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Key Club General Meeting Monday October 22 nd 2012.

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1 Key Club General Meeting Monday October 22 nd 2012

2 Quote “Intelligence without ambitions is like a bird without wings” ◦Salvador Dali

3 Board President: Raphael Melke Vice President: Michael Porter Secretary: Laura Hagy Secretary: Nick Armstrong Treasurer: Harsh Patel Webmaster: Matthias Heinz Public Relations: Adam Mansour Member at Large: Daniel Chang State Ltg. Governor: Natalie Hagy State Webmaster: Mubasil Shamim Bulletin Editor: Grace Buchholz

4 Communication Website: Facebook: Hilliard Davidson Key Club Emails: Look out for eblasts from Laura Text: Working on it

5 Turn in! Parent waivers! (Website-click registration tab-download-put in Mrs. Moss’s mailbox) Anthony Thomas $$$ (See Harsh at end of meeting) ◦Both due Friday Oct. 26 th

6 Past Event(s) Columbus Marathon (Went well) 1 st Lady’s Project (Didn’t do so well)

7 Kiwanis Picnic Thursday Oct. 25th Homestead Park ◦Starts at 3:30pm Need a head count! Signup online

8 Hoffman Trails 5k Saturday Oct. 27 th Shifts ◦8-10am ◦9:30-11:30am ◦11am-1pm Check in @ 4301 Hoffman Farms Dr. (Hoffman Trails Elementary School) Scholarship started by Julie Caserta in memory of Cody Jewell, a HCSD boy who was struck and killed by a car while waiting for his bus, for seniors Really would appreciate people to help out 10-15 people requested Get a free shirt volunteer shirt! Sign up online

9 Wildcat Excellence Adventure Saturday Nov. 3rd Davidson High School 3 game rooms (2 people per room & shift) ◦Fish w/ Magnets ◦Cotton Ball Race ◦Tower Power Shifts ◦7-9am (Help setup) ◦9-11am ◦11am-1pm (Help cleanup) ◦Also need 5 people to help out w/ food pantry ◦Signups will be online

10 Fall Rally Sunday Nov. 4th 10am-3pm ◦Registration begins @ 9:30am Early bird registration ends October 26th (Pay $20 instead of $25) Cosi Theme: Cirque de Service Get permission slip signed!(Printable copies in bulletin board outside room 228 or downloadable via website) Sign up online

11 Key Club Week Nov 5-9th Monday: Bring a friend to Key Club (Nov 5th) Tuesday: Welcome treats (Bagels, Granola bars, Muffins, Fruit) ◦½ hour for a tub of treats ◦Bring them to next meeting (Nov. 5th) Wednesday: Teacher Appreciation Day ◦Parcels for mailboxes ◦Next meeting’s (Nov 5th) Volunteer Opportunity (V.O.) Thursday: Custodian/Secretary Appreciation Day ◦Food Tray ( ½ hour per tray) ◦Need 5 people (5 trays) ◦Cheese, Crackers, Fruit, other Friday: Edheads Day ◦Pass out flyers for a spirit day to raise $$$ Signups online

12 Spaghetti Dinner Saturday Nov. 10th 4-7:30pm Senior Center (Next to West Pool) Shifts ◦3-5:30pm ◦5:30-8pm Sign up online

13 Kiwanis News Kiwanis President/Advisor: Carol Parker 614-876-5251

14 Advisor’s Comments Mrs. Moss ◦

15 V.O. Clean up around the school

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