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A short (nonsense) film about my pal George W Bush Contains bad language and a couple of ugly cunts!

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1 A short (nonsense) film about my pal George W Bush Contains bad language and a couple of ugly cunts!

2 Starring George W Bush From This… …To This UGLY BASTARD

3 And an appearance from… Tony Blair! He ain’t too handsome either!

4 A long time ago in a land far away, Current President Bush had a son. Like a dumbass he called the bastard George! So the idiot son of an asshole was also elected for President. The mystery of the whole episode is… why would any sane human vote for that shithead? Typically, Tony Blair flew over to the U.S of A. to kiss Georges arse to gain respect. Then blah blah blah, some shit happened, aeroplane hit some building, people died. So Bush has a brain storm. And the results were.. War! And also a Big Mac. So his agenda went as planned. War was imminent, and a Big Mac to follow. The journey lives on. Will Bush find the decency and self respect to step down from President? Will Tony Blair take his head out of George’s arse? Will George get the Bic Mac he wanted? Do we give a fuck? Sure ya do! This is a true story.. Probably!

5 We are here today to discuss the issues about… WAR!!

6 well,.. Yes but we must settle the arising matters of… WAR!!

7 We’ll get to that Mr President, but really, this is about… WAR!!

8 THIS IS ALL ABOUT WAR! BOMBS AND GUNS! WAR DAMMIT!! But what about the people? The innocent?

9 People? Innocent? I've been president for a year. I want to drop some bombs! But.. But.. People are gonna be violently killed!

10 DUH! That’s the point you pansy english twat! Go drink some tea! Oh my gosh. That was harsh Mr President. Do you want some tea?

11 NO! Look! Just go stand over there, and don’t touch anything! Okay Mr President *Sob Sob*

12 Afterwards Goodbye!... Hey this was jolly good. We should do it again sometime old chum. Don’t talk to me you prick. And don’t touch my car!... Hey did you call me old? I may be 50 but I can still throw a good right hook

13 Oh Mr President. You jokester. You crack me up. You think I’m joking? We’ll see when you get a torpedo up your ass. No more England. No more fucking Tea! You pansy!

14 Back in England… Yes! George and I are on the same level. I feel we can communicate well. We are on top of things

15 ..and yes! I’m aware that my hair looks stupid. But I think we have gained a liking with the American government

16 The Press: So will there be a war, Prime Minister? I cannot eloborate on that question as I heard no recognition of The President wanting to start a war, he wants what’s best for the people. A man like that is a person who can do that! BULL- SHIT!

17 So what is your opinion on the forthcoming political events? Do you think these social disturbances could affect the well being of the current democracy? Well… the thing is… uuh um… No Further Questions! My tea is ready, and I need to change into my jammy jams! YOU FUCKING POSER!

18 George Bush goes back to the drawing board Tony Blair.. What a dick! He’s so stupid. Have you seen his hair? Haha! And they way he talks. He sounds like he’s got a tennis ball in his mouth. What a pansy. He can go drink his tea. Dumbass!

19 Hmm.. That’s a hard one. OK… hold on a sec.. If I put the X there.. Then.. Ahaa!!! I’ve beaten you at Noughts and Crosses!! Finally! Oh wait… there’s no one there… I have no friends… but I still won!

20 Well… this shouldn’t be too hard. Dooby dooby doo.. Bomb there.. And there. Aaand there! And WHAMMO!!! No more Iraq! Saddam! You ain’t so big now are ya?!

21 President Isn’t Happy! We hate you Bush. You suck dick!! We won’t fight your stinkin’ war. You got us into this mess. You get yourself out. You old dumb bastard!.. TO HELL!! Okay fellow Americans, I accept your rebellion. I will have.. To fight this war myself

22 Well we hope you fucking die a horrible painful death you cocksucking retarded son of a twat! I thank you fellow Americans for your constant support. May peace be with you at all times

23 Oh I’m gonna die

24 Since the civil services are not cooperating with the President. He is forced to fight this war by himself. Literally by himself. I mean the docile cunt can’t even calculate taxes, you think he can fire a gun? Jeez, gimme a break. He’s so dead

25 Bush decides to go Undercover Hehehe, they’ll never find me. I’m so cool. Who needs the stinkin army anyway? Who needs that dumbass Tony Blair. I got my erm.. Gun thing, and my tea towel. Lets go kill the baddies

26 Oh shit. Those army guys don’t look happy with me. Aw crap. Why did I bring this American Flag with me? Fuck! Arrgh They’re coming this way! How does this gun thing work?


28 Uuugh I don’t think I’m welcome here. Iv’e lost the war. And now my country has been forced into slavery and a life of hell. Well its like that now anyway. But these guys look hungry, I think I’m on the menu. This is CUNT signing off!

29 So this is where the story ends. Bush was eaten alive by starving blind natives. And the country is now being maintained a lot better by some guy with a towel on his head. Here’s what Tony had to say…

30 Does it look like I want a cup of tea you FUCKING CUNTHEAD

31 …Strong words from Tony Blair. Showing his passion for democracy. So world peace was settled, again by the guy with a towel on his head. And the day is saved, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls. The best part is.. Idiot son of an asshole is dead! Haha! he was a bastard!


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