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Page 1 Pacific Channel Limited Presented by: Brent Ogilvie, Robert Feldman and Mitali Purohit 27 April 2012 New Zealand is not a.

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1 Page 1 Pacific Channel Limited Presented by: Brent Ogilvie, Robert Feldman and Mitali Purohit 27 April 2012 New Zealand is not a small country but a large village. Sir Peter Jackson

2 Page 2 Disclaimer This presentation has been prepared by Pacific Channel Limited for information purposes only. The information in this presentation is not, and should not be regarded as, an offer of securities to the public. Investment opportunities will only be offered to, and may only be taken up by, persons who are "eligible persons" in terms of section 5(2CC) of the Securities Act 1978 or who are otherwise entitled to receive an offer of securities without a prospectus and investment statement (for example, where the offer is made under the Securities Act (Venture Capital Schemes) Exemption Notice 2008). Interested parties should contact Pacific Channel and will be required to provide confirmation that they are "eligible persons" or otherwise qualify to receive further information. No expression of interest will involve an obligation or commitment of any kind. If you are not familiar with the provisions of the Securities Act 1978, please consult with your professional advisor. While all reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the information in this presentation is accurate, Pacific Channel will not be liable for any errors in that information or for any reliance placed on information contained in this presentation.

3 Page 3 Pacific Channel Our Whakapapa in the bioeconomy Summary of Pacific Channel What motivates us What we look for -people & new ventures What is investable in New Zealand What is success and how can we together achieve it

4 Page 4 Pacific Channel Venture development and investment company Focused on the formation, funding, management, and growth of emerging companies Specialization – agbio, biomed, life science, clean-tech-based industries “Channel” formation between Australasia and the United States market – The Channel Group LLC.

5 Page 5 Proven capability to provide commercial expertise & capital ‘Led’ investment of $.5m to $5.5m for >14 ventures in >22 rounds totalling >NZD20m: –med device & diagnostics, drug development, nutritional ingredients, agbio, biofuel & cleantech No1 in our field– NZ seed funding for life sci & clean-tech Led 20-33% of all seed & early stage NZ life science deals over the last 5 years

6 Page 6 Finance Capital Acquisition Strategy: seed financing; access to angel investors globally; and to U.S. strategic partners/ corporate acquirers. NZVIF Seed co-investment partner International grant access strategy and facilitation Divestments and acquisitions

7 Page 7 Services Corporate Advisory: Strategic planning, investment documentation & formation of executive teams, advisory and governance boards. Venture Development: Operational, business, financial and commercial development –Co-founder and start-up management for 6 ventures. Market Entry Strategy: In-depth understanding of U.S. through our New York affiliate, The Channel Group LLC.

8 Page 8 Portfolio Companies

9 Page 9 Affiliates Ferncrest Holdings Limited People Power Limited

10 Page 10 The Board Dr Gary Pace Chairman Mr Paul Smart Independent Director

11 Page 11 The Team Mr Brent Ogilvie Managing Director Dr Robert Feldman Executive Director Ms Mitali Purohit Associate

12 Page 12 What motivates us? Ventures that make the world a better place! Creating wealth and building talent for our innovators, investors and New Zealand There is to be a fair opportunity for every man and every woman to earn a decent living wage. Michael Joseph Savage People passionate about addressing a worthwhile target problem – from here e.g. clean rivers; prostate cancer It’s dead easy for Kiwis to be a success in New York, London, but it’s bloody hard to be world-class and to take on the world from New Zealand... Sir Paul Callaghan

13 Page 13 What about the entrepreneur? Passionate about their technology and its target problem Ethical & die in the ditch committed Coachable and “easy” to work with Understand their strengths and weakness Open to establishing a strong management team Preparedness to compensate for professional services Want to be part of capital raise –Investors want to connect with entrepreneurs He aha te mea nui o te ao, he tangata he tangata he tangata

14 Page 14 What are we looking for? 1-3 pa Wouldn‘t it be nice if.... Technology addresses clear unmet need or is a step-change enhancement; Technical proof-of-concept; Plans for strong management & governance; A Market / A believable strategy & financials / A plan!

15 Page 15 What’s fundable in NZ...Dairy! Product innovation –Functional foods especially for infants, women and the elderly –Sleep, mood and cognition enhancement Market innovation –New Zealand originating infant formula –Quality enhanced probiotics Large animal health - Infections (e.g. mastitis), reproduction Process technologies - Protein separation Farm management technologies –On farm milk quality monitoring, effluent management and disposal –Artificial reproduction especially fertility and sex selection

16 Page 16 Also potentially fundable: If you have not heard of it or don’t understand it then it has a better chance of success internationally. Sir Paul Callaghan Bioactives: Natural products that confer consumer health benefit, either as a prophylactic or treatment. Medical diagnostics: Early stage diagnostic approaches that address unmet clinical needs. Medical devices: Early stage medical devices that address unmet clinical needs. Therapeutics:Early stage opportunities with a low-cost development profile and a fast-to market profile.

17 Page 17 Summary Pacific Channel - conceptualisation, formation and funding of new life science and clean-tech ventures Successful development and commericialisation is a ‘Mauian’ effort – we need an NZInc. approach Together we have the talent, cash and track record of creating wealth for our innovators, investors and NZ We wish to create 20 new high growth ventures by 2020 Well, George, we knocked the bastard off. Sir Edmund Hillary’s first words to lifelong friend George Lowe on returning from Everest's summit

18 Page 18 Contact us: Brent S. Ogilvie Email: Dr. Robert Feldman Email: Mitali Purohit Email: Phone: (09) 377 9689 Level 5, 101 Customs Street East, Auckland, New Zealand

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