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My Kinsman, Major Molineux By Nathaniel Hawthorne.

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1 My Kinsman, Major Molineux By Nathaniel Hawthorne

2 Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864) Some classmates at Bowdoin College  supplied him with government employment Later works show some Transcendentalist influence.  1. Belief in individual choice and consequence 2. Emphasis on symbolism

3 Summary Introduction to the background of colonial governors. (preface) Robin, a 18 yr lad went to a city for his kinsman. Experienced hostility from city people. Hungry, poor and tired, he waited by the street. A procession came by, with his kinsman in as a criminal. He woke up, wondering if it is a dream or real event, at the corner. Thinking of going home. The gentle man told him to stay “ some few days hence. ”

4 Innocent (Childhood) Robin: Bird of spring, New life, Innocence At first : confident (think highly of his kinsman) - dwelling (589) - food & drink (590) - reputation (591) good in appearance (588) Proud - civilized (589) - usual shrewdness (591)

5 -> Maturity (Adulthood) Entered the city: “ Knew not the way ” (589) “ Grabbing the old man ’ s coat ” (589) Experienced hostility: refused to answer him Shame on himself: quiet & natural gait (592) Loosing innocence: cunning smile (593) aware of the unseen danger (- dame, guardian (593))

6 -> Maturity (Adulthood) Dream of past: seek for returning (596) In the procession (599): Procession (noisy, bright, full of laughter) Robin (quiet, dark, lonely, scared) :Scared of such maturity, growth. Robin laugh: recognizing his own folly. (600) Robin Gentleman: no going back to innocence. (600) (time to learn independence)

7 Religion – All man as sinners River: Styx river Leader of procession: devil-like, sinner Crowd: sinners When Robin laughed with the crowd, he also became one of them, sinners. Light on opened scripture: God ’ s presence. Gentleman ’ s reply: no going back (undo sin)

8 Goodman vs. Robin Character: na ï ve, has idealized (untrue) view. complete change in one night. loss of innocence. (faith) Event happened: Blurred (symbolic) experience Duality of human nature Result: Robin: understand reality. (Staying in the city and grow) Brown: give up faith. (Died in frustration)

9 American Dream Franklin: makes such dream looked easy. 1. Start in daytime. (bright and easy) 2. Friendly city men. 3. Time of gain. (A wife, job, wealthy, reputation, independence, freedom) Hawthorne: emphasize the harsh world. 1. Starts at night. (darkness of the harsh world) 2. Hostility 3. Time of loss. (innocence -> guilty adulthood)

10 Works Cited “ Goodman Vs Robin. ” Free Essays, Research Papers for Students. 2002. 21 Oct. 2004. Lemmel. “ Re: My Kinsman, Major Molineux. ” Online posting. 8 Sep. 2003. Sparknotes. 20 Oct. 2004. “ The American Dream. Or Nightmare? ” Digital Termpapers. 2004. 20 Oct. 2004. Thekernel. “ Re: My Kinsman, Major Molineux. ” Online posting. 20 July 2003. Sparknotes. 20 Oct. 2004.

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