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Local Government Roles in Community Economic Development Developing the Community to Develop the Economy.

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1 Local Government Roles in Community Economic Development Developing the Community to Develop the Economy

2 The role of local Government is creating viable, thriving communities to ensure healthy futures The question is how do you do economic development and how do you make it successful?

3 So what is CED and your role? CED is the process, not the model communities initiate and generate their own solutions to their common economic problems build long term community capacity and foster the integration of values Working collaboratively with partners within the community to coordinate their activities to fit in within an overall strategy, so the pieces of the puzzle fit together

4 What are “your” challenges in this new economy? A key requirement for the 21st century is flexibility…. rigid people resist new ideas, technology at their own peril International trends (external factors) and advanced technology are guiding the direction of economies….where do you fit in the scheme? Is based on brain power so much so that there will no longer be poor regions just ignorant regions Is your local economy diversified?

5 Changing role of local government is the Community Charter which offers some new powers The challenge will be to get the necessary resources both in terms of financial capacity and equally important, the expertise and leadership (human capital) Effective councils and staff will broker the alliances of multiple partnerships

6 Strong Community buy-in is of key importance Developing long-term sustainable capacity by ongoing recruitment, training and cultivating of local leaders skilled in CED Effective collaboration with all levels of government Dynamic working partnerships with local community groups What are indicators of a community engaged in CED

7 Do you have indirect involvement in CED? “ passive and or believe its not your role” Do you have direct involvement? “pro-active and take a leadership role” Decide Your Role

8 Models of CED Corporation –a legal entity that is separate from its owners –Less dependent on government funding, more flexible and can be more self-sustaining –Can contract with government instead of being funded by government –Most expensive form to organize –May be limited in access to government funding –One vote per share can limit potential partners who have no access to funds

9 Models of CED Commission - most common model. –Funded by government, partner with other non-profit’s to share resources –Administrative and office costs covered by municipality –Challenged to justify their existence and struggle to secure funds –Little to no private sector funding –Not usually financially self sustaining or flexible –Tied to political members and parties

10 Models of CED Non Profit – not-for-profit organization - well connected network of other organizations - tax breaks and funding from government - not much in private sector support - dependent on government funding, hard to be self sustaining -initiatives often directed by gov’t not community

11 Models of CED Department Directly within local government Used for provincial models Can be built on partnerships but usually politically driven Usually one staff person and administrative support

12 Increases financial capacity through joint partnerships Builds trust, relationships and strengths communication A regional approach benefits all communities by putting the focus on a “win-win” outcome Partnering provides for a firm foundation for regional initiatives with other levels of government – they are going to listen to you! Benefits

13 Be Strategic Volunteer organizations represent the third pillar of Canadian Society delivering many of the social, environmental and social programs and services in our local communities Be pro-active in building partnerships with these agencies and organizations such as CFDC, Chambers, Skill Centre, EDC’s, etc Work with other communities that have identified common elements on regional levels

14 In Nuala Bech’s book, “Shifting Gears Thriving in the New Economy “. She points out how important it is to give people and communities a road map they can follow for the jobs in the new economy Who drives looking in the rearview mirror! Have your Road Map?

15 Reality Checklist – A local Economic Development Tool Energy and leadership Are there enough people with sufficient energy, skills and leadership to undertake this initiative? Community Support Is there sufficient community support to undertake the proposed initiative? Viability How sound is the concept? Is the Opportunity Really Worthwhile? Will your initiative bring a stronger local economy? Is The Timing Right For a Community Economic Development Initiative? Are people ready for the initiative being proposed?

16 Passion and Vision Without passion for change, we are without opportunity Look to the future for new trends Any CED process is only reflective of the moment in time that it is prepared Take the leadership role in gaining new skills that will assist to develop and grow in spite of the challenges that faces all communities

17 Regional Initiatives for Local Government Rails to Trails - “a strategy to leverage BC as a International destination” Broadband - “ a strategy to leverage improved connectivity to communities”

18 Example of local government initiatives Osoyoos Greenwood Kelowna

19 Are we thinking ahead? Brandon Hughes of Rural Canadian Partnerships observes, “forward thinking communities find ways to nurture community economic development in slow and steady ways rather than seeking a silver bullet through "smoke stack" chasing…the secret is in having the community develop their skills in bringing all stakeholders together to develop a plan for the community and then acting on the plan.”

20 CED is not the destination but the journey itself! If not now…when? If not you…..who?

21 Resources CCEDNET Online Directory Canadian Rural Partnerships Email at : Community Futures Development Association – CED Best Practices Smart Communities Email at:

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