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Research in the Real World Lawyering April 5, 2010 Amy Emerson & Iantha Haight Cornell Law Library.

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1 Research in the Real World Lawyering April 5, 2010 Amy Emerson & Iantha Haight Cornell Law Library

2 Research in the Real World Low-cost research systems Practice materials Business research Bar association resources & Ethics materials

3 Low-cost Research Platforms

4 Summer Westlaw/Lexis Access Faculty research Law review & journals Summer classes Public interest

5 Lower-cost systems Standard subscription rates Less secondary material Simpler interfaces May be a perk of bar membership

6 Examples

7 LoisLaw Low-cost provider Cornell law students can use whenever, where ever, including law firms & government –New to Click here –Access code: NYLCO82

8 Tour of LoisLawLoisLaw

9 Practice Materials

10 What you may be looking for Forms Dockets Court Rules Networking Resources Practice Management Tools

11 Practice Materials –PACERPACER –WestlawWestlaw Best to work from a topical, state or federal tab –LexisLexis Total Litigator Tab Transactional Advisor Tab –Court Sites New York State Unified Court SystemUnified Court System California Self Help CenterSelf Help Center U.S. Courts

12 Practice Materials –LLRX - Court Rules OnlineCourt Rules Online –WashLaw – FormsForms –HG.OrgHG.Org –Findlaw – FormsForms –LII – Federal Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure, Evidence, etc.LII

13 Business Research

14 Business Resources Background on: –Clients –Potential clients –Opposing parties –Merger/takeover targets Due diligence Public companies primarily!

15 What you may be looking for: Revenue/income/expenses (Income Statement) Assets and liabilities (Balance Sheet) Executives and directors Market cap (shares outstanding times value) Strategies Forecasts Reputation

16 Sources of Information SEC filings & annual reports Ticker News Industry publications Company analysis Market analysis

17 Business ResourcesResources Lexis Westlaw BNA (Dailies and Reports)BNA Yahoo Finance Thomson ONE Banker

18 Business Research Class Advanced Legal Research in Business Law – Jean Callihan, Spring 2011 1 credit Prerequisite: Lawyering. Course meets first 6 1/2 weeks of the term. Limited enrollment. This course will introduce students to online sources for finding corporate business information. Sessions will cover materials generated by the business entity such as annual reports and filings with state and federal agencies, materials issued by regulators, market and industry information, and business news. The focus will be on learning to use business databases, research strategy, and the evaluation of resources

19 Bar Association & Ethics Resources

20 Bar Associations A worthwhile personal investment –American Bar AssociationBar Association –New York State Bar AssociationBar Association

21 Ethics –Your Local Bar Association –LII - American Legal Ethics LibraryLII - American Legal Ethics Library –ABA - Center for Professional ResponsibilityCenter for Professional Responsibility – Freivogel on ConflictsFreivogel on Conflicts –Legal Ethics in TechnologyTechnology –National Organization of Bar CounselNational Organization of Bar Counsel –Blogs and Articles i.e.: LLRXLLRX

22 Research Consultations Prepare for: –Summer job/externship –Researching a paper Sign up –Online FormForm

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