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Mobile Reporting : Made Simple Monday, 20 th October 2008.

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1 Mobile Reporting : Made Simple Monday, 20 th October 2008

2 Mobiles This will possibly be the first presentation where you’ve been asked to leave your mobile phone’s ON! We are going to try a live demo for those of you that have a http enabled mobile phone later. However, please set them to silent to avoid any distractions.

3 About Accantia Health & Beauty Accantia formed by MBO led by Geoff Percy and Peter Hatherly, former MD and FD respectively of Smith & Nephew Consumer division, in June 2000 Private Equity : Duke Street Capital own controlling stake Based in Solihull, West Mids Expertise in skincare and toiletries Brand portfolio : Simple, Wrights, Cidal

4 Our customers

5 What simple stands for No perfume No colour No harsh chemicals Nothing Bad Kind, gentle Pure ingredients Nourishing active extracts All Good “GOODNESS”

6 UK market performance Simple skincare has maintained its No. 3 brand position in value and its No.1 brand position in units: 11.7% value share of facial skincare market 13.7% unit share of facial skincare market Simple Skincare Brand value now in excess of £48m Source: IRI 52 w/e 6 th Sept 2008

7 UK brand success No.1 skincare product Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes No.1 facial skincare cleansing brand No.1 facial skincare wipes brand & product Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes No.1 facial eye make up remover brand & product Simple Conditioning Eye Make-Up Remover No.1 facial skincare washes brand No.1 facial skincare toner brand Source: IRI 52 w/e 6 th Sept 2008

8 5.1m consumers now purchase Simple facial skincare * An additional 1.1m Simple consumers between Sept 2007 - Sept 2008 * Brand awareness is 77% ** Simple is the most trusted brand in the UK *** Simple has been voted the ‘best value beauty brand’ **** consumer success 2008 Source: * TNS 52 w/e 7 th Sept ’08; ** Phd Prompted Awareness Tracking ’08; *** Simple U&A Jun ’07. **** National poll :403 females aged 16-64 years. All daily users of facial skincare products. Quibiq-on- line September 2008

9 Simple Brand Value Performance 2003 – 2008 Forecast Source :IRI 52 w/e Dec & 52 w/e 29 th December 2007, IRI Actuals YTD 6 th Sept 08 & Accantia Forecast YE 2008 Please note the chart does not include the following SIMPLE products: Deos, Derma, Talc, Hair and Sun +18.5% £64.1 +5.6% £67.7 +5.8% £45.4 +19.2% £54.1 +9.9% £42.9 -0.1% £39.0

10 About Presenter Name: William Eastbury Position: Business Systems Analyst Have worked in the IT trade since leaving school 13 Years experience across a number of IT roles (Networking, Software Development, Reseller support, Helpdesk etc..) Joined accantia in Sept 2001

11 What’s this all about? Users are requesting timely reports and information. ‘Want it now’ – Live data Available all of the time From a diverse range of data sources Whilst they are out of the office Without a laptop. How do we deliver this ? The only device available to most of our mobile users all of the time is a BlackBerry…..

12 Mobile Reports - Technology Platform: Sage Line 500 (v5.5) Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Web Server: Microsoft Internet Information Server 6.0 Mobile Server:Blackberry Enterprise Server 4.1 OS: Windows Server 2003 Server Technologies: ASP (OLE DBConnectivity) This could just as easily be …. Platform: Sage Line 500 (v6) Database: Oracle Web Server: Apache (With Chili!Soft ASP) Mobile Server:None (Using Publicly accessible HTTPS address) OS: Linux Server Technologies: ASP (ODBC Connectivity) Or many many more … All you really need is a web server and a database What we are showing here is a concept that can be delivered over ANY platform, it doesn’t even need to be sage.

13 BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) Email ………… but not just email………. The BlackBerry enterprise server platform creates a secure tunnel into your network for delivery of mail and data. The BlackBerry devices are automatically enabled to use this tunnel as if it was part of their ISP. (This works like a transparent proxy), it also means that we can access any internal company web resources from the blackberry! For the purposes of this demo, however - we will be using a publicly accessible web server with http basic authentication (over https).

14 Data Retrieval – OLEDB and SQL In order to access our database we use OLEDB and the SQL language to write our queries. In order to keep things simple, write a SQL Server / DB view and access that. e.g…. SELECT analysis_codes2, Sum(UnallVal) AS [UA v], Sum(CredHeldVal) AS [CH v],Sum(NoStkVal) AS [NS V],Sum(ThisPerVal) AS [TP V] FROM NewPipeLine where analysis_c = 'H&B BRAND' GROUP BY analysis_codes2

15 Mobile Reports – Info needed? What data are we accessing? How can we distil this information down into a few key facts? Which summaries are required ? Which drill downs do we want to retrieve? SELECT analysis_codes2, Sum(UnallVal) AS [UA v], Sum(CredHeldVal) AS [CH v],Sum(NoStkVal) AS [NS V],Sum(ThisPerVal) AS [TP V] FROM NewPipeLine where analysis_c = 'H&B BRAND' GROUP BY analysis_codes2

16 Mobile Reports – Action What are we actually going to do ? It’s simple…. We are going to build a simple html table page on the fly and deliver it to the client mobile device over our secure channel. We are adding a hyperlink into the first column from the html page for the user to select. We have a temporary service setup for this demo, with ssl enabled, instead of BlackBerry enterprise server (As that would secure access to inside our organisation).

17 Mobile Reports – Template All of the drill down pages are generated from a similar template. The template will show as little information as possible to keep the layout clean, and allow the user to select to drill down through a hyperlink. We are using the hyperlink to pass a parameter to the next page for the drill-down (The value that was selected). You might think this would be really quite difficult, but you’d be wrong! Lets see it in action…

18 Live Demo Live demo #1 Accantia Implementation Sales Pipeline User ID: Password: L1v3D3m0

19 Live Demo Live demo #2. Back order report. User ID: Password: L1v3D3m0

20 Tips and Tricks WITH (NO LOCK) Query Optimizer Hint Goes after the FROM Clause in your SQL Statement Tells SQL Server that you don’t want to place a read lock on the tables you are accessing, and to ignore any transactions currently taking place. Your query will run faster, and will not deadlock, regardless of whether the table has been locked by a sage transaction. BUT: It ignores transactions in progress and will return ‘dirty’ data if an update is in progress. (This is known as a ‘dirty read’). Mobile Styles Keep the information displayed to a minimum on screen, as we are using a mobile device – maximum of 3-4 fields, combine other fields together, or drill down to show them.

21 Any Questions? Q&A For a copy of the templates email me at

22 Further info Workshop Online Workshop @ 4pm in the Auriel Room Open session, drop in for more info or for specific questions.

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