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Eastern Michigan University College of Technology Ph.D. Student Orientation September 2013.

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1 Eastern Michigan University College of Technology Ph.D. Student Orientation September 2013

2 Forms of Scholarship (Boyer, 1989) Boyer’s Idea of Scholarship Reconsidered –Discovery - Knowledge for its own sake –Integration - Looking around –Application - Identifying human needs –Teaching - Improving pedagogy EMU COT doctoral program’s strength is in fulfilling the needs of society by focusing on types of research beyond discovery Base on:

3 2013 Student Handbook Review all sections Study progress chart Draft your plan for completion of the program

4 Doctoral Student Advisory Board Mission: The mission of the Doctoral Student Advisory Board (DSAB) is to provide assistance to those who administer the Ph.D. in Technology program in order to continuously improve the program Goals: The Doctoral Student Advisory Board is guided by the following goals when addressing its mission: –To provide advice and recommendations to the Ph.D. program leadership regarding the program in the spirit of continuous improvement –Provide support in ensuring that all important communications reach all Ph.D. students –Promote and support a respectful and rigorous intellectual climate for Ph.D. students –Sponsor an annual meeting for all Ph.D. in Technology Ph.D. students within one month after the election of new Board Members.

5 Doctoral Student Advisory Board Student Members: Billy Whisnant (Chair) –Email: –Home: Update –Office: Update Linda Puzey (Scribe) –Email: –Home: 248-577-0067 –Cell: 248-504-9719 Sara Terrell –Email: –Phone: Update David Kelly –Email: –Phone: Update Will Hilliker –Email: –Phone: Update Sushma Sanga –Email: –Phone: Update COT Administrative Members: Dean Wade Tornquist –Email: –Office: 734-487-5928 Dr. John Dugger –Email: –Office: 734-487-1832 Student Advisors: Daniel Katanski (Chair) –Email: –Home: 734-482-8290 –Office: 734-586-1043 Judy Weaver (Scribe) –Email: –Phone: 734.487.7120 x2512 DSAB web site:

6 Doctoral Student Advisory Board Provide sources of useful information Learn from your peers in the trenches Channels your suggestions to improve the Ph.D. program Monthly news letter Annual COT Ph.D. meeting

7 COT Ph.D. Program Associate Tracy Rush-Beyer (734) 487-2338 College of Technology 109C Sill Hall Ypsilanti, MI 48197 Tracy is your first contact when you have a question about the Ph. D. program –She is there to help.

8 Academic Integrity Five fundamental values –Honesty –Trust –Fairness –Respect –Responsibility – Example: In 2006 a Korean pioneer scientist in stem cells research became infamous for false claims published in two high-profile journals Academic Integrity –Easily lost –Impossible to recover –Hardest thing that you will ever earn –Can end your academic aspirations

9 RefWorks and Zotero RefWorks – Free Zotero – Free, good review Learn to use one of these tools soon! As you continue to write papers on your topic of interest you will collect many document needed for your dissertation Zotero vs. EndNote –

10 Plagiarism Checking Site –Used by some EMU professors –Suggested by a Ph.D. student If you are concerned, then have your paper checked

11 Grammar Checking Site –Grammarly's online grammar checker is the most accurate tool for grammar correction on the market (from web site)

12 Project Management Software Gantt Project – Not the best project management software… –Good enough for most classes

13 Office Automation Tools Microsoft Office or Open Office –Word processors will be your primary tool for most classes! –Also, PowerPoint and Excel You should know how to use these tools well Skill will make your work look professional

14 Microsoft Word –Paragraph –Styles – Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Normal –Insert Table of Contents –Page Breaks and Section Breaks –Paste -> Special -> Bitmap –Copy/Cut and Paste –References and Citations –Setting Left and right margins –Track Changes –Comments –Tables –Use of tabs and tab stops Things to know…

15 Proofreading You write, therefore you proofread Difficult to proofread you own writing University writing clinics will advising you about your writing, but will not proofread Hire someone? Possibly If English is not your primary language… –Hire someone? Yes, definitely!

