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Labour-Management- Government Partnerships APEC Symposium June 2001.

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1 Labour-Management- Government Partnerships APEC Symposium June 2001

2 OC Transpo Public Transit Authority Ottawa, Canada Stats –In business since 1903 –Owned and administered by Ottawa-Carleton Regional Transit Commission 11 elected representatives from community –Fleet of 850 buses –Served a population of 625K –Typical weekday rides- 250K –2300 Employees

3 Historical Overview Environment in the 1990’s –Declining Ridership –Budget restraint –Political turmoil –500% turnover in Human Resources/Labour Relations- Management –Wildcat strike 1991 –Legal Strike 1996

4 The 1996 Strike Traditional Negotiations –Face to face negotiations replaced with meetings before the CIRB –Conciliation talks break down –24 day strike –World class mediator assigned to case –Parties accept a mediated settlement –Union/Management relationship at its worst

5 Harsh Lessons- Employer Botched negotiation strategy –imposing concessions –misreading the Union’s resolve –publicly taking hard line- no room to move Public intolerance for inefficiency Incalculable losses Complete breakdown in trust

6 Harsh Lessons- Union Burning Bridges –repairing the relationship is much more difficult –we Vs. they mentality exists today

7 Beginnings of Partnership Recognition of the need to rebuild trust/relationship Desire of teams- or at least leaders to rebuild trust/relationship Assess and Change Players Look for External Assistance as Required Develop Joint Strategy for New Approach

8 Cooperative Labour Relations Rebuilding the Trust Develop plan together Train Jointly Research Jointly Rethink everything you do Adopt a holistic approach to labour relations

9 Our Plan Joint Policy Development –workplace accommodation –expedited arbitration –peer support network –working groups Joint Training & Research –presenting an arbitration –interest based negotiations Interest Based Negotiations –better solutions to problems

10 Prerequisites for Success Motivation –joint initiative based on common goals –commitment of key leaders –realistic expectations Preparation –both parties fully understand process –manage expectations Process –stick to ground rules –use facilitator

11 Trials –Union’s Story senior executive member not on board internal strife and mistrust –Management’s Story senior manager leaves town 70% turnover of senior management team –Summary Ensure you have the right players Ensure all members of team understand goals Acknowledge you may have setbacks

12 Tribulations Union’s Story –First IBN contract almost rejected –Impact on Future? Management’s Story –Political pressure –Impact of Municipal Restructuring on ability to be creative

13 Triumphs Union’s Story –positive membership feedback –more education –more impact on future of transit Management’s Story –labour peace –political support –increased ridership

14 Future Issues Positive Discipline Pilot Peer Support Network New Booking System Education Sessions Other...

15 Conclusions Don’t wait until you hit the bottom Partnership results in better solutions to workplace problems than ever before Invest in your Human Resources Expect Setbacks Place responsibility for IBN on everyone Build Bridges- quickly and often!

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