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Floatel International MARCH 2012

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1 Floatel International MARCH 2012
The next generation floatels for world wide operations MARCH 2012

2 Floatel International Ltd – Fleet Keppel Fels Shipyard, Singapore - January 2010

3 Floatel International
Floatel International was established in late 2006. The vision of the Company is to provide new semi submersible accommodation vessels (floatels) to the market and to offer professional floatel services to the oil and gas industry. Floatel International is a private company and owned by an international group of investors. The company was listed on Oslo Stock Exchange between December 2010 and September No immediate plans exist to re-list the company. Floatel International group of companies owns and operates two semisubmersible accommodation vessels and have one vessel under construction at Keppel FELS Shipyard, Singapore due for delivery first quarter 2014. Floatel Superior – delivered 18 March 2010, a DP 3 semi submersible accommodation vessel specially designed for operations in harsh environment such as the North Sea, including Norwegian sector. Floatel Reliance - delivered 29 October 2010, a DP 2 semi submersible accommodation vessel designed for medium harsh environment. Floatel Victory – due for delivery Feb 2014, a DP 3 semi submersible vessel designed for UK sector of the North Sea as well as Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, West Africa and Western Australia.

4 Floatel International
HSE and Operating Performance HSE Company: Floatel International, including vessels, is now certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISM and ISPS. Fleet Statistics Days since Last LTI - Floatel Superior: 699 days Days since Last LTI - Floatel Reliance: 232 days Lost Time Injury Frequency: (No of LTI’s per million man-hours worked) Injury Frequency: (No of Injuries per million man-hours worked) Man-hours worked: 661,364 Operating performance (2011): Floatel Superior - Operational uptime: 99,7% Floatel Reliance - Operational uptime: 96%

5 Floatel International Ltd - Corporate Structure
(Parent Company) Bermuda Floatel Superior Ltd (Vessel Owner) Bermuda Floatel Reliance Ltd (Vessel Owner) Bermuda Floatel Victory Ltd (Vessel Owner) Bermuda Floatel International AB (Marine Manager) Gothenburg, Sweden Floatel Superior BV (Contractor) The Netherlands Floatel Reliance BV (Contractor) The Netherlands Floatel Victory BV (Contractor) The Netherlands Service Agreements Reliance Servicos Maritimos Do Brasil Ltda Brazil To be formed

6 Board of Directors Michael Chia Chairman Jonathan B. Fairbanks
Mr. Chia is the Managing Director Keppel Offshore Marine Ltd and Deputy Chairman Keppel Integrated Engineering Ltd. He started his career in Keppel FELS in 1980 and has held several appointments in Yard Management, Corporate Planning, Marketing and Commercial and General Manager Operations. Mr Chia holds a B Sc in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. He is a Singapore citizen and resides in Singapore. Jonathan B. Fairbanks Deputy Chairman Mr. Fairbanks is Managing Partner of Global Energy Capital. He is a board member of Vortex Ventures, ODS-Petrodata. He was previously president of Bassøe Offshore (USA) Inc, as well as board member of Forum Oilfield Technologies, Chiles Offshore, Hercules Offshore, Scorpion Offshore and Seajacks International. He is a US citizen and resides in Houston, USA Jim Ford Director Mr. Ford is a Managing Director of Oaktree Capital Management, L.P. and Co-Portfolio Manager of Oaktree’s Global Principal Strategy. Before joining Oaktree in 1996, Mr. Ford was a consultant with McKinsey & Co. and a financial analyst in the Investment Banking Department of PaineWebber Inc. Mr. Ford holds a BA in Economics from the University of California and an MBA from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Ching Chuan Lai Mr Lai is the Senior General Manager of Corporate Development for Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd. He is responsible for business development activities within the KOM group worldwide. Mr Lai holds a B Sc in Naval Architecture & Shipbuilding from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK and a MBA from the National University of Singapore. He is a Singapore citizen and resides in Singapore. Edmund Mah Mr Mah is General Manager (Finance) of Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd. He is responsible for the financial and management reporting, budgeting profit and cashflow monitoring for the Keppel Offshore & Marine Group. Mr Mah holds a Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration (MBA). He is a Singapore citizen and resides in Singapore. Adam Pierce Mr. Pierce is a Senior Vice President at Oaktree Capital Management, L.P. Prior to joining Oaktree in 2003, Mr. Pierce served as a Financial Analyst in the Investment Bank at JP Morgan Chase & Co., gaining experience on a range of advisory and financing assignments. Prior thereto, he worked for Goldman, Sachs & Co. Mr. Pierce holds a BA degree in Economics with a focus on Business Administration from Vanderbilt University. Amy Rice Ms. Rice is a Vice President within Oaktree’s Global Principal Strategy. Since joining Oaktree in 2009, she has been integral in leading the Group’s efforts in the healthcare and shipping sectors. Ms. Rice holds an AB degree in Biology magna cum laude with highest honors from Harvard College and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a US Citizen and resides in Los Angeles, USA.

7 Floatel International AB – Line Organization
CEO P. Jacobsson QA P. Darland COO N. Mårtensson Marketing Manager P. Jacobsson CFO P. Sølvberg Technical Manager C. Benson HSEQ Manager P. Darland HR Manager M. Vikman Fleet Manager O. Wahl Finance Manager J. Bengtsson Legal Counsel S. Båth 7

8 Floatel International Organisation

9 Floatel Superior – delivered March 2010

10 Floatel Superior – Key features
Harsh Environment unit for ww operations, 512 bed accommodation, 440 cabins 40-50 office work stations Approved free fall life boats and emergency shutes Workshop facilities for construction support Deck area m2 Payload metric tonnes Offshore crane support Telescopic gangway 38m, +/- 8m Positioning systems: DP 3 positioning system 8 point mooring (8x2000m, 3” wire, MBL 490 MT) POSMOOR V ATA

11 Floatel Reliance – Delivered October 2010

12 Floatel Reliance – Key features
Medium Harsh Environment unit 500 bed accommodation capacity 40-50 office work stations for Company exclusive use 200% life saving capacity Workshop facilities for construction support Deck area 1 300m2 Payload metric tonnes Offshore crane support, main crane 120 MT lifting capacity Telescopic gangway 36m, +/- 6m telescopic action DP 2 positioning systems

13 Floatel Victory Contract effective as of 10 June 2011
Turn Key Contract for Floatel Victory placed with Keppel FELS on June Designed for world wide operations and will be delivered compliant to HSE UK rules and regulations. Incremental construction cost for harsh environment justified by larger market opportunity including North Sea region. Floatel Victory is scheduled for delivery February 2014, with option for delivery Q Favourable Lump-sum contract payment terms Bonus/penalty scheme in place for delivery and pay load.

14 Floatel Victory – Key features
Designed for harsh environment DP 3 positioning systems 10 point chain mooring system 500 bed accommodation capacity 40 office work stations for Client use 200% life saving capacity Workshop facilities for construction support Deck area 1 300m2 Payload metric tonnes Offshore crane support, main crane 120 MT lifting capacity able to reach adjacent installation Telescopic gangway 38m, +/- 7,5m telescopic action

15 Floatel International Ltd and Floatel International AB
Johannefredsgatan 4 Molndal, Sweden Tel: +46 (31) Fax: +46 (31) www. Floatel Reliance, Campos Basin

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