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More Hope For The People By Paola J. Chery. What this project is about?

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1 More Hope For The People By Paola J. Chery

2 What this project is about?

3 Why This?

4 Product  Credible, worthwhile organizations to help  Inform/ educate members of the community about organizations and projects through presentations  Organize successful fundraisers and events

5 Hurricane Sandy Relief  Occupy Sandy- group that set up Amazon website for victims Amazon- shopped for everyday necessities with mentor  Free shipping and distribution to Long Island victims  Fundraisers organized for the effected and hurt ones


7 BonDemen Haiti  A Haitian non-profit youth organization which is located in Haiti  “Good Tomorrow Haiti”  Fundraiser at both Ross upper and lower school  Two presentations- One with the middle school students and another at the lower school

8 BDH members








16 Challenges  Contacting/ Staying in touch with organizations  Communicating/ Public speaking  Relying on others  Homesick

17 Discoveries  It is hard to stay in contact and work with an organization all the way in Haiti (wasn’t expecting that).  I do things at the last minute.  Like being in charge of things.  I enjoy helping others.

18 Skills I Acquired…  Learned how to work with power point.  Learned how to be more annoying than usual. Staying persistent to get my approvals for events.

19 Future Plans Hopefully work more with middle school students. Continue to support organization in Haiti.


21 BonDemen Haiti (BDH)  A non-profit organization located in Haiti.  It was founded in September 2004 and legalized three years later. B.D.H. aims to mobilize Haiti’s youth into performing and partaking in civic actions.  B.D.H. strives to analyze the problems, defend the interests and aspirations of Haiti’s younger generation and to positively influence the lives of all classes, but most importantly, the youth. Questions???

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