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“The Interlopers”.

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1 “The Interlopers”

2 Plot Term “The Interlopers Title Characters Setting External conflict
Internal conflict Main events Climax Resolution

3 Causes and Effects Causes Effects

4 Irony Types of Irony Examples from “The Interlopers” Verbal Irony
Situational Irony Dramatic Irony

5 Analyze the conflict in one well-written paragraph.
Student example: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Teacher reteach: The main conflict, Ulrich's and Georg's hatred for one another, puts them in a bind. Their misfortune causes them to realize their foolishness. The approaching wolves don't care.

6 Evaluate what effect the setting has on the characters and on the mood of the story.
Student example: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Teacher reteach: The harsh setting reflects the harsh feelings of the two men. It forces each man's character change and each man's impending doom.

7 Omniscient Narrator Tone—the writer’s attitude toward a subject or character—is affected by the choice of narrator. Through the use of an omniscient narrator, Saki creates a respect for what? For what does this narrator express contempt? What was the author’s purpose in writing this story (what did Saki want to show us)? How would have making the narrator focus on either Ulrich or Georg have distorted the author’s purpose? The men The feud That feuds are ultimately destructive to the people who enter them Focusing on either of the characters would have made readers sympathize with one over the other and would have diminished the effect of the feud as a pointless fight.

8 Moral In a “Double Cheeseburger” paragraph, write about the moral—the lesson readers should have learned—of “The Interlopers.”

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