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University of Minnesota: EG4PR as an opportunity for a Global Land Grant University.

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1 University of Minnesota: EG4PR as an opportunity for a Global Land Grant University

2 Revitalize our Land Grant Mission “extend, apply, and exchange knowledge between the University and society by applying scholarly expertise to community problems, by helping organizations and individuals respond to their changing environments, and by making the knowledge and resources created and preserved at the University accessible to the citizens of the state, the nation, and the world.”

3 EG4PR AN OPPORTUNITY WHAT IS EG4PR? –EG4PR or the Economic Growth for Poverty Reduction is a Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract that is seeking to provided a broad, integrated, and knowledge-driven suite of services to USAID Missions and Bureaus to foster sustainable economic growth that translates to poverty reduction around the globe. WHO ARE OUR PARTNERS? –Leveraging the relationship that the University has fostered with DAI through the USAID RESPOND Project we were asked to be a subcontract on EG4PR with DAI. We will again combine the University’s academic and technical knowledge with DAI’s global logistic knowledge to develop solutions, partnerships and programs to address USAID’s goals.

4 What is an Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity Contract? $25,000- $2 Billion ($1 Billion of that in Critical Priority Countries -Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan) DAI ‘bread and butter’ (especially in post conflict countries) A ‘potential’ for funding – no initial award Option to bid on Task Orders issued by USAID country offices (Missions) around the world. Task Orders are at least $3M, can ‘easily’ be up to $50M according to DAI. We can be part of a team responding to a task order – or respond ourselves as DAI allows We can say ‘no’ but may not be asked again Costing based on fixed daily rates for personnel involved. These rates need to include time and any other costs incurred. (Pamela Webb working on these rates).

5 Objective To provide a broad, integrated, and knowledge-driven suite of services to USAID Missions and Bureaus to foster sustainable economic growth that translates into poverty reduction. 5 Programmatic areas: –Trade and Investment –Financial Sector –Business Enabling Environment –Private Sector Capacity –Economic Opportunity Key Cross-cutting issues : –Conflict –Food security –Vulnerable populations –Gender –Global climate change –Innovation through technology

6 Working with DAI on EG4PR DAI is the prime on the USAID Cooperative Agreement- RESPOND. DAI is a for profit government contracting organization that has a large contract portfolio and working relationship with USAID. As a partner on EG4PR we need to understanding the established protocols and procedures DAI has put in place to respond to USAID RFPs. This will ensure better streamlined administrative and technical inputs on EG4PR projects.

7 Understanding USAID on EG4PR USAID is a decentralized organization –USAID has Mission offices located in many countries globally. –These Missions have long standing relationships with each country/region’s government ministries. –Task orders are likely to often come from these Missions and are issued to meet Mission-driven country-level priorities. –The Missions are in many ways the eyes and ears of USAID so engagement and understanding of the pressures and goals of the Missions is as important as understanding the goals of USAID Washington. –USAID Washington Bureau will work with the USAID Missions on identifying needs that best serve the local ministries and leverage existing USAID programs and resources.

8 History of EG4PR at UMN DAI first asked Meredith McQuaid for UMN to partner on this proposal in 2011. Deans, OVPR and RESPOND project were engaged and decided to participate in this proposal. Proposal was submitted with Tim Mulcahey as PI, Meredith McQuaid and Katey Pelican (RESPOND) as Co-Pis. A working group was created to plan for the unique administrative and technical demands of the project should it be funded. Included HR, OGC, SPA, GPS Alliance, financial, RESPOND team, Whole Village Project.

9 Working Group Plan for EG4PR Ideal EG4PRTeam – administered centrally (if high task order demand): Executive Director/Technical Director Technical Executive committee –Faculty members and key administrators central and from diverse and relevant colleges –Review task orders Invite PIs to fill task orders –Help PI assemble teams for projects as needed Chief financial officer Project manager(s) – 1-2/task order – support logistics, financial management and reporting. Administrative assistant(s) – logistics, travel, USAID requirements Sponsored project international point person in SPA

10 Working Group Plan for EG4PR Start Up Start Up Plan: Executive Director identified Technical Executive Committee identified – through engaging key Deans as well as input from key group. RESPOND team provides technical and administrative support for financial, administrative, project management requirements. Central team will buy time from RESPOND team members until first task order is awarded and funding comes in to allow the EG4PR team to be assembled. Point people identified for HR, law, tax, SPA, banking needs for task orders as they are identified (first point of contact EG4PR Working Group)

11 What is needed now Do you think this is worthwhile (do you recommend the new leadership support this)? Is your college/faculty interested? If yes- a list of faculty that are representative of those that could be available (by Tuesday, Feb 26). –This is NOT a commitment of those faculty if the proposal is funded. –Used to demonstrate our ‘bench’ and for costing the proposal appropriately.

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