engines in gate areas poses a safety hazard because of their: – Power – Required safety zone – Noise – Difficulties in control Tugs present challenges because: – They are another ground vehicle – They create communications issues WheelTug is silent, reacts immediately and can be cooperatively controlled by the ground and flight crews

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10 10 Concept Tugs and TurbinesWheelTug® Aircraft rely on tugs and turbines to move on the ground This is a cumbersome, expensive and unsafe method of moving aircraft on the ground Integrated electric motors in the aircraft nose wheels offer full mobility without the use of turbines or tugs Allows safer, cost-effective, more efficient operations Enables the redesign of airport airside operation

11 11 Technical Issues - Tires Probable increase in inertial mass for landing More “normal” friction during taxi More tire wearLess tire wear No scrubbing during turns - thrust is in-line with the nose gear No scrubbing from single- engine taxi counter-forces (also less stresses on the rest of the nosegear) WheelTug’s effect on tire wear: pros and cons

12 12 Technical Win - Brakes Many aircraft use the brakes throughout taxi, as a counter to the engines. WheelTug means Far less brake use during normal taxi, because no engine to counter Much more cool-down time after landing event, allowing for faster turnaround. Sometimes aircraft cannot turn around fast enough because brakes are ridden during taxi, keeping them too hot for takeoff. Less brake use is less brake wear and cost

13 13 Technical Win - Tug Damage Between tug damage, tow bar damage, the cost of shear pin replacements (time and money and resources), there is also extensive landing gear damage from use and misuse of tugs, including impact shock forces in normal tug operation, either during hookup or initial pushback procedure These are stresses that WheelTug eliminates

14 14 Changes to Aircraft

15 15 Environmental Advantages Today’s aircraft waste considerable fuel by using turbines to taxi, creating emissions including greenhouse gases Less fuel used and less fuel burned. Fewer emissions and greenhouse gases and significantly less noise Tugs and TurbinesWheelTug

16 16 Specific Green Benefits PollutantReduction (Tons/Year) CO 2 590,000 HC772 CO7,891 NO x 1,503 SO 2 184 WheelTug environmental benefits if applied to in-service 757s As compared to emissions occurring today from 757 fleet. (aircraft only - removal of diesel exhaust from tugs not included)

17 17 The Idea is OLD The idea of a powered nosewheel is almost as old as the idea of an airplane. Like pre- rotation, it is an idea that everyone “discovers” anew. Issued patents show many such ideas. But until a motor solution came along, they were just ideas The proprietary Chorus® Motor is the solution

18 18 Traditional 3 PhaseChorus Motor Benefits: Use of entirely standard components Greater sampling rate yields less harmonic distortion Electronic control of additional poles allows automatic reconfiguration of the motor for different torque/speed profiles Chorus® Technology I

19 19 Chorus® Technology II Chorus Technology Harnesses harmonics, rather than minimizing them Enables: – 10X more torque than other induction motors – Up to a 70% reduction in size and weight of electronics – Improved reliability

20 20 3 Phase - fundamental in the middle, 5th harmonic on right Chorus - fundamental in the middle, 5th harmonic on right More explanation at

21 21 Chorus Technology

22 22 Goal: demonstrate that two watermelon-sized Chorus Motors could in fact move a 300,000 pound airplane Outside-wheel design – “bolt-on” design – no use of APU Design, assemble, integrate, and test – 4 month deadline, start to finish. Achieved on schedule and on budget Proof-of-Concept Demo Chorus, Boeing and Air Canada

23 23 Proof-of-Concept Demo

24 24 Potential Production Design

25 25 DC versus AC DC permanent magnet designs may be able to achieve required torque level. Dangers of using a DC motor include Any time a DC motor spins, power is being produced Failure Modes - uncontrolled generator, demagnetization, arc welding, runaway Aircraft out of service WheelTug is an electromagnet solution, using classic, reliable and rugged 3 phase components There is no motor/generator unless WT is externally magnetized Failure Modes - a dead WheelTug is a free-wheeling nosewheel, which can be moved via tug or turbine Aircraft should remain in service DC BrushlessWheelTug

26 26 Savings/WheelTug/Year Pushback + Predictability + Fuel + Maintenance – Cost of Added Weight (no consideration for environmental and other airport operational benefits)

27 27 Business Model Power-by-the- hour leasing of the legacy fleet Staging of aircraft models by: – Financial Value – Market Demand – Technical Feasibility Cash Flow

28 28 Engineering Development WheelTug aims to follow the model set by Aviation Partners in their development of the winglets for 737s. Rely extensively on senior, recently retired engineers from airframe and component suppliers Retain the option to partner with companies with select expertise in systems ranging from landing gear to cockpit interfaces

29 29 Certification Development WheelTug has added its senior certification advisor, and is assembling a complete certification team of DERs and DARs Certification is the critical path, and development will follow the Plan developed after close consultation with the FAA

30 30 In March, Delta became WheelTug’s Launch Customer for the 737NG Delta is also our exclusive North American 737NG Development Partner Certain rights to installation and maintenance of Airline 737NG WheelTugs Rights to 600,000 WheelTug shares at average price of $36/share

31 31 Competitive Advantages I WheelTug retains 100% of its Intellectual Property, with no rights assigned to any outside party. No government R&D money anywhere Over 18 US Chorus patents issued so far (with worldwide coverage on key patents). See web site First of many WheelTug-specific patents issued last week

32 32 Competitive Advantages II WheelTug plc has the exclusive rights to the Chorus Meshcon technology for moving aircraft on the ground WheelTug has multiple layers of competitive defenses

33 33 Business Summary WheelTug is an exciting investment opportunity – Proven customer interest, driven by the bottom line – Fundamental value – Superb competitive edge – Strong value proposition

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