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Activating Strategy and Vocabulary

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1 Activating Strategy and Vocabulary
“I Acknowledge Mine” Activating Strategy and Vocabulary

2 Alleviate Verb Definition: To make easier or provide relief
Sentence: “I took a Tylenol to alleviate my headache.”

3 Boisterous Adjective Definition: Noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline Sentence: Heinz Field was filled with boisterous Yinzers cheering their team to victory.

4 Complicity Noun Definition: Association or partnership in a crime or offense. Sentence: The Hamburgler’s complicity in petty theft was enough to earn a lifetime ban from McDonald’s.

5 Stark Adjective Definition: Harsh or grim
Sentence: The stark reality is that a large percentage of the American population is impoverished.

6 Stridently Adverb Definition: Harshly or conspicuously
Sentence: The student disagreed stridently with his teacher’s interpretation of the poem.

7 Activating Strategy: In your notebook or on a separate sheet of paper, answer the questions below. Be prepared to discuss your responses! What is an issue (local, national, global) that you are passionate about? (ex: education, poverty, etc.) Why does this issue interest you? What are ways you can/could contribute to resolving or addressing this issue? Could you make a career out of your passion for this issue? If so, how? How do you address people who oppose you issue or think it’s unimportant?

8 Period 4 Warm-Up: Given a vocabulary word, discuss its definition with the people at your table. Then, tape it to an object in the room that is a synonym or antonym to the word. Be prepared to explain your answer. In your notebook or on a separate sheet of paper, write a ten-word summary of “I Acknowledge Mine.” Grab a textbook.

9 Text Analysis Group 1 - Identify Goodall's claim and the argumentative devices she uses to support her claim. How does each argumentative device contribute to her claim? Group 2 - Identify counterclaims to Goodall's argument and how she addresses them. Group 3 - Identify rhetorical devices Goodall uses and how they contribute to her argument. Use your notes as needed. Group 4 - SOAPSTone the text. Use Goodall’s bio and the background to the essay for additional evidence (pg. 665). Group 5 - Evaluate whether or not Goodall used sufficient evidence to prove her point and whether or not her overall argument was successful. Use specific details/quotes for support. Regardless of your group number, use direct textual evidence for support!

10 Summarizing Activity Brainstorm a list of alternative methods or suggestions that could alleviate or even eliminate the need for animal testing. Be prepared to discuss your answers!

11 Period 4 Warm-Up: Read the sentence below. In your notebook/on a separate sheet of paper, explain the following: What literary/rhetorical device is used How the device contributes to Goodall’s argument What argumentative device it exemplifies What the underlined word means Laboratory chimpanzees are prisoners, but are guilty of no crimes. Rather, they are helping – perhaps – to alleviate human suffering.

12 Use of Animals in Biomedical Research
Activating Strategy and Vocabulary

13 Impede Verb Definition: To obstruct or hinder
Sentence: Skipping school and missing major assignments will impede your progress toward graduation.

14 Proponent Noun Definition: A person who pleads for or supports a cause
Sentence: As a proponent of eliminating Appo’s traffic circle, you argue that it is hazardous for student drivers.

15 Rhetoric Noun Definition: Grand but empty talk
Sentence: The voters saw through the candidate’s empty rhetoric and did not elect him as president.

16 Speculative Adjective
Definition: Based on guesses and theories rather than fact Sentence: The existence of the Loch Ness Monster is merely speculative- I won’t believe it until I see it!

17 Text Analysis In small groups, complete ALL PARTS the analysis worksheet for “Biomedical Testing” (second part of the packet you received in class yesterday). Be prepared to share your answers!

18 Period 4 Warm-Up: In your notebook or on a separate sheet of paper, record your answers to the questions below. Be prepared to discuss the following prompts: Based on what you have read in both texts, is scientific advancement worth the price of life? Is it better to advance society or be moralistic? Use one specific piece of textual evidence and one vocabulary word in your explanation.

19 Alleviate Boisterous Complicity Impede Proponent Rhetoric Speculative
Vocab Word Bank Alleviate Boisterous Complicity Impede Proponent Rhetoric Speculative Stark Stridently

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