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Reclaiming the Past: Historical Records and Information 19th June 2013 Local Authority Archives: Expectations and Harsh Realities Iain Flett, City Archivist,

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1 Reclaiming the Past: Historical Records and Information 19th June 2013 Local Authority Archives: Expectations and Harsh Realities Iain Flett, City Archivist, Dundee City Archives

2 Case Study: Jane C


4 Jane C – the facts From City Registrar: Parents were W and Jane C; married 14th Feb 1930 in Lochee, Dundee Two elder sisters born before 1942 Jane C born 23 January 1942

5 Jane C - assumptions If Jane C’s mother had married at norm of 25 in 1930 then she would have been 37 at her birth and elderly primigravida Jane C’s father could have been conscripted and on active service.

6 Dundee childcare in 1942: local government



9 Dundee childcare in 1942: agencies


11 Dundee childcare in 1942: agencies: DOI for the Protestant [and Posh]

12 Aberlour Orphanage: for the Protestant [and Poor] Founded 1875 – now HQ at Stirling. Dundee Parish Council and Public Assistance sent children here if they were Protestant [and poor]. If they were Roman Catholic [and poor] they would probably be sent to Smyllum Park Orphanage in Lanark, run by the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul.

13 Aberlour Orphanage Records Were you or your relatives in the orphanage? Contact us to get access to records. Data Protection: If you are not requesting information from your own file and the person you are enquiring about is alive, we will require signed confirmation from them stating they agree to details being divulged to you. Please send this to Heather Urquhart, Aberlour Child Care Trust, 36 Park Terrace, Stirling, FK8 2JR.

14 Roineach Mhor


16 Terminus ante quem: 17 January 1953 – Jane C is at least 11 years old

17 Roineach Mhor 1953

18 Roineach Mhor 1973

19 Roineach Mhor footprint 2013

20 Snowdon School Website Working with young people since 1868 Snowdon School is a residential school for girls only, aged 12 to 17, referred by Local Authorities, Social Work Departments, Education Services, Psychological Services, Children’s Hearings and others from throughout Scotland and beyond. Snowdon has had a strong presence and history in the public sector provision for young people covering many decades of change and challenge. The school has been able to refine and define its services over many decades of working with young people in Scotland, adapting its aims and objectives to meet the changing challenges.

21 Lochburn Home, Maryhill, run by the Glasgow Magdalene Institution for the Repression of Vice and for the Reformation of Penitent Females

22 Wendy Webster: Imagining Home: Gender, Race And National Identity, 1945-1964 "Catherine Fairley, who was in Lochburn Magdalene from 1956 to 1958, records that they were not allowed newspapers except on Sundays, when they were provided with years old copies of Peoples Friends, from which any references to sexuality had been cut. The inmates staged a mass escape in 1958, and their allegations of ill-treatment, starvation and beatings produced demands for an enquiry. Lochburn was closed and its building demolished in 1961”

23 Terminus post quem: 31 December 1958 – Jane C is not more than 16 years old

24 Heritage Centre Enquiries We provide a service of answering research enquiries, which includes questions relating to family history, academic study or media research. Your question may be related to items in our collections or may be about general Salvation Army history. An initial enquiry we will answer for free. If your enquiry requires in-depth research, we will let you know. A charge of £20 per hour of research will need to be paid if you wish us to proceed. Please email your enquiry to: Please note it can take up to 5 working days to receive a reply from us

25 APPLICATION FOR ACCESS TO PERSONAL HEALTH DATA UNDER THE DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 (the Act) This application relates to data held in PATIENT MEDICAL RECORDS only for living individuals (excluding records held by your GP). We apologise for any inconvenience in asking you to complete this form relating to your recent request for access to personal health data. However, you will appreciate that health data relating to any individual is highly confidential and that the organisation must ensure that it releases such data only to the person to whom it relates, or to a person authorised to act on his/her behalf. You should study these notes very carefully and refer to them as appropriate when completing the form. Please complete the form as fully and accurately as possible to enable us to locate your information. The Act gives you the statutory right of access to any health record whether manual (paper) or computerised (a different form must be used for access to a deceased persons’ notes). You can authorise someone else to make the application on your behalf and if you have parental responsibilities you may make an application to see your child’s notes. In certain circumstances your records or part of your records may be withheld. If this is the case the reason will be discussed with you. Should you require assistance please contact the Health Records Supervisor (details listed below). If you wish to complain about any aspect of the manner in which your access request was handled, in the first instance you should submit your complaint in writing to:- Information Governance, Central Supplies, Colquhoun Street, STIRLING, FK7 7PX and if you are not satisfied with the response you receive you may refer your complaint to an independent arbiter such as the Health Service Commissioner or the Information Commissioner. You can ask to see your records during your consultation or treatment and this does not constitute a formal application under the Act. However a member of staff is not obliged to agree to your request at this stage. If it is not possible to see your record at this stage or if at any time in the future you decide you want access to your medical records either on computer or on paper you should submit an application using this form. To help locate your information please complete Section 2 as comprehensively as possible. FEES PAYABLE To view within 40 days of record amendment – no charge To view out with the 40 days of record amendment and/or receive a copy - £10 to maximum of £50 TIMESCALE The 40 day timescale commences once the applicable fee, calculated from the information recorded on the form, has been paid. If we encounter any difficulties in locating your data we will keep you informed of our progress. For additional security provisions all requested information will have to be collected, unless other arrangements have been agreed, and you will be required to bring with you two forms of identification of which one has to be photographic e.g. passport or driving licence. SUBMISSION OF FORM Please return this form to the nominated individual highlighted below. Medical Contracts Officer Health Records Supervisor (Legal) Primary Care Contractor Services Health Records Department Forth Valley NHS Board, Forth Valley Royal Hospital Suite 2 Carseview House Stirling Road Castle Business Park LARBERT, FK5 4WR STIRLING, FK9 4SW Email: Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Larbert

26 Baldovan Institution for the care and treatment of imbecile and idiot children

27 Strathmartine Hospital

28 Contact Us : NHS Tayside HQ, Level 10, Ninewells Hospital, DUNDEE, DD1 9SY Telephone 01382 660111 or email contactsemail contacts

29 Jane C Dundee City have not been able to provide her with a single record All we have been able to do is provide contextual information

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