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Personal Hygiene For Further details, see Sprenger, Ch. 9, pp. 134 - 141.

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1 Personal Hygiene For Further details, see Sprenger, Ch. 9, pp

2 Personal Hygiene b Personal appearance b Entering food areas b Protective clothing b Provision of facilities b Occurrence of infection

3 Personal Appearance b Clean and tidy b Absence of obvious infections b Good dental hygiene b Clean hands, short fingernails b No Jewellery  wedding ring excepted b Protective clothing b Clean footwear

4 Entering food handling area b Remove jewellery b Put on overall b Wash & dry hands Ø (apply sanitiser) b Change footwear (or put on overshoes) b Cover hair (& beards)

5 Entering high risk food area b (Leave low risk area) b Change overall b Wash and apply sanitiser b Change hair & beard covering b Remove footwear b Cross barrier b Put on new footwear b (Access via disinfectant bath)

6 Protective clothing (1) b Required to protect food b Overalls Ø Light colour, Ø washable (>85 o C) Ø Cover day clothes properly Ø No external pockets Ø Hidden fastenings

7 Protective clothing (2) b Wear aprons for dirty jobs or where contamination is critical Ø Light colour (different from overalls) Ø Disposable or capable of disinfection b Head covering Ø Flexible hair nets to contain all the hair Ø Washable or disposable Ø Applies to all staff

8 Protective clothing (3) b Footwear Ø Should be waterproof Ø Robust (steel toecaps) and anti-slip Ø Kept within food handling area Ø Capable of disinfection b Gloves Ø rubber or plastic for wet or dirty operations or handling harsh chemicals Ø Heat resistant for v. hot or v. cold items

9 Sanitary provision b Wash basins operated by knee, foot or remote sensor b Paper towels for drying b Perfumeless soap from dispenser b Receptacles for used overalls etc. b Proper storage for footwear/overalls b WC outside food area

10 Occurrence of infection b Staff should be excluded from food handling areas if they suffer from Ø Food poisoning Ø Typhoid & Paratyphoid Ø Skin infections and infected wounds Ø Respiratory tract infections Ø Worms b Staff suffering from infections should be monitored.

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