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1 How to Provide Feedback to Your Sponsor? Farrokh Alemi, Ph.D.

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1 1 How to Provide Feedback to Your Sponsor? Farrokh Alemi, Ph.D.

2 2 Five Key Points About Presenting  There is no one way to do this—but there are better ways and worse ways.  Adapt to your audience needs and how they'll use the information.  Data cannot be presented in a vacuum.  What you have measured has no meaning on its own. Explain the measures.  The medium shapes the message.

3 Farrokh Alemi, Ph.D. 3 Test It Before Presenting It  Can they read the information easily.  Can they understand it.  Is the audience interested in your content.  Can they use your materials for the purpose for which they are intended.  Can they navigate through the materials to find the information they want

4 Farrokh Alemi, Ph.D. 4 Distributing Information  Consider other media for the report besides the print version  Make sure report can stand on its own without your further explanations  Provide support for interpretation of data  Indicate limitations  Send the report ahead of time  Get reactions to report before meeting

5 Farrokh Alemi, Ph.D. 5 Before the feedback session  Schedule a feedback time and date ASAP.  Enter your organization code and receive your automated feedback report.  Modify the automated report.  Check your data against the report, make sure that there are no mistakes.  Check for grammar and spelling.  Check that the average across the various reports are calculated accurately.  Add graphs or text  Prepare handouts.

6 Farrokh Alemi, Ph.D. 6 At the meeting  Make it clear that the evaluation is confidential.  Get the audience to introduce themselves.  Acknowledge the limitation of the study.  Present the data and not your conclusions.  Ask the audience to evaluate the data after each section of the report.  Do not defend your report.  Thank the sponsor for their time.

7 Farrokh Alemi, Ph.D. 7 After the meeting As a group, send a report to your instructor. 1. What have you learn regarding data collection? 2. What worked well in your team and what needed improvement? 3. List presentation principles you followed & discuss if it helped? 4. Is it worthwhile to gather data and do benchmarking? Report your sponsor’s reactions. 1. What were the main insights your sponsor had during the feedback? 2. Did your sponsor find the effort valuable? Why?

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