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Project Group  Yorkshire Dialect and Interviews Yorkshire Excursion 2006.

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1 Project Group  Yorkshire Dialect and Interviews Yorkshire Excursion 2006

2 Agenda 1. Interviews and Samples 2. Dialect 3. Yorkshire Dialect Society 4. Poem 5. Further Information

3 Interviews  Preparation  Should you choose one topic or various topics?  Who do you want to ask?  What do you do to keep the interviewees talking?  How are the questions designed?

4 Interviews   Problems   Finding someone who wants to give an interview   People just answering with Yes and No   High flexibility of questions required  Principle of flexible question worked best

5 Clogs’ll spark toneet!! (We‘ll have a fantastic night out this evening) Dialect

6 Definition The form of a language used in a part of a country or by a class of people with grammar, words and pronunciation that may be different from other forms of the same language.

7 History Scandinavian Influence Standard English Yorkshire dialect Modern Norwegian fistnieveNeve childbairnbarn

8 Soft Dialect Harsh Dialect

9 Influences Media Globalisation Education Standard English

10  -ing walkin‘ / talkin‘  ‘a‘ is shortened bath / dance  ‘h‘ eliminated ‘appy / ‘orrible Phonetic Characteristics

11 Grammatical Characteristics Past Participles ate  ett put  putten got  gat, getten Negation not  nut

12 Possessives my  mi; ma yours  thine Grammatical Characteristics II

13 Yorkshire Dialect Society

14 General Information   Established in 1897   The world's oldest surviving dialect society   Main aim: encourage the study and recording of dialect   Four meetings each year (all meetings are open to the general public)   Worldwide membership

15 History   1894 Joseph Wright addressed a meeting about a project to prepare and publish an English Dialect Dictionary   The committee formed as a result, was to be the nucleus of the Yorkshire Dialect Society

16 History II   1946: Professor Harold Orton spoke of the urgent need for an English dialect atlas   Survey of English Dialects   Members of the society took part in this survey   1997: 100th anniversary


18 “Wheea’s that?” yelled oor missus When Ah waved as a tractor com near. “Whey, it’s Aud Wheeaist,” Ah said, “E's varry wheel knawn aroond here.” “’Ow come thoo knaws him?” she aksed. “Thoo's nivver waved afoor!” Ah says, “Ah dissn’t wave at sthrangers, ma, Aud Wheeaist lives ower t’moor.” Poem – Aud Wheeaist

19 Further Information  Yorkshire Dialect Society →  Listening Samples →  Glossary, Survey, and Examples →  Collection of Traditional Poems → l l

20 Sources  Johnson, E. Yorkshire English. Great Britain: Abson Books London, (p.39)  Hornby, A.S. „dialect“. Oxford Advanced Learner‘s Dictionary of Current English. Ed. Jonathan Crowther. 5th ed. England: Oxford University Press,  BBC - North Yorkshire. Voices. alects.shtml  les_vikings_chez_les_indiens/ 

21  jpg  BBC – North Yorkshire. Voices. rrie_rhodes.shtml#influences     Rawling, B. Yorkshire dialect

22 Thank You for Your Attention

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