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DANIE DU TOIT Procurement Services :012 311 3622 DRIVER SCORING.

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1 DANIE DU TOIT Procurement Services :012 311 3622 DRIVER SCORING

2 BACKGROUND © Telkom 2012 | Driver scoring| 2 Negotiated with debis to pass on saving to Telkom if we reduce fuel consumption. One of major impacts on fuel consumption – driver behaviour. Method of measuring driver behaviour is by means of the driver scoring methodology. VTMS in vehicles and driver identification tag enables Telkom to obtain information on driver behaviour. Information has been available but was necessary to redefine it to Telkom Operational requirements.

3 BACKGROUND continued © Telkom 2012 | Driver scoring| 3 A Telkom and debis team conducted an investigation over approximately 8 months to redefine the scoring to compliment Telkom’s Operational requirements.

4 WHERE DID IT START? © Telkom 2012 | Driver scoring| 4 Telkom wants a driver scoring in place to: –save costs on fuel as negotiated with debis, –improve the carbon emissions., – improve the driver safety, –Reduce motor related accidents, –Reduce breakdowns and loss of operational time, –Address the public image of Telkom and, –Reduce fines and relevant risk ( AARTO ).

5 WHAT WILL BE MEASURED! © Telkom 2012 | Driver scoring| 5 Over speeding, Harsh acceleration, Harsh braking, Over–revving, Excessive idling, Green band driving.

6 INVESTIGATION ON DRIVER SCORING! © Telkom 2012 | Driver scoring| 6 Telkom National driver scoring averaged at 85%, The measuring parameters were not set correctly and did not take the Telkom realities into account, Weekly meetings were held to: –Understand –Plan –Implement – Monitor Trip to Nelspruit (4 vehicle models were tested) – Daily trips were planned and driving styles were applied,

7 INVESTIGATION ON DRIVER SCORING! © Telkom 2012 | Driver scoring| 7 –Daily configuration changes were uploaded based on the outcome of the previous day’s trip, –The Project team accompanied Telkom drivers on their daily routes to understand and observe the drivers behaviour. Vehicle tests at Zwartkops Normal, intermediate and harsh driving styles were applied and the outcome was discussed, Harsh Braking, Harsh Acceleration, Over Revving and Out of Green Band driving values were tested.

8 INVESTIGATION ON DRIVER SCORING! © Telkom 2012 | Driver scoring| 8 Vehicle configuration tests were done on a sample of 120 vehicles across the country –The 120 vehicles were uploaded with new configs on a regular basis after each test, – Before and after statistics were monitored and discussed by the Project team, – Findings were approved by the Project team and changes were applied accordingly

9 SAVING FOR FUEL CONSUMPTION REDUCTION ONLY! © Telkom 2012 | Driver scoring| 9 Potential saving DFM will reduce the FCI rate by 0.5 for every 0.5 reduction in the fuel consumption below the contracted consumption The reduction in fuel consumption must be maintained for 3 months before the FCI rate will be reduced

10 © Telkom 2012 | Driver scoring| 10 Propose Task Team be formed and implement the pilot in the Gauteng Region. The Telkom Project team needs to meet to discuss logistics and monitor process. Pilot to run for a period of three months. Proposed that Unions should nominate two representative per Union to be Part of the Project team. Before implementation the CF will be informed accordingly. THE WAY FORWARD

11 Thank You! DANIE DU TOIT Procurement Services :012 311 3622

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