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BACON’S REBELLION The American Colonies Virginia, 1675.

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1 BACON’S REBELLION The American Colonies Virginia, 1675


3 Picture It… You are an Indentured Servant in Colonial America Tobacco has become the cash crop savior of the colony Everyone is trying to make $$$ planting it It is EVERYWHERE!!!



6 BUT… Tobacco is incredibly harsh on the land The Colonial Economy & Labor Force has become one-dimensional Education is lacking Cities aren’t developing Indentured Servants are frustrated –h–high taxes –n–no more land left for them

7 What if something goes wrong???

8 PRECURSORS TO BACON’S REBELLION 1. One crop economy 2. Indentured Servitude 3. Soil Dying

9 Something Does!!! As the market is flooded with tobacco, the price of tobacco plummets –F–Farmers not making much money –G–Go into debt –S–Still have heavy taxes As tobacco is harsh on the land, the soil needs time to replenish

10 What To Do??? Colonists thought if they could just get more land… –Could grow more tobacco –Sell more –Make more money!!! But there is no more land…for colonists Who has the rest???


12 Native Americans Treaties have been signed Borders have been drawn So What!!!!!!!!!! Discontent boils over… Farmers begin to invade Powhatan Lands to the West Group of Susquehannocks are killed Retaliation comes


14 Cry for War!! VA Governor William Berkeley refuses to authorize a war Farmers are furious at Gov’t In steps… Nathaniel Bacon Led poor farmers, indentured servants, even slaves on a rampage


16 CAUSES OF BACON’S REBELLION 1. Tobacco Price Fall 2. Lack of Available Land 3. High Taxes 4. No Gov’t Help

17 Bacon’s Rebellion Makes war on Native Tribes for their Lands Begins looting wealthy white plantations as well Jamestown is burned

18 Bacon Organizing His Men

19 Jamestown Burned

20 EFFECTS OF BACON’S REBELLION 1. Farmers Start War 2. Invasion of Native American Lands 3. Attack Wealthy Planters

21 But Then… Bacon dies suddenly Rebellion fades out HOUSE OF BURGESSES – VA Assembly votes to lower taxes and open up some land

22 THE REALIZATION Indentured Servant Labor isn’t Working!!! –They become free and want things –Like land, freedoms, rights, money American Colonies Need a New Source of Labor One that won’t give them these problems

23 OUTCOME OF BACON’S REBELLION 1. Some Gov’t Help –Lower Taxes 2. SLAVERY EXPANDS IN THE COLONIES!!! –Indentured Servitude will not work

24 What was Bacon’s Rebellion? Farmers expressing discontent, making war on Native Americans to get more land

25 What is the SIGNIFICANCE of Bacon’s Rebellion? The Significance of Bacon’s Rebellion is that African Slavery was expanded in the American Colonies (Cause and Effect!!!) (Changes over Time!!!)

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