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ASHRAE Staff Report: The Business of ASHRAE Bruce D. Hunn Director, Strategic Technical Programs.

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1 ASHRAE Staff Report: The Business of ASHRAE Bruce D. Hunn Director, Strategic Technical Programs

2 ASHRAE Staff Operations Over 100 employees Support the volunteer structure of ASHRAE by making the by making the volunteer’s investment of time worthwhile Add professional expertise when needed and run Society as a business

3 ASHRAE Staff Overview Departments: Executive Vice President, Government Affairs, Publishing/Education, Technology, Member Services, and Administrative Services Annual expenditures of approximately $19 million 30% of revenue from publication sales/advertising 27% of revenue from membership dues 23% of revenue from meetings and Exposition

4 Why Am I Here? Answer your questions Become aware of changing needs of membership Provide a contact point for assistance from Headquarters for referral to proper department Reinforce that ASHRAE staff is here to support you

5 ASHRAE Membership Membership up over last year – 51,858 total members – 43,392 members in US and Canada – 8,466 outside those countries – 5,833 student members (221 transferred from student membership) – Top industry classification s: consulting engineers, contractors, manufacturers

6 ASHRAE Membership In today’s difficult economic times, maintaining membership is vital – Reach out to delinquent members – Remind them of importance of ASHRAE membership – Connect new members – getting new members connected ensures you won’t see them on a delinquency list – Look for assistance from ASHRAE membership promotion staff

7 What is ASHRAE doing to help you?

8 New Tools for You Updating the bookstore (digital catalog!) Google search Member Central Advocacy and Certification tabs Member video – Free research reports online Owning, operating database at Reduced dues for developing countries Consumer section Advanced Energy Design Guides free downloads

9 Single location to research career opportunities, including employer profiles and job postings Post into a resume database and promote yourself to employers Allows employers to search for ASHRAE membership and certifications

10 Certification ASHRAE certification provides members with benefit of professional designations that showcase their body of knowledge to the industry More than 200 certified Current programs – High-Performance Building Design Professional – Operations & Performance Management Professional – Healthcare Facility Design Professional – Commissioning Process Management Professional

11 YEA! Leadership Weekend Young Engineers in ASHRAE Leadership Weekend – October 2-4, Atlanta Focus on developing leadership skills of YEA members Offers personal and professional development, networking opportunities and a greater understanding of ASHRAE Stay tuned to for more information!

12 Highlighting Innovative Technologies Cases studies featured provide performance data, verifying actual sustainability performance Free subscription for architects, building owners and facility managers

13 Living Lab at Headquarters Visible example of sustainability Supports ASHRAE research with rich resource of data on building, system and equipment performance – data will be available online Demonstration of performance monitoring

14 Technology: 2009-2010 Initiatives Strategic Plan Implementation  Sustainable Buildings  Vision 2020 (Producing Net-Zero Energy Buildings)  Net-Zero Energy Conference (March 29-31, 2009)  Existing Buildings Energy Efficiency (April 19-20. 2010)  Building Energy Labeling (Building eq) Implementation Technology Council Steering Committees  Building Performance Metrics (Townsend)  Building Information Modeling/Interoperability (Wilkins)

15 Technology: 2009-2010 Initiatives Collaboration with other societies (e.g., USGBC, AIA, IESNA, SMACNA, BOMA, NIBS, CIBSE) Handbook rewrite Std 90.1 – Target to increase stringency by 30% in 2010 Std 189.1P - Standard for the Design of High-Performance, Green Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings

16 Special Projects Advanced Energy Design Guides  30% toward net-zero energy buildings: Small Offices, Small Retail, K-12 Schools, Warehouses, Highway Lodging  Small Healthcare Facilities (to be published fall 2009)  Existing Buildings (Owners/Managers) in final editing  50% guides next (Small/Med. Offices and Med. Box Retail) Indoor Air Quality Guide: Best Practices (EPA sponsored) Performance Measurement Protocols (fall 2009 publication) DASH High Performance Buildings Database

17 ASHRAE Research Research Portal on web site 7 projects worth $1.56M in Region V + 6 GIAs and New Investigator (Miami of Ohio) Research Strategic Plan  Five-Year Plan approved in June 2005  Research Advisory Panel developing 2010-2015 edition

18 Y’all Come Visit Us In Atlanta!

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