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Awlwash & Awlcare – Maintenance Products Boat Maintenance Products.

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1 Awlwash & Awlcare – Maintenance Products Boat Maintenance Products

2 Awlgrip Boat Maintenance Products Cleaning is one of the easiest tasks that the boat owner can undertake; it also has the advantage of producing a result that is immediately visible. The boat maintenance products offered by Awlgrip have been specifically developed to ensure that Awlgrip topcoats last for years. Using these dedicated ‘fit for purpose’ products will help to eliminate the premature dulling of the coating that the use of unsuitable, harsh cleaners can cause. Using AWLWASH and AWLCARE together will provide the safest and most effective protection for your boat’s Awlgrip topcoats.

3 AWLWASH wash down concentrate; 7 reasons to use AWLWASH 1.Formulated to clean Awlgrip, Awlgrip HS, and AWLCRAFT 2000 topcoats. 2.Does not contain acids, alkalines or abrasives. 3.100% biodegradable. 4.AWLWASH is free rinsing which decreases drying time. 5.Available in US quart and 1 gallon containers. 6.Fully compatible with AWLCARE: Designed to clean topcoat without excessive removal of AWLCARE protective polymer coating. 7.Comes in a refillable ‘Tip ‘N’ Measure’ container, which makes it easy to obtain the correct mix ratio: One ounce (30mls) of AWLWASH per gallon (3.79L) of water.

4 AWLCARE protective polymer sealer; 6 reasons to use AWLCARE 1.Increases resistance to attack from acid rain and other environmental pollutants with regular applications 2.Removes mild stains such as water spots and diesel soot 3.AWLCARE leaves a non-yellowing, protective polymer coating which lasts through multiple washings 4.Contains no harsh abrasives and will not scratch the painted surface 5.Hand applied, non-abrasive synthetic polymer formulated to clean and protect Awlgrip, Awlgrip HS, and AWLCRAFT 2000 topcoats. 6.Available in US pint and half gallon containers

5 Using AWLWASH & AWLCARE together – the proof Awlgrip laboratory testing of the gloss retention capabilities of AWLCARE on two samples of Awlgrip HS Vivid Red topcoat during prolonged (3000hrs) QUV testing: Sample #1 was washed in AWLWASH, Sample #2 was washed in AWLWASH followed by coating with AWLCARE. Recommended concentrations were used in all cases. The QUV machine replicates extreme environmental conditions, alternating between: 4hrs of exposure: 100% UV light at 140°F/60°C and 4hrs of exposure: 100% humidity at 106°F/41°C. At intervals of 250 hours, the sample panels were removed, tested for gloss values, re- treated accordingly (as per sample #1 or sample #2) and re-subjected to QUV testing. All gloss values were measured in controlled laboratory conditions using 60° gloss meter.

6 Using AWLWASH & AWLCARE together Test Results - Graphical Representation NOTE: The dots correspond to intervals of 250 hours when coatings were re-applied AWLWASH & AWLCARE AWLWASH alone

7 Using AWLWASH & AWLCARE together; test results – the conclusion The sample that had been washed in AWLWASH and then coated with AWLCARE (sample #2) performed significantly better than the sample that had just been washed in AWLWASH (sample #1): Sample #1 showed a deterioration in gloss value of almost double that of sample #2 after 3000 hours CONCLUSION: The paint maintenance products offered by Awlgrip have undergone extensive laboratory and marine testing to guarantee their quality and effectiveness; Application of AWLCARE can improve topcoat gloss retention by up to 12%, even in the most arduous conditions.

8 Products not to be used on Awlgrip Topcoats Do NOT use abrasives, scratch pads, or compounds on Awlgrip topcoats. Also, do NOT use: Dish detergent, metal polishes, acidic soaps or soaps with a high alkalinity Abrading the surface reduces the overall life of the finish: By giving dirt a place to cling, and Wearing out the resin layer Do NOT allow teak cleaners to come into contact with Awlgrip ® topcoats. Most teak cleaners contain acids or caustic agents that can stain and discolor high performance Awlgrip ® topcoats.

9 Cleaning Equipment As with most jobs, using the correct equipment makes the task easier. The material requirements for keeping your boat clean are few and uncomplicated: Brushes: Brushes with a soft texture (yellow) are suitable for use on Awlgrip ® painted surfaces. Brushes with a coarse texture (white) should not be used on painted surfaces but reserved for use on non-slip decks and other tough surfaces. A bucket: Remember to adhere to recommended dilutions An old toothbrush: Use an old toothbrush to get to those difficult-to-reach areas A chamois: A synthetic chamois is fine for drying and they are cheaper and longer lasting than the natural version too!

10 Caring for your boat 1.Rinsing your boat with fresh water Remember that fresh water is a safe and readily available cleaning agent. By doing this you will drastically reduce the amount of time needed to wash and wax it. 2.Drying your boat Once you have finished washing your boat it is good practice to get it dried as quickly as possible to prevent water marks 3.Protective covers – tarpaulins Tarpaulin, constructed from heavy-duty vinyl or canvas, is used to shield the upper decks from the attack of the elements. It is particularly useful in protecting painted and varnished surfaces from the effects of UV rays.

11 Safety When using Boat Cleaning Products Some boat cleaning products in common usage are either strongly acidic, like rust remover, or strongly alkaline, like degreaser. In general, for all boat cleaning products: Always read the manufacturer's full Health & Safety guidelines and all instructions for use that are printed on the label. When working on a slippery deck surface wear: Deck shoes Life jacket Safety harness Safety glasses Chemical resistant gloves

12 Availability Awlwash O73234 & Awlcare O73240 are available now, please contact your local Customer Order Desk or your Local Awlgrip Technical Sales Representative for further details. For further information relating to the products featured in this presentation, please refer to our website

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