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Ref: Benefits.ppt (06/19/98) 1 EUROTHERM CONTROLS SERIES 2000 Customer Benefits.

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1 Ref: Benefits.ppt (06/19/98) 1 EUROTHERM CONTROLS SERIES 2000 Customer Benefits

2 Ref: Benefits.ppt (06/19/98) 2 EUROTHERM CONTROLS 4 SizesChoose the size wanted Three performance levelsFull spectrum of price and performance Common styling Consistent panel aesthetics Common OperationLearn one - learn all Common ConnectionsReduce wiring errors S2000 One Range - All Solutions

3 Ref: Benefits.ppt (06/19/98) 3 EUROTHERM CONTROLS S2000 Styling Low Profile fasciaImproved panel aesthetics Bright, custom LEDsLong life & Good visibility Plug-in from frontCuts downtime under power IP65Seals against dust and Water 4-point ratchet retention No rocking in panel clips Industrial screw terminalsEasy wiring Hinged terminal coversIP20 protection

4 Ref: Benefits.ppt (06/19/98) 4 EUROTHERM CONTROLS S2000 Safety and Reliability MeetsEMC standards for industrial environments Reliable operation in harsh industrial environments Satisfies European low voltage safety directive EN61010 Ensures safe and reliable operation Advanced Surface Mount Technology Gives high reliability

5 Ref: Benefits.ppt (06/19/98) 5 EUROTHERM CONTROLS S2000 Operator Interface Common operationNo re-training Tactile buttons Positive operation - with 50mS response Simple NavigationEasy to learn Promote featureSimple access to commonly use parameters Alpha-numeric mnemonicsAids understanding

6 Ref: Benefits.ppt (06/19/98) 6 EUROTHERM CONTROLS S2000 Configuration Pre-configuration by Eurotherm Works out of the box User Configuration SoftwareFast set-up Secure maintenance Cloning

7 Ref: Benefits.ppt (06/19/98) 7 EUROTHERM CONTROLS S2000 Communications Industry Standard Modbus Profibus-DP Easy integration with SCADA systems and PLCs

8 Ref: Benefits.ppt (06/19/98) 8 EUROTHERM CONTROLS S2000 Documentation Manuals available in Word 6 May be incorporated in Customer Manuals Foreign Language Manuals Assists World-wide sales and support

9 Ref: Benefits.ppt (06/19/98) 9 EUROTHERM CONTROLS S2000 Delivery 5 day or next dayCut down-time Improve Cash Flow

10 Ref: Benefits.ppt (06/19/98) 10 EUROTHERM CONTROLS S2000 PV Measurement Dual CJC measurementNo warm-up, Rapid response to ambient change Automatic drift correctionCalibration set for life User CalibrationRemoves sensor and system errors High resolution0.1 O C (0.01 OC for RTD) Adjustable input filter Handles noisy PVs High input impedanceOperates with IR probes Custom PolynomialDownload of special linearisations Passive sensor Bumpless transfer to manual break detection standby

11 Ref: Benefits.ppt (06/19/98) 11 EUROTHERM CONTROLS S2000 Control ALL UNITS One-shot tuner with cut-back Restricts overshoot 2200 & 2400 Power feedback ‘Straight-line’ Control Optimised fan, water & oil cooling Excellent on extruders VP & PID in one unit Reduces stocking costs 24002400 Adaptive tuner Adapts to process changes 2-stage Gain Scheduling Handles difficult processes VP inertia & backlash correction Improves control accuracy

12 Ref: Benefits.ppt (06/19/98) 12 EUROTHERM CONTROLS S2400 Control Cascade with SP or PV feedforward Process Applications e.g. Reaction vessels Feed forwardAnticipates corrective action e.g. Conveyor furnaces Ratio Process Applications

13 Ref: Benefits.ppt (06/19/98) 13 EUROTHERM CONTROLS S2000 Programming 16 setpoint Humidity Controller Master Temperature Programmer Synchronisation: Lock together any number of programmers at any desired point Benefit: Operator friendly Low cost BCD Temperature Humidity

14 Ref: Benefits.ppt (06/19/98) 14 EUROTHERM CONTROLS S2000 PDSIO Setpoint Retrans. Benefits: Digital accuracy No Calibration Holdback from slave Low cost Up to 15 Slaves Master Programmer

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