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Word Masters II Challenge February 21, 2012 1. Entourage Definition: The group following and attending to some important person Related Words:  Staff.

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2 Word Masters II Challenge February 21, 2012

3 1. Entourage Definition: The group following and attending to some important person Related Words:  Staff  Company  Following Analogy: Entourage :hermit :: many :few SynonymsAntonyms StaffHermit PartnerLonely

4 2. Resolve The trait of being resolute; to settle, reach a decision. Dad: Come on man!!!!! Mom: I am a woman!!!!! Dad: Just give me the squirrel!!!!! Mom: I want Roger for my self!!!!! Roger the Squirrel: Come on guys!!!!! Lets resolve this!!!!! SynonymsRelated FormsAntonyms ConfirmResolverDisagree AnalyzeResolution Decision

5 3.Doughty Definitions: Resolute without fear; bold and strong Synonyms: Tough Fearless Synonyms: Tough Fearless Antonyms: Weak fearful Antonyms: Weak fearful

6 CREST SYNONYMS: ANTONYMS: -whitecaps -nadir -climax -base -peak -bottom -head -below -tip -noon Definitions: reach a high point (the river created a crest), a

7 Definition: occupied with or fond of the pleasures of good company, jovial, festive Related Words: Convivially, nonconvivial, conviviast, SynonymsAntonyms CheerfulDull FestiveSerious EntertainingSolemn Pictures

8 8.-Disfigure By: Grant Beirute Definition: To mar or spoil the appearance of. Part of Speech: Adjective Synonyms: blemish, deface Antonyms: embellish, adorn, beautify Bibliography-

9 9. Gullible By: Kara Hollingsworth Definition: Easily tricked because of being too trusting. POS: Adjective Synonyms: Believing, credulous, and foolish. Antonyms: Astute, discerning, and wise. Example: Lucy often tells Charlie Brown that she’ll hold the football so that he can kick it, but she never really does.

10 Definition: noun. A close friend who accompanies his/ her buddies in their activities. Synonyms Pal Buddy Ally Companion Acquaintance Antonyms Enemy Foe Stranger Opponent Related Words Cronies Cronyism

11 Repel Verb #11 Definition: Push away. Repulse Synonyms : beat back, brush off, beat off Antonyms: Attract, Draw

12 12. Luxuriant by: brooks Inbody Syn. Lush Abundant Ample Definition: Adj. Abundant; growing healthily and in large amounts; excessively ornate; rich; splendid; fertile. ANT. Barren Plain Poor

13 Synonyms: Ascetic Skeptic Antonyms: Popular Group Hermit By: Tanner Muckey L-19 Part of Speech: Noun # 13 Defination: A person who lives alone, often far from a community. Sentence: For many years he lived as a hermit at a cabin in the woods.

14 Hermit Antonyms : a)None Synonyms : a)stylite b)skeptic c)solitaire Definition: A person who lives alone, often far from a community

15 14. Inveigle Disenchant Disgust Turn off Antonyms Bamboozle Jolly Hook Tempt Wheedle Sweet Talk Synonyms The salesperson inveigled me to buy the suit by telling me I looked like Brad Pitt. Sentence: To tempt or persuade by using deception or flattery. Definition: By Aubrey Istnick L-12

16 15. Sinister Definitions: Steaming from evil characteristics or focuses. Synonyms: Evil, Black hearted. Antonyms: Benevolent, Kind, Nice Adjective By: Andrew Kliewer

17 15)Sinister By: Grace Holliday Definition: Stemming from evil characteristics or forces Synonyms Evil Mean Bad Antonyms Happy Jubilant

18 #16 Wasteland Related words: Barren, waste Definition: an uninhabited wilderness that is worthless for cultivation Noun. The explorers starved to death in the wasteland. Synonyms: desert, swamp Antonyms: city, paradise Analogies: big: small:: city: wasteland

19 Affect #17 V. By David Neumaier Definition: to influence, emotional feeling or mood. Sentence: The co-workers enthusiasm affect each other happily. Synonyms: Influence sway Antonyms: None Related Words Affected Affection

20 V. Affect #17 By: Chase Taylor Synonyms Def. To influence, emotional feeling Change Alter Influence


22 19. Cavalcade by Natalie C. Definition Noun A procession of riders in horse-drawn carriages or cars; a parade. Synonyms Array Drill Procession Promenade Train

23 20.Enhance Definition: To increase the value or beauty of something. Synonyms: Improve Augment Develop Increase Antonyms: Lower Fix Reduce Worsen

24 21. Unflinching Adjective Definition: Firm, showing no signs of fear, not drawing back Synonyms: determined, courageous, fearless Antonyms: afraid, weak, scared By Lauren Behnken

25 Synonyms Trick Deceive 22. PLOY Antonyms Help Related Words Counter ploy Analogies; Ploy:Trick::Help:Aid Definition; A tactic used to frustrate, embarrass, or gain an advantage over an opponent.


27 Synonyms Complete Utter Downright Solitary Harsh Antonyms Indefinite Unsure Uncertain Sentence: The student got a very stark punishment from his mother for stealing his teacher’s candy. Definition: (adj.) harsh, unrelieved, desolate; (adv.) utterly

28 24. Stark Pos: Adjective, Adverb Definition: Harsh, unrelieved and utterly By: Matthew Reiners Synonyms: Severe Stiff Antonyms: Indefinite

29 Retinue 25. by: Adam Monaghan Definition: Group of attendants with an important person. Part of speech: noun Synonyms: Antonyms: Crew None Escort Following

30 #25 Retinue Definition: A group of attendants with an important person. A body of retainers in attendance upon an important personage suite. ANTONYMS -Disbeliever -Leader SYNONYMS -Procession -Following - Escort PART OF SPEECH: NOUN by: Holland Hillerman

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