16 Proofreading If you choose to use an editor or technical writer you must be careful –The ideas and content of the writing must be yours You may be challenged if your normal class writing style looks too different from your submitted paper – it has happened In case you are challenged –Keep emails/files submitted to an editor –Keep emails/files returned from an editor to show what they suggested changing –Keep intermediate document versions to show the work was your own work

17 University Writing Center Focused strategies for development and revision Please remember that consultants will not edit your paper, but they will respond with concrete, helpful, and timely guidance

18 Working in Groups Group projects are used frequently in graduate school –You learn from others –You learn to teach You get out what you put in –If a group member does not contribute their share It will catch up with them later on –The grade isn’t everything – its what you have learned

19 Peer Reviews Peer reviews helps you develop critical thinking “Good job, well written.” –Not an acceptable peer review –Borders on an insult; they really did not do a review Obligations –You are obligated to give your classmate’s document a thorough review –There is always something to comment about, to make a suggestion, or to challenge them to dig deeper –Not performing a thorough review is cheating your friends –Not receiving a thorough review is a learning opportunity lost! Opportunity to glean information and writing styles from other students

20 Peer Reviews Risks… –Receiving a harsh review could hurt your feelings You must grow thick skin Scholarly documents receive critiques before being published to challenge the ideas presented – they can be harsh An insightful harsh review is a gift from a friend –Writing a harsh review Writing a harsh review can be painful and difficult for the person doing the critique – it is uncomfortable to hurt others Always consider the writers capacity to accept criticism when making you comments If in doubt consult with your instructor

21 APA American Psychological Association Publications Manual, Sixth Edition –Citations and references are a way of life –Give credit where credit is due –Get used to it! Get over it! –“Scholastic integrity” is a serious topic Did someone say the “P” word? –When in doubt, cite the source!

22 Information Sources Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable primary source of information –Content is not critically reviewed as are research journals (i.e., Anyone can add content) –DO NOT cite or reference in your writings! –May lead you to primary sources Primary vs. Secondary source – Always use primary sources when possible!

23 PhDs in Progress Student organized Google group – – – Contact to sign COT Ph.D. students can share information… –Like when we are going to meet for intellectual discourse and libations Meet other students and learn from their experiences

24 Halle Library Get to know the library resources Get to know librarian Julia Nims, Science and Technology Specialist –734-487-0020 + 1 + 2139 –This is a useful relationship to nurture Learn to search databases, publications, dissertations Can’t find what you need, ask Julia

25 Conferences Attending conferences show how committed you are in your area of study Presenting a paper at a conference shows that you at the cutting edge Conferences are a way to interact with your peers from other institutions You can apply to the COT for $200 once a year for you to present your paper at a conference

26 Scholarships Office of Financial Aid –Fran Yates & Cindy Harwood –(734) 487-1048 – College of Technology –

27 Financial Aid Office of Financial Aid –(734) 487-1048 –

28 Graduate Assistantships Graduate Assistantships/fellowships –Apply with the Grad School –Must be full time graduate student carrying 8 credits –20 hours per week assisting with research and teaching activities –assist with class preparations, presentations, and grading, as well as with data collection, preparation, and analysis

29 Graduate Fellowships For highly qualified students who have full admission to the doctoral program and have served as graduate assistants at EMU 12-month appointments and students must be enrolled in courses every semester during the year, Fall-Winter-Summer Must have a minimum 3.6 cumulative doctoral GPA Stipends and related benefits

30 Independent Studies Independent studies are useful for tailoring your Program of Study –Get approval from your dissertation chair that the independent study will meet requirements for your degree –Work out the class with an individual instructor –Contact Tracy Rush-Beyers to obtain the correct paperwork –Can be 1 to 3 credits hour or more

31 Parking Information Permit (Sill lot, after 5:30) By the hour (Pease lot) Best time is around 4:00 pm to get a parking space Consider the bus from Hewitt Street (football stadium)

32 EMU COT Ph.D. This is a very special Ph.D. program This program allows students to pursue their passion within the framework of their concentration

33 Beginning This is the Beginning of Your Scholastic Life at Eastern Michigan University College of Technology

